Game of Hearts (Fandom Hearts, #3) by Cathy Yardley

Game of Hearts (Fandom Hearts, #3)

Kyla Summers has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime to get her cosplay business off the ground, and only one thing stands in her way. She needs someone to take over the auto shop, and there’s only one person she can think of to call…Jericho Salomon hasn’t been back in his home town since he joined a biker gang and rode off nine years ago. When his best friend’s kid sister calls begging for help, he knows that he owes the family a ...

Details Game of Hearts (Fandom Hearts, #3)

TitleGame of Hearts (Fandom Hearts, #3)
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary

Reviews Game of Hearts (Fandom Hearts, #3)

  • Lenore Kosinski
    1970-01-01 received a free copy through the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.5 stars — You know when you eat an amazing meal of your favourite foods, and when you’re finished you slump back in your chair with a smile of pure giddiness and satisfaction on your face? Yeah, that’s what I looked like when I finished this book. I’m not sure I’ll even be able to accurately describe wh...
  • Riley K.
    Game of Hearts: A Geek Girl Rom Com (Fandom Hearts) by Cathy Yardley is simply amazing. We have met Kyla Summers in a previous book, but this time she is the featured star of the story. She is overwhelmed by an obligation to help her brother with their family business, and a desire to do what makes her happy. Enter Jericho Salomon to help her out with the auto shop, but he makes her realize a few things about herself as well. This story was amazi...
  • Ivy Deluca
    Full review to come.
  • Rachel Barnard
    Kyla runs a mechanic shop with her brother Billy, one they inherited from their now retired parents. Billy is happy to let Kyla do the paperwork and work out in the shop as well as take over all operations when he needs to take a vacation. After he breaks his arm, though, all responsibilities fall to Kyla. She had other plans. She wanted to submit costumes for a contest that's coming up in a few weeks. This is her dream, so she calls the only per...
  • Charlie
    Kyla Summers has been running ragged operating both the business and mechanic side of the auto shop she and her brother inherited from their father so he could enjoy traveling. With her brother off cavorting on his own vacations as he pleases, Kyla is left to man the shop on her own while also trying to get her own costume design business off the ground. When Billy returns from a trip with a broken arm and Kyla's costumes are due at convention on...
  • Alex (HEABookNerd)
    Series: Fandom Hearts #3 I wanted to prove that this wasn't some stupid dream. I wanted to go for something that I wanted, without justifying it to anyone. Kyla works her butt off in the auto shop she owns with her brother but working on cars isn't her true passion. Designing and creating costumes for cosplay is Kyla's dream and she'd love to dedicate more time to it, but with her brother always overbooking clients and then taking vacations, she ...
  • Nanou
    J'avoue que j'ai pas trop été portée par l'univers professionnel où travaille Kyla et son frère, les trucs de garage sont pas pour moi. De même, que Jericho qui fait partie d'un groupe d'amateur de moto (attention c'est pas des bikers !), c'est pas ce qui me fait rêver.Parcontre, j'ai beaucoup apprécié les liens entre les héros, ils se connaissent depuis longtemps et même s'ils se sont perdus de vue pendant 9 ans, quand ils se retrouve...
  • Curly Carla Celebrity Readers
    1970-01-01 loved this book. I’d say it was better than the last one really. From the cover to the nerdiness I felt like the mother-ship had called me home!Kyla was spunky and a furiously hard worker. She loved her family and was always there to help them. Especially her douche canoe of a brother who in my opinion did NOT get near what he deserved. I really loved her self sufficiency and the way she tried to brush ...
  • Jennifer
    This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandKyla Summers is one of those people who will do everything needed even if it means she doesn't get to do what she really wants/needs to do. That will take on the responsibilities of others even though that is not really fair to her. She works with her brother at their auto shop (that they took over from their dad) only her brother doesn't really pull his weight. He goes off on vacations leaving ...
  • Kara-karina
    It's only my second book by this author, and first in this series, but not the last. She's been tons of fun! You know, Penny Reid and The Big Bang Theory type of fun? I certainly giggled at all the Game of Thrones references.Kyla was definitely not a doormat. She had sparkle in her eye, spine and wonderful warmth to her unless you pissed her off. She was also a talented costumer who really wanted her passion for cosplay to turn into something mor...
  • Books Laid Bare
    My favourite of the series so far, and no not because it incorporated the bastions of modern culture and entertainment to the page, in the way that the author littered the story with reference to some of the most successful franchises of modern times. Phenomenon like Assassin’s Creed and Game of Thrones pepper the story and not just as filler, this an author that knows her subject matter and for me that gave the story a totally modern vibe, a t...
  • Jacqueline Duczek
    A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I've loved everything by Cathy Yardley that I've read and this book is no exception. It's a wonderful addition to the Fandom Hearts series full of nerdy references. I'm such a suck for authentic fandom references and this book does not disappoint. Game of Thrones, Magic: The Gathering, Assassin's Creed, and more are mentioned in such a way that the author clearly know...
  • Elley Murray
    Gah. I love the Fandom Hearts series so much, and this latest installment is my favorite yet. Kyla is so badass, and I love that she's amazing with fixing cars and with making costumes. She's strong, feisty, a total geek, and would do anything for her friends and family. I want to be friends with Kyla so badly, haha. I also love a good book about a body positive plus sized character, so it's great to see Kyla embrace her curves and not be trying ...
  • Sarah
    I really enjoy Cathy Yardley’s writing and her characters. Kyla and Jericho were two very great people on their own, who grew separately and together over the course of the book to become something awesome. I appreciated that both characters had creative passions and skills outside of their relationship, and I liked that they each found ways to share the other’s interests. I really believed in them as a couple. My one critique is the critique...
  • Christy Godfrey
    I am loving this series! Kyla and Jericho’s chemistry is off the charts and I love the flirting and playfulness between them. Kyla is stuck between family obligations and pursuing her dream. I was so frustrated for her! I wanted to slap her brother upside the head, he just didn’t get it. I was pleasantly surprised at the tenderness Jericho showed when he reunited with his family after being gone for so long. I am looking forward to more in th...
  • Ellie
    Fun, sexy, perfect feel-good read!