If Not For Thee by Amber Lynn Perry

If Not For Thee

With only three days to decide her fate, Margaret Main must make a choice: concede to the demands of her parents, or keep the vow she made to her beloved sister-in-law. The answer is simple, the solution less so. For to keep her word and her freedom, she must marry the only man she’s ever loved, with the knowledge he may never love her in return. Holdwell Estate is his home, the place of his youth—his future. To keep it, Marcus Wells must fin...

Details If Not For Thee

TitleIf Not For Thee
Release DateDec 1st, 2017
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Novella, Christian, Holiday, Christmas

Reviews If Not For Thee

  • Julie Carpenter
    Have you read any of the Daughters of His Kingdom books yet? I hadn't until I read this one. I have all the novels sitting waiting for me as I keep saying I'm going to read them. They were kindle freebies several months ago and I was super excited because I've been eyeing them for quite a while and friends had been reading and loving them. So of course I snagged them and haven't had time to read them yet. Life has been insanely busy this year and...
  • Trisha Robertson (Joy of Reading)
    This is a delightful Christmas Novella! A marriage of convenience between childhood friends brings unexpected outcome. Margaret wasn’t looking to get married, but it seemed that was the only way to keep her promise to her sister-in-law. Marcus had spent his youth avoiding the entanglement of love. But forces outside their control have brought them together. Is it possible for two people from different walks of life to find their happily-ever-af...
  • Dana Michael
    This may very well be my favorite thing Mrs. Perry has ever written. I am so in love with Marcus right now. He said the most romantic things I have ever heard. I was glad I was reading in bed or I would have swooned to the floor. This is a marriage of convenience and I don't know. I just have a thing for these kind of stories. It is well written. Even though it is a novella, it is complete. I felt satisfied with the ending and yes it was a HEA. I...
  • Sarah Monzon
    A great way to spend a few hours!
  • Susan Snodgrass
    Quick read and quite interesting, with nice characters. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more by this author.
  • Rebecca
    “You, my dear cousin, must find yourself a husband.” Hardly thirty minutes later, Margaret Main has only found herself in the middle of the road, covered in mud, barely escaping the hooves of an oncoming horse, ridden by none other than the prince of her girlish fancies, Marcus Wells. Marcus could have run over the maiden, as distracted as he was about returning to Holdwell Estate following the death of his father. As it was, he probably scar...
  • Anne
    Despite the fact that this is "just" a love story, and a short one at that (marketed as a novella), I give this one five stars. Short love story though it may be, the writing is absolutely exquisite. I like to highlight beautifully phrased eloquence when reading fiction, and I highlighted so many things in this short little book. It made my language loving romantic little heart very happy. No deep thoughts or intricate plots, just lovely main cha...
  • Lori Parrish
    What a wonderful story!! I definitely love Ambers writings. She manages to make you a part of her stories.I love reading stories about marriages of conveniences. I love watching God having a hand in the couple's everyday lives and yes eventually they do fall in love! "oh my"I can relate to Margaret in a way onliest problem was I never got marry my childhood sweetheart. I enjoyed Marcus' tale. He's a great guy!!! I loved his personality so he's de...
  • Amy
    If Not For Thee is a novella from the Daughters of His Kingdom series. What a delight! I love this short story. Amber Lynn Perry has a way of making a reader feel as though they are part of the characters lives. So beautiful to be part of it. I am honored to have spent my time with Marcus and Maggie. If a reader is looking for a fabulous and detailed historical, then If Not For Thee is a read for them. Highly highly recommended. 5+ stars. I recei...
  • Mj
    “…God might have a simple solution for your problems—and I believe I know what that is.” -Adam Galloway, cousin to Maggie MainIf Not for Thee is a delightful historical fiction novella set in December 1775 making it a perfect read for the season. Meet Maggie Main, an independent, spirited young woman, and Marcus Wells, a charming young man and old friend, just returned from doing his familial duty in England. Maggie grew up with a huge c...
  • E.
    If Not for Thee, by Amber Lynn Perry, is a beautifully written historical fiction novella that is as charming as it is irresistible. This Daughters of His Kingdom Novella is a definitive example that good things really do come in small packages. From the richly detailed setting, to the delightfully captivating characters, to the thoroughly entertaining plot, If Not for Thee contains all the wonderful reading enjoyment that would typically be foun...
  • Marzlie Freeman
    A living storyTwo people brought together in a way to take care of solving their individual problems. What a way to start a marriage. And the thread of war between the American patriots and the English army. I come from two line of soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War. This author writes well if this period of our history.
  • Cindy Dupree
    Swept back into a different eraAmber Lynn Perry has done it again. It was indeed a different world we could not relate to. A marriage out of necessity that brought Maggie and Marcus together. Too quickly this novella was over. Then again when you're so entrenched into the story time passes fast. Can't wait for the other books
  • Becky-kenny Fleming
    Amber Lynn Perry just keeps getting better and better! I absolutely LOVED Margaret and Marcus’s story. Want more of it but at the same time totally satisfied with it - I prefer novels to novellas but this one was so rich and kept me spell bound that it far exceeded my expectations!! Can’t wait to read the next story!
  • Nicolle Mullins
    This was a great read!! I loved everything about it from the sweet romance, it being at Christmas time & the historical facts that were put in. Amber Lynn Perry has done it again!! She never disappoints!! I love all her work & I can’t wait for more!!!
  • Nicole
    Sweet, swoon worthy romance set during the revaloutonary war.
  • Janet Merrell
    Very enjoyable novella. I loved Marcus and thought his way with Maggie was very sweet and endearing. Their interactions were absolutely swoon worthy! Looking forward to the follow up stories.
  • Kailey
    I absolutely loved this!
  • Sydney Elaine
    Cute little romantic read. :)
  • Courtney
    Lovely holiday addition to the rest of the series <3