The Dictator Pope by Marcantonio Colonna

The Dictator Pope

The Inside Story of the Francis PapacyCould Pope Francis be the most tyrannical and unprincipled pontiff in modern times? Yes, says Church historian Marcantonio Colonna, in his controversial yet judicious new book, The Dictator Pope.Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope in 2013 as a liberal and a reformer. In fact, he was neither—except by coincidence. Though he was not well-known within the College of Cardinals that elected hi...

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TitleThe Dictator Pope
Release DateDec 4th, 2017
GenreChristianity, Catholic, Religion, Politics, Nonfiction, Biography, Theology

Reviews The Dictator Pope

  • Kevin Estabrook
    I dismissed this book the first time I saw it, thinking it would be biased and slanderous. Reading Mark Lambert's article, titled "Far from Gossip, 'The Dictator Pope' is 'Absolutely Reliable'" changed my mind.Though this book contains one unfortunate fact after another, and though it brought me to my knees on several occasions, I am reminded that the Church has survived "challenging pontificates" in the past and will continue to do so until the ...
  • Theresa Stiner
    How can I say this is a 'good' book? It is a sad book. I believe it, for the most part, to be truthful. While reading it I thanked God for all the holy and saintly popes I have had in my lifetime of 63 years. I guess we were due for a more 'human' and political pope. With this it will be interesting to watch how the Holy Spirit watches over and protects the heart and truth of this one, holy, and apostolic church that the gates of hell will not pr...
  • Joyce Baker
    On my God help us!Could Pope Francis be the Anti Christ! As a 74 old practicing Catholic I am sickened by what I head in in this book. And for the National Register and others not report what going on in the Vatican is a disservice to the church . Read and see what I am talking about. All had been verified by the author.
  • Sean Lancaster
    Disaster His modernist agenda has been exposed, this book puts it in black and white and is a must read for every concerned Catholic.
  • Eduardo
    Where there's smoke there's fireThis is an important book for those Catholics, or not, that are surprised by a book with this title referring to none other then Pope Francis. How can this be? A Pope that has been portrait in the main stream media as noting but a great spiritual leader and reformer?If your trust in the track record of the traditional media ability to guive us unbious reports of people and events has not been shaken in the last wh...
  • Benedict
    This is a far from perfect book, contains no groundbreaking information on the current Holy Father, and would seem to overreach on certain points, but it is a decent summary of many of the things about Papa Bergoglio that have given, and continue to give, many Catholics of all stripes some pause. UPDATE: I have much more esteem for this book now after reading the book on the Pope by Ross Douthat. Colonna, or rather H.J.A. Sire, has done a far job...
  • Jason
    My confusion about Pope Francis has cleared up after having reading this book.
  • Christopher Blosser
    The author's name, "Marcantonio Colonna", is a pseudonym. Having finished the book, particularly the stunning accounts of Francis' vindictiveness and the fate of those who have crossed him -- it occurs to me that the author was wise to write under a pseudonym. (According to the LifeSite news exclusive interview, the real Marcantonio Colonna was born in 1535, an Italian aristocrat who served as a Viceroy of Sicily, best remembered for his service ...
  • Vincent
    Based on this book, it looks like the problems which the Vatican are facing right now will continue into the foreseeable future. In that sense, this book helped me temper my expectations. We know there's a lot of moving parts in the Vatican. But in the book, it is very tough keeping track of everyone. A lot of names that you'll hear once, and never again. The author traces the absolutely extraordinary sequence of events that had to transpire in o...
  • Joseph Raborg
    This is a great work for understanding some of the corruption surrounding the Vatican. It's very current and describes scandals extending into 2017. Essentially, Pope Francis places too much trust in the more liberal clergy, even though these same people are rather unsavory. Not all liberal clergy, mind you, but the ones with Pope Francis' ear.
  • peter brock
    I highly recommend this book, especially to my fellow Catholics. It exposes the utter corruption of the Vatican hierarchy and a feckless dangerous Pope and his questionable progress from ordination to the present. It demonstrates the epitome of Gresham’s Law regarding morals and money of the charlatans in the Vatican who disgrace the Catholic Church. This is compounded by the hierarchy around the world who can not be ignorant of the situation i...
  • rebecca
  • Julie Kos
    Really need to know this!If only that this information will inspire you to pray more for Holy Mother Church and her priests, bishops and pope,you need to read this book. Things are beginning to change and you need to understand why.
  • Erick
    After reading the book I could tell that it would tried to explain the leadership of the pope in the light of the journalism and the news, according to the author the actual papacy has been very supportive on liberal views and very punishing on conservative and traditional views.The books reflects on various "hot" topics of the catholic church, one of them is the Synod of the Family where the catholic teaching was supposedly attack by the pope ac...
  • Paul Goings
    I think that this is a very important book, but it was a difficult book to read. It is extensively footnoted, which is to its credit, but the sources are repetitive and frequently well-known as biased, so it is still not the balanced analysis that we need.