Hate by Nadine Strossen


We live in an era in which offensive speech is on the rise. The emergence of the alt-right alone has fueled a marked increase in racist and anti-Semitic speech. Given its potential for harm, should this speech be banned? Nadine Strossen's HATE dispels the many misunderstandings that have clouded the perpetual debates about "hate speech vs. free speech." She argues that an expansive approach to the First Amendment is most effective at promoting de...

Details Hate

Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherOxford University Press, USA
GenreNonfiction, Politics

Reviews Hate

  • Mary Thompson
    This book does a great job of articulating the reasons why laws limiting free speech are harmful, especially for those groups such laws are meant to protect, and also why they are ineffective at preventing harm. Anyone who has considered advocating for stricter limits on speech in the United States should read it. I was disappointed that the book did not contain any notes. The author mentions case after case without a single citation. This flaw s...
  • Apar Gupta
    We live in interesting times. Mimicking the architecture of our great cities many yearn for men of steel and stone. Those who can provide us with loud answers to our search for comfort and modernity. Such authoritarian yearnings often call upon decisiveness, but their course is routinely divisive. Such paths often see the rise of authoritarian leaders who voice and endorse speech considered dangerous to a multi-cultural society. At this point, Na...
  • Zack
    Goodreads Giveaway - What is the optimal way to counteract "hate speech"? Censorship? Legal action? Violence? Or more speech? Nadine Strossen (former director of the ACLU) makes a strong argument that it is the later - the best option for addressing constitutionally protected "hate speech" is more speech. Through numerous examples, from both the United States and abroad, she argues that laws, regulations, and policies designed to limit "hate spee...
  • Faith 09
    Very intelligent argument for free speech. It really put things into perspective.