Odysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One Book 7) by Evan Currie

Odysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One Book 7)

A mysterious entity may be the key to a starship’s survival—or a terrifying new threat—as the Odyssey One series continues… The Empire has set its sights on its next target: human Terrans. As effective allies of the Priminae, the denizens of Earth have proven themselves enemies to the Empire, and now the Imperial forces know more about the Terran home world than ever before. The battle for the planet’s survival will see the Odysseus fir...

Details Odysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One Book 7)

TitleOdysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One Book 7)
Release DateMay 8th, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Space, Space Opera, War, Military Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Odysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One Book 7)

  • Trish
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!After being somewhat disappointed by the previous book, this one showed the author back to his old self.In this 7th installment, Terran and Priminae forces scramble to come up with some sort of plan because it's only a matter of time before the Empire comes back with a vengeance - and it's especially dangerous for Earth after the information they managed to download in the previous book.The Empire is more vexed than ever because not...
  • Bradley
    This latest space battle in the fight for humanity against the Empire continues to be light-hearted despite the stakes.Technology and bluffs save the day!Truly, I do think this particular book has a bit more oomph and less light-lag than the last few entries. I liked the others well enough but this one didn't need to rely on slow reveals and mysteries revolving around the extra intelligences hanging around. Indeed, they're all pretty much out in ...
  • Jo (Mixed Book Bag)
    Evan Currie writes really kick ass science fiction. He has not let up on the action, danger and tension in Odysseus Ascendant. I enjoyed the book even though I have not read all the book in the Odyssey One series. I knew I had missed the action from some of the previous books but it was still an easy story to get into. While the danger is countered the big problem is still roaming the galaxy so look for more action and adventure in future books.I...
  • Mick Bird
    A great continue of this series of books, Our author Evan has once again placed Commodore Eric Weston and his crew with a major problem. The Empire has decided that it must wipe out the humans and their allies. But as expected the Commodore take a pasting idea to the next level to give his people the edge that they need. But I have a feeling that the new character Saul is going to be the one that we will need to watch. Looking forward to the next...
  • Christof Damian
    I think it is enough for me now. All these king setups, big fights near the end and finally the save with some miracle invention. I'm also getting tired of the military being the best thing in the world.Can we bring this to a close with the next book? Also: how pointless are these "gods"?
  • Jed
    New toys!I enjoyed the new tech. Overall this was another good addition. I read it in a day or two. Not a lot of character depth, just space ships and space battles with a little intrigue mixed in. Definitely more about the tech than the people. I wanted more from the entities.
  • John Purvis
    "Odysseus Ascendant" eBook was published in 2018 and was written by Evan Currie (http://evancurrie.ca). Mr. Currie has published more than 20 novels. This is the seventh in his "Odyssey One" series. I received an ARC of this novel through https://www.netgalley.com in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this novel as ‘PG’ because it contains scenes of Violence and Mature Language. The story is set in the far future. The primary c...
  • Vincent Archer
    Good mil-fi series.But I get the feeling that the series is falling into a common mil-fi trap in which each side needs to get far more dangerous every round to sustain the suspense. Now, if you're stretching the wars over decades and the power plays are more the result of chance, this works, but here, there's barely a handful of months between each round, and the Empire's progression is logical... which requires leaps in tech from the other side ...
  • Jen
    Set in the far future of space travel, Odysseus Ascendant (#7 in the Odyssey One series) continues the battles of survival against The Empire. I've read all of these and enjoy each new installment.This science fiction is known as Space Opera (Space opera is a subgenre of science fiction that emphasizes space warfare, melodramatic adventure, interplanetary battles, chivalric romance, and risk-taking.) Source Think Star Wars, which is probably the ...
  • Shane
    Wow, this book hits all the marks; tension, intrigue, humor and drama. A lot has been built up over the last several books in this series. Currie brings all of it together and wraps it in a great big bow. I had a very hard time putting this down and was surprised really that the story was wrapped up so neatly by the end of this book.I don't believe this will be the end of this series by any means (I certainly hope it isn't). There is still a grea...
  • Noodle TheNaughtyNightOwl
    Halfway between a 9/10: Fantastic, left me wanting more & a 10/10: There is no comparison...This is the Mona Lisa of the fictional world!Apparently, if there was anything weird in the galaxy, Eric Weston would trip over it, fall into it, and then pick it up and take it home for adoption.I don’t know what it is about this series, but I can’t seem to get enough.This instalment was one big build up to a battle, which you’d think would become b...
  • Jim Kratzok
    Unbelievable!I certainly hope that there are more books in this series coming! The Empire has turned up the heat and is making life difficult for the Terran forces and their Priminae allies. Central, Gaia and the ship, Odysseus, are still still unexplained but are major characters and we get to meet another one of their kind who seems to need an attitude adjustment. What happens next?
  • Chuck
    Finally the meat!Finally! The start of the real story. Much like the “Lensmen” series by “Doc” Smith. When this series continues I believe we are in for a real treat. Maybe the war between “gods” or something akin. Hope to see the continuation sooner than later. Wow what a read...Cannot say that this series is for the faint of heart but suggest that teens would find it enjoyable.
  • Brian
    Edge of my seat almond entire novelThe epic story continues with both great battles and great philosophical soliloquy or two. The Commodore is both an excellent military tactician and a philosopher-poet. Couldn't put this down near the end and I'm already eager to read the next instalment. Well down Evan Currie. Having read all the Odysseus novels, I will have to take look at your others.
  • Clyde
    Currie gives us another good military SF book, extending his Odyssey series to book seven. This time, the Empire is coming with an entire sector fleet. They aren't messing around.I am now tagging these books as fantasy as well as military and science fiction, because some fantastical (as in mythic) characters have started taking important roles.In my opinion, not as gripping as some of the earlier books in the series. 3.5 stars.
  • Andrew J Black
    Well worth the wait.So this is book 7. If you are reading this you liked the first six, so this review is preaching to the converted. Loved it. Am thinking about taking a rest for the next three volumes so I can binge read for longer. Evan needs to follow his own fiction and self replicate a bit so we don’t have to wait so long for new releases.Time to go and rejoin Sorilla Aida again for a while :)
  • Bruno Di Giandomenico
    A new topWhen you think you have reached the maximum, something bigger and badder appear. This book is no different. This time, like a videogame, the stakes are higher, and a fleet of hundred of ships is confronting Eric Weston and his Odysseus. The task seems unsurmontable, ad the Empire has deployed a fleet which is more that ten Times ad big ad his. Can’t sat more, it would be a spoiler.
  • Mr Michael Johnson
    Really good with new twists and turns. The main characters stretch out their influence and the human spirit is challenged for survival once againReally good with new twists and turns. The main characters stretch out their influence and the human spirit is challenged for survival once again
  • Silverwav
    Yeah top form with this bookAs it was such a rip roaring adventure I will need to reread the last battle as I do not see why the [spoiler alert] super weapon was not used directly against the fleet... I’ve obviously missed something but as as I have read this in one sitting.... no surprise there! Cheers on a great read.
  • M Hamed
    once,this was one of my favorites the Pzaz of the first 4 books is gone,heavily going downhill ,unreadable you don't go 7 book being an under dog and on the defensive (those paragraphs about fighting for the soldier next to you and not for country or cause is the argument of US,british imps ,french and the like.war for profit and self delusion .not for any kind of ideal)
  • John Tyson
    Kudos to one of the great ones Reading this book was more than interesting it was a pleasure to experience this universe I can say without any doubts I did not expect it to take the routes he has taken the storyline into and that is a great thing congratulations sir you have impressed me
  • Vanessa Simon
    Entertaining and well written, as usual. Currie is a very fine writer and story teller. Sometimes those aren’t the same things. This series delivers from book to book, and I am always waiting for the next installment.
  • Mr. G. W. F. Hogg
    Excellent, another fine addition to this series.This has been a wonderful space opera and it leaves you waiting for the next book in the series with real impatience. Hurry up Mr Currie. Lol
  • Todd Gutschow
    Another good book in the seriesEverything that is good and enjoyable about this series continues in this book. However, I was a bit let down at the surprise ending. I didn’t feel it was up to the standard I have come to expect from the previous books.
  • Kevin Beck
    Another excellent adventureThe Empire just won't give up trying to destroy Earth and her allies. Once again the tenacity and ingenuity of the allies results in another defeat for the Empire.
  • Nigel Frankcom
    Bravo!A gripping series that is hard to put down. A sumptuous plot, a riveting cast ...and very little sleep for the reader. This series needs an extra star! Can’t wait for the next tome.
  • Richard Carl
    Nihilism vs idealismThe rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, still duty to an ideal was greater than the cynical views of Roman nobility. The were some real pearls of wisdom thank you for some great military SF.
  • Aurora
    Fast pacedThis book was full of action and relied heavily on the plot of the previous books. My only complaint was with the personalities of the enemy, which were not very believable.
  • Chris Engel
    A terrific read! Ties nicely in with an earlier book or two...but you gotta read it to find out Read it, and you will be pleased. It Tues in with past books, and brings together the.... Nope, won't say...that would spoil the read...enjoy!
  • Cory Rose
    GoodRead all the previous books in the series over the course of the last month or so, since then have been eagerly awaiting this next installment. It did not disappoint, definitely a cut above average, rarely read anything from this genre as good as this.