Burning Fields by Alli Sinclair

Burning Fields

1948. The world is struggling to regain a sense of balance after the devastation of World War II, and the sugar cane-growing community of Piri River in northern Queensland is no exception.As returned servicemen endeavour to adjust to their pre-war lives, women who had worked for the war effort are expected to embrace traditional roles once more.Rosie Stanton finds it difficult to return to the family farm after years working for the Australian Wo...

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TitleBurning Fields
Release DateMay 21st, 2018
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Fiction

Reviews Burning Fields

  • Katie B
    3.5 starsI'll admit I decided to read this book because it sounded like it would be a nice, little romance taking place in Australia a few years after World War 2. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see there was so much more going on with the story and it had some substance. Rosie Stanton has returned home to her family's sugar cane farm in Queensland. She wants to help her father out by doing the books, but he seems to think a woman doesn't...
  • Sharon
    This brilliantly written story takes place in 1948 not long after the Second World War. After many years of working for the Australian Women's Army Service Rosie Stanton heads home to the family farm. Rosie knew it was never going to be easy to return home after losing her brothers in the war. Home as she knew it would never be the same and when her father takes ill, Rosie has to take over the running of the farm. Having a female take on these du...
  • Brenda
    Rosie Stanton was heading home from Brisbane to her family’s cane farm, Tulpil in Piri River, northern Queensland. Her thoughts were in turmoil – she knew her parents, especially her father would be against her returning home to stay, but that’s what she wanted to do. The Sicilian passenger on the bus whom she was seated beside was an interesting companion, but when she discovered Tomas Conti was also disembarking in Piri River she was surp...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.comBurning Fields, the latest novel from Australian author Alli Sinclair, melds together love, the past, war and sacrifice, all within the one involving tale. Sinclair takes her novel to the sugar cane fields of Queensland, just after the close of World War II. The tale that emerges is a powerful one that echoes Australia of times past.Burning Fields takes the reader to a time of great flux, the year 1948. The a...
  • Kylie D
    A wonderful book that sees Rosie returning to her family home, a cane farm in far north Queensland, after spending the years of the WW2, and those just after it, in Brisbane. Even though both of her brothers were lost during the war her parents don't seem too thrilled to have her back home. However, after her father becomes incapacitated after suffering from a stroke, Rosie steps up to start to run the farm, much to her father's dismay. He doesn'...
  • Veronica ⭐️
    3.5 Stars I love Alli Sinclair’s books and was excited to read a book where one of my favourite authors joined one of my favourite genres, Australian Historical Fiction. However this book just didn’t do it for me. It was well written and the story-line was good but somewhere along the line the delivery fell flat.The story revolves around Rosie, a third generation cane grower, and Tomas, newly immigrated from Italy.The story touches on issues...
  • Janine
    A really interesting, well written story.
  • Shomeret
    I was approached by author Alli Sinclair to review her latest novel, Burning Fields. I was interested in reading about Rosie, Alli Sinclair's independent heroine. So I requested an ARC which was sent to me by the publisher via Net Galley.As the novel opens in the post-WWII era, Australian Rosie Stanton has been living on her own in Brisbane and is accustomed to making her own decisions, but harassment at her job has forced her to return to the fa...
  • Theresa Smith Writes
    I enjoyed Burning Fields so much, it really was such a treat to read. Alli Sinclair is a writer who never fails to deliver a great story, and while this newest release of hers is a little different to her previous novels, established fans can rest assured that it contains all of the usual Alli magic. For those who have not read any of Alli’s novels, this is a great one to start with.I always feel a connection to the stories Alli writes. In this...
  • Lee
    I enjoyed probably the first half of Burning Fields but unfortunately the book started to grate on my nerves from about the 50% mark.I live in Cairns, so I was expecting to be captivated by the setting, a fictional sugar cane farming town of north Queensland (Sinclair does thank the Cairns historical society in her end notes). However, the book was very dialogue driven and lacked the descriptive style to bring the beauty of the area to life on th...
  • Helen
    This one is set in times of change the second world war has not long ended and there are big changes, men returning home from things that no one should have had to go through woman who have worked tirelessly keeping their countries going are now sent back to the kitchens and Rosie Stanton is on her way home from Brisbane to the family’s cane farm in Piri River Northern Queensland and there will be many upheavals to come. This is a compelling, m...
  • Scatterbooker
    Set in the northern Queensland sugar cane fields in 1948 BURNING FIELDS by Alli Sinclair beautifully tells the love story of Rosie Stanton and Tomas Conti. Rosie is struggling to settle back into to life in Australia after serving during World War II, and trying to convince her father to allow her to help out on the family sugar cane field is next to impossible. Tomas is trying to become accustomed to life in Australia after suffering through Mus...
  • Carolyn
    Burning Fields by Alli Sinclair is a new story set in the era of 1948 in the sugar-cane fields and farming area of North Queensland. I really enjoyed this story, hearing about sugar-cane, the work involved in this type of farming, it's dilemmas and setbacks.This is historical fiction filled with adventure for all involved.It'll touch your heart and you'll fall in love with most of the characters; and some who you'll dislike.The novel talks about ...
  • Bree T
    I really enjoy Alli Sinclair’s books and this one is no exception. In some ways quite a lot of this story is not unfamiliar to me, even though I’ve never lived on a cane farm or in northern Queensland. But I grew up in northern NSW and holidays we took were often to southern QLD. Up around the border is a huge cane growing area and the fields and smell of the burning cane are really familiar to me. Also, as I’ve mentioned many times before,...
  • Helen
    3.5 * https://greatreadsandtealeaves.blogsp...‘Sometimes the biggest battles are the ones we have inside us.’Burning Fields is a historical fiction novel by Aussie author Alli Sinclair. Having previously enjoyed Alli’s other books (HERE) it was a fresh change to find her delve into the sugar cane fields of far north Queensland just after the conclusion of WWII. Although there is a love story here, I would suggest that the stronger plot is t...
  • AusRomToday
    Set in north Queensland post WWII, Alli Sinclair's Burning Fields is a stunning, evocative novel that rewrites the narrative for Australian themed historical romance.As with her previous novels, Burning Fields dives deeply into the historical setting, in this case of both the north QLD cane fields and war-torn Italy, while maintaining strong characterisation, and steady plot development. A Sinclair novel isn't complete without what is becoming in...
  • AusRomToday
    Set in north Queensland post WWII, Alli Sinclair's Burning Fields is a stunning, evocative novel that rewrites the narrative for Australian themed historical romance.As with her previous novels, Burning Fields dives deeply into the historical setting, in this case of both the north QLD cane fields and war-torn Italy, while maintaining strong characterisation, and steady plot development. A Sinclair novel isn't complete without what is becoming in...
  • Nicole Laverdure
    A poignant story hope and determination! I really enjoyed Alli Sinclair's amazing story 'Burning Fields'. It's truly a powerful and sweeping historical novel of love, loss, and hope, set against Australia’s vast sugarcane fields in the turbulent days after World War II. Rosie Stanton, is returning home to northern Queensland after serving the war. She now plans to rescue her family’s foundering sugarcane farm! Her two brothers have died durin...
  • Michelle
    Full review at: http://bookgirl.beautyandlace.net/boo...Burning Fields is a bit of a change of direction for Australian author Alli Sinclair in that it is set right here in Australia, in the time following World War II.Sinclair has taken a time of great upheaval for women and explored what this period meant, the war was over and many men were returning home; needing to adjust to life away from the war and often take back their pre-war jobs. Women...
  • Diane
    Another great read by Alli Sinclair giving a 1948 insight into the North Queensland cane fields, the variety of nationalities who worked them, some of whom had fled the war in Europe and their own countries. The Romeo/Juliet romance which brings to mind the question once again: why can't we celebrate our similarities instead of marking our differences. With my local cane fields beginning just a street or two away from me, this story had a signifi...
  • Claire
    I really enjoyed this historical fiction set in Australia after WWII, it explores the treatment of immigrants, especially Italians who suddenly became the enemy during the war. It also explores small town behaviour and what is real in times of trouble. I loved the dual timeline of Tomas and what he had been through during the war, and I enjoyed the relationship between him and Rosie that emerged despite her father's distaste for Italians. I defin...
  • Julia
    I liked the first half of the book much more than the second half, which started to have way too many things happening and character development that I didn't believe. While the love story was interesting, the dialogue was terrible, e.g. "Love me...love me now."
  • Julie Garner
    I received an advanced reading copy of this book. Thanks Alli!!!One of the things I really loved about this book is that it was way more than just a romance. As per all of Alli's books, we slip back in time to understand more of the current story. This time, however, her book is set in Australia - far north Queensland in the sugar cane fields. It is just after WWII when the women are all returned to their normal lives after being part of somethin...
  • Lynda
    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Harlequin Mira for my copy of Burning Fields by Alli Sinclair in return for an honest review.I must admit, I'm conflicted by this book. It was a wonderful story and the author has very obviously put in a LOT of research. The characters were authentic and believable and the story takes the reader back to a by-gone era and makes you really feel as if you are there. However, the story seemed to come off a bit 'preach-y' i...
  • Jaylee Neal
    Alli always gets me in the feels, I fell in love with Tomas's past and the way rosie and Tomas connected with each other everything was so well written. Everything about this novel had me in awe including the way Tomas confessed his love to rosie. Alli you did not disappoint me at all 10/10!
  • Nicole
    Burning Fields is the sixth novel by Australian author Ali Sinclair. Set during the post war year of 1948, this historical fiction story captures both the tension and change that permeates Australian society. Told in the third person, it follows two young protagonists, Rosie in 1948 and Tomas in 1943. The narrative seamlessly alternates between the two timelines to give the reader a true sense of life during and after the war.Rosie was an inspira...
  • Sam Still Reading
    I have a really soft spot for Australian historical fiction. I honestly believe that I’ve learned more about our country from reading than I did in school – and of course, it’s a lot more pleasurable. One part of Aussie history I’m particularly interested in is the post-WWII era, when people from many different cultures came to Australia. Burning Fields covers the arrival of an Italian family to the sugar cane growing area of northern Que...
  • Heidi
    1948. World War II has been over for a few years now, and Australian society is on the cusp of radical change. A transformation that Rosie Stanton, the feisty protagonist of Alli Sinclair’s new novel, welcomes with open arms. But such changes don’t come without a struggle. On returning to her home town to help out on her family’s struggling sugar cane farm, Rosie finds herself caught between traditional attitudes and new opportunities. And ...
  • Linda Hill
    A chance meeting on a bus will affect Rosie Stanton’s life in ways she could not imagine.I was totally captivated by Burning Fields by Alli Sinclair from the first page. She writes with such attention to detail, be it historical or social, A treat for the senses, Alli Sinclair evokes setting so vividly in Burning Fields, whether it is Australia or Italy that I could picture the scenes in an almost cinematic way.Rosie is very much a modern woman...
  • Anne Peachey
    I received Burning Fields by Alli Sinclair from beauty and Lace Book Club to read and Review.Alli Sinclair has researched the roles of women post WWII in her latest novel Burning Fields.The freedom women had while the men were overseas fighting ended at the returning of the men from war,they were expected to fade back into the background, back to the traditional domestic roles they undertook.Not all were happy about it.Rosie Stanton is one of the...