Batman, Volume 6 by Tom King

Batman, Volume 6

Author Tom King pens the sixth volume of his critically acclaimed, best-selling Batman series in BATMAN VOL. 6!Don’t miss out on the newest installment of this best-selling, critically acclaimed graphic novel series written by breakout star Tom King, BATMAN and featuring art by Mike Janin!This Rebirth title continues to go places Batman has never seen. Batman is trying to prepare himself for a new life with a potential wedding to Catwoman. Will...

Details Batman, Volume 6

TitleBatman, Volume 6
Release DateJul 31st, 2018
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Batman, Comic Book, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction, Adventure

Reviews Batman, Volume 6

  • Sam Quixote
    When a Baaaaat loves a (Cat)woman… ! The wedding’s right around the corner but there’s more adventures to be had first! Batman, Volume 6: Bride or Burglar? collects four stories of differing length. And, as usual, Tom King’s done it again, producing yet another corking Batman book! The opening issue highlights how insane Bruce Wayne/Batman is, just in concept, when Bruce encounters a wealthy young boy, accompanied by his own butler, whose...
  • Chad
    I'm loving these stories where it's just the Bat and the Cat together, seeing their relationship deepen while they battle bad guys. There's no larger narrative, just some very well told shorter stories with fantastic art by Joelle Jones and Mikel Janin. These two, even though they have very different styles, are at the top of their game.
  • Sean Gibson
    Have you ever been working on a presentation at work with the understanding that you’ve got a 15-minute timeslot to fill? You start honing your material, practice over and over, get it down to the minute, and, when the time comes, you know you’re going to just kill it. You know your opening joke will land hard, everyone will be rapt, and you have a closing call to action that is clear and inspiring. But, right before you go on, whoever’s ru...
  • James DeSantis
    I knew after the last volume it would be hard to top it. This isn't as good but honestly? That's okay. So this has three parts. Super Friends part 3-4 (Now it's Bruce and Diana's turn to be besties) as they fight for over 20+ years together against a endless horde of monsters while Selina tries to free them. Then we have a Poison Ivy story, which I'm going to be honest here, has never been one of my favorite characters. I get WHY people Love her,...
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.Here we are. If there’s one big event currently being built up in the DC Universe, it’s the wedding between two of the most iconic characters: Batman and Catwoman. Their conflict-full relationship has always been a highlight of their cat and bat game, and it is something that has made their encounters so tantalizingly beautiful. Tim Burton’s 1992 Batman Returns movie is one of the main exam...
  • James DeSantis
    I knew after the last volume it would be hard to top it. This isn't as good but honestly? That's okay.So this has three parts. Super Friends part 3-4 (Now it's Bruce and Diana's turn to be besties) as they fight for over 20+ years together against a endless horde of monsters while Selina tries to free them. Then we have a Poison Ivy story, which I'm going to be honest here, has never been one of my favorite characters. I get WHY people Love her, ...
  • Scott S.
    I couldn't wait to tear into this one - as it is the follow-up to the outstanding Vol. 5: Rules of Engagement - but, whether intentional or not, I knew I'd being unfairly comparing the two books.Vol. 6: Bride or Burglar is not quite on the same level as its predecessor, but it was a still another really good entry in the series. It kicks off with an unsettling stand-alone 'origin' story with horror overtones, but then briskly moves into the two o...
  • Steve
    I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.Another good volume in Tom King's Batman run. I'm really enjoying how we are seeing deep into the psyche of not only Batman, but into the people around him, villains and heroes alike. I'm not going to say any more, because I don't want to spoil anything, but I've also enjoyed the ties back to previous storylines and obscure plot points.
  • Wing Kee
    Wow. World: The art is fantastic. King is an artist's writer, he let's the art tell the story and allows this mediums strengths to support the tale. The quiet moments with no dialog, the beautiful panels, the emotions the nods are all so beautiful. The world building is also solid, using the pieces that he's been building since Rebirth and also the history of the relationship between Bat and Cat it's perfect. The 2 issue arc with Diana is also wo...
  • ✨Tamara
    Stunning artwork.Sleek and sexy with a little gore and heartbreak... the best type of Batman comic. The epic saga of Batman 💘 Catwoman continues. I thoroughly enjoyed this graphic novel. It was a little difficult to follow in some parts but eventually I got the story out of it. A little less straightforward than some. Still very good none the less. I need to get my hands on the rest of the series for my library.
  • Eli Seibert
    “You're not Bruce Wayne! You're a sick kid with dead parents.”“Well, yes… but… but what else is Bruce Wayne?”Wow, there hasn’t been a Tom King batbook I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed yet, and this volume is not the exception. Bruce Wayne fanatics, never ending monster hordes, Wonder Woman, more BatCat, and a story line that not only does not portray Ivy as a villain (FINALLY), but furthers her relationship with Harley? What more coul...
  • Malum
    The last couple of Batman volumes have been "slice of life" Batman stories. Darkseid isn't attacking, there isn't a nuclear bomb hidden under Gotham. It's just Batman hanging out with Catwoman, solving some crimes, and palling around with Diana and Clark. And you know what? It's been great! These stories have just the right blend of grim-faced Batman and heartfelt humor. I also liked that, in this volume, we get to see "world's greatest detective...
  • Diz
    There is an interesting section that explores the relationship between Batman and Catwoman over the history of Batman comics. The costumes and the way they interact change, but there is something deep in the core of their relationship that doesn't change. I took that as a commentary on comics in general. The characters we love are always changing, but deep down we see them as the same. Speaking of changes, Poison Ivy gets a big boost to her power...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    [Read as single issues](For the purposes of this review I’m assuming that this actually collects #38-44 and not #38-43, since the trade cover is from #44, the issue title from #44 is the same as the trade title, and volume 7 apparently collects #45-50, so otherwise it’d be missing)“Will you marry me?” – Those four words upended Selina Kyle’s life; and then she went and said yes! But before she can get hitched to the Batman of her drea...
  • Rod Brown
    Having won me over last volume, I am now committed to reading Batman for as long as Tom King will write it. Sure, sometimes his stories can be a little awkward, but he swings big and when he connects he really knocks 'em out of the park.
  • Rory Wilding
    We’re a few issues away from the big wedding with Batman #50, but there are still obstacles that are set to challenge the romance between the Bat and the Cat — whether it’s one man’s faithfulness to his one true love or the search for that perfect wedding dress, they’re explored in this latest volume of Tom King’s phenomenal Bat-run. Please click here for my full review.
  • Kendall
    A series of individual and connected stories leading to the wedding that may or may not happen. Tom King is just so good at the Dark Knight story arc and the art throughout is absolutely stunning. My favorite of these stories was the last, showing the instinctual nature and independence of the Catwoman we know.
  • Shannon Appelcline
    This is an entirely charming volume that does a great job of highlighting Bruce and Selina's relationship, but always in an oblique way, so it's not the BRUCE-AND-SELINA-RELATIONSHIP book.The Origin of Bruce Wayne (#38). A twisty story that tries perhaps a bit too hard to be clever, to its ultimate detriment [3+/5].Superfriends (#39-40). This time around, we focus on the relationship between Bruce and Diana, and King writes a pretty terrific dyna...
  • Geoffrey Payne
    Tom King continues his fantastic run on Batman with Bride or Burglar. I really enjoy how he continues to develop the characters to a deeper level than just fodder for a good punch. That being said, he still fills the panels with great action. I think these issues are at their best when King is paired with the artistic stylings of Joëlle Jones. Her work is fantastic and some of the best in all of comics in my opinion. My only complaint is there w...
  • Roy
    Interesting take on Batman. I felt like this was just a series of smaller stories without going into more detail with the overall narrative/arc. The arwork on all issues was amazing. Tom King does a great job of changing the Batman story up from purely action based detective work. This is much more a reflective character study but at times I wish there was still an overall arc.
  • Colleen
  • Robert
    A series of one-shots and shorts, but leaning too heavily on romance storylines to be really enjoyable Batman tales.
  • Kat
    Basic plot: Several short stories leading Bat and Cat closer to their wedding.Nothing could top the previous arc in my mind, but King is still on his game. These shorts highlight the partnership between Bat and Cat, and what they go through in their crazy life. Some of this felt a bit rushed, as is the nature of shorter stories sometimes. The art was always great, though. There were some particularly beautiful panels in the Ivy storyline.
  • Craig
    I'm still a sucker for the whole Batman-Catwoman wedding thing, which takes up part of this volume. Other elements are quite as strong, particularly a rather rushed story about Poison Ivy taking over the world, except for Bruce and Selina, who are immune to whatever plant-based trickery she's come up with (Ivy controls the entire Justice League, including Superman). Much better is the two-issue story about Batman and Wonder Woman giving the Gentl...
  • Josh
    As the wedding between Batman and Catwoman comes closer, it continues to become evident that two high-profile and extraordinary people will not be able to marry without navigating a bit of difficulty--from inter-dimensional battles to world-shaking threats much closer to home.While not a perfect volume, King continues to deliver exciting and deeply personal stories as he delves into the lives of Bruce, Selina, and those around them. And, honestly...
  • Adam Fisher
    3.5 Stars.A very odd and weird Volume of Batman that was much less focused on the wedding preparation than I thought it would be. Stories contained:- A very creepy one-shot about a kid who is so obsessed with Bruce Wayne that he commits crimes (including murder) to get Bruce to assist him financially, yet ultimately ending up in Arkham, with Thomas and Martha's names carved on his cheeks- A two part story where Batman and Wonder Woman go to an al...
  • Ken Moten
    The big day is just around the corner and we got some more insanity to encounter before we get there. This volume collects three stories. The first story is one of those insanity thrillers you either come to love or hate from King (I personally love it). The second story is an interesting team-up of Wonder Woman and Batman that I did not see coming. The main story though involves a very devastating attack by Poison Ivy, which ties back to Batman,...
  • Ron
    Batman and Catwoman are engaged, but they have plenty of obstacles to overcome before they walk down the aisle. The first is Batman and Wonder Woman taking the place of The Gentle Man facing the Endless Horde in a different realm. Next is Ivy taking over the world to make everything right. As if that would ever turn out well. Then there is the question of the dress. That quest continues.
  • Thibaut Nicodème
    Gotta hand it to them, Batman saving the world through the power of lesbians caught me by surprise.
  • Alex