Think, Learn, Succeed by Caroline Leaf

Think, Learn, Succeed

Our thought lives have incredible power over our mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. In fact, our thoughts can either limit us to what we believe we can do or release us to experience abilities well beyond our expectations. When we choose a mindset that extends our abilities rather than placing limits on ourselves, we will experience greater intellectual satisfaction, emotional control, and physical health. The only question is . . ....

Details Think, Learn, Succeed

TitleThink, Learn, Succeed
Release DateAug 7th, 2018
PublisherBaker Books
GenreNonfiction, Christian

Reviews Think, Learn, Succeed

  • Lynn Thomas
    This is by far the most practical book Dr. Leaf has written. It is easy to comprehend, or as she suggests, easy to break off into bite size pieces, savor, and let them nourish your mind and brain. I am hopeful to make great progress in my journey to a healthy, energized life with the tools in this book. It is full of wisdom and thoughtful commentary and useful steps to renovate the parts of my house hit by the hurricanes of life, where doors have...
  • Andrew
    I received an advance copy from Dr. Leaf as I have worked and studied in the field of neuroanatomy and neuroscience early on in my career. Dr. Leaf explains current and recent research about the brain, the mind and our thinking that have been undergoing a lot of research worldwide by the scientific community. A lot of things that were previously thought about the brain and the mind have been debunked but it is not the myth busting that makes this...
  • W
    INTERESTING, INTRIGUING, THOUGHT-PROVOKING, AND EMPOWERING!I underlined about half of the book! This book is filled with rich information that is not only scientific and biblical, it makes sense! :-)Dr. Leaf does a great job of explaining something technical in a down-to-earth way where it is understandable. The short chapters allow time for the concepts to sink in (and make it easy to read when you have short amounts of time) and the activation ...
  • Dana Labreck
    I have always been very intriqued with Dr. Caroline Leaf and her epistemology on the brain and it's correlation with our well being and now in depth with the mind as two working together as one. Think= To become deeper and clearer in the thought process. Learn= Discover the untapped capability there truly is to explore. Succeed= Applying the principles on a consistent basis to thrive, attain and achieve all that anyone seeks to improve their over...
  • Becky Leebens
    This book is exceptional. I have read all of Caroline's books and they have helped me tremendously to get rid of all of the thoughts that were keeping me from being the best me I would like to be. Her systems are easy to use and they don't take much time. Just taking a few minutes every day will produce huge results. This book takes this to the next level! If you have any desire to live a better, more successful life, then get this book! Put the ...
  • QuietmanWife
    Dr. Leaf opens up a whole new, healthy way of thinking for me. I have purchased and read most of her other books, but Think, Learn, Succeed is my favorite to date. This book is so helpful and will be one I regularly go back to for review. The chapters have “Activation Tips” to reinforce the material covered. This is wonderful in leading me to take pause and think more deeply about certain mindsets. Dr. Leaf really makes this highly complex in...
  • Shelby Clarke
    While I can easily see the benefit of Dr. Leaf's methods on those of us looking to be more positive, proactive, and understand how we process information. I read books like these in a whole new light with my husband's severe chronic depression diagnosis. I was challenged to see how I think on a daily basis, and have been implementing some of her techniques. her advice on affirmations has become a go-to during my morning meditations. Although, I w...
  • Bigkrl
    I've followed Dr. Leaf for years and can't say enough about her other books and the impact they've had on my life. But this one... wow... spoken in a way that is easy to understand and yet mind blowing! I am going to buy copies for my family and friends. And yes, in just 3 short days, I'm already feeling more hopeful, loving and just so happy to have her methods in my life to help me through bad days. Love love love this!
  • Sandra Charlton
    I am half way through this book and it already has had an impact on me. She is bringing me to a belief level that my life can be improved by understanding my unique thinking cycle. Further she describes how our brains have the power to change our mindsets and in doing so, we have the ability to create the most positive and powerful mindsets for a successful life. Excited to see what else she has in store, but had to get the word out regarding ano...
  • Moses
    This is one of Dr leaf’s best books up to date if not the best backed up by scientifical research of the brain it gives a description of certain mindsets one should develop, and also includes her 5 step switch on your brain learning process which is groundbreaking all by itself. I personally also own her 5 step switch on your brain learning process curriculum which includes the booklet and DVDs and it has revolutionized my learning to new level...
  • Laura
    Informative, empowering, and life changing! This isn't a quick fix, self-help book, but rather a scientifically and scripturally proven method of the power of changing your mindsets to improve the overall quality of your life! Dr. Leaf presents the information in a way that is understandable to lay people and gives practical, do-able steps to successful living!If you want to change your life, pick up a copy of this amazing book today!
  • Kathi Kraatz
    Dr. Leaf is always so thought provoking in her books. Her research is incredible in showing that what you choose to grow in your thoughts will then indeed grow in your life. She shares the importance of gratitude, community, forgiveness in our thoughts, actions, and words we constantly feed ourselves--about ourselves. Choose what to grow in your mind and that will, in turn, be what grows in your life.
  • Kimberly Vaughn
    Dr. Caroline Leaf is proving her expertise once again in her newest book, empowering and encouraging her readers to take charge of their lives by taking charge of their minds. I am loving the practical tips and points of application throughout, and I am looking to finishing this book that I may apply the whole this books wisdom to my life.
  • Andrea Converse
    Want more out of life? Want a better life? Purchase this fascinating, life changing new book by Dr. Caroline Leaf! You will be empowered and energized by not only reading this book but more importantly doing the applications! It quickly has become a favorite that I have shared with many friends and family members.
  • Gina Plocki
    Dr. Leaf has extensive work on the brain and this book brings to life how truly powerful mindsets and thinking is. It confronts negative mentalities and augments positive thinking.
  • Dinna
    Clearly written with helpful strategies to maximize your success in learning. A must read for those that want to improve their learning or mentoring.
  • Aspen Elkins
    Super amazing book!
  • Carlie
    This book is easy to read and understand the knowledge in it!