The Lifegiving Parent by Clay Clarkson

The Lifegiving Parent

From the family that brought you The Lifegiving Home and The Lifegiving Table, discover how you can become a parent who gives your child a life worth living for Christ.In today's world, it's easy to become overwhelmed and even paralyzed by the constant flow of parenting advice. We're flooded with so much practical information that we wonder if we're choosing the right way. And we may be missing the one thing God really wants us to give to our chi...

Details The Lifegiving Parent

TitleThe Lifegiving Parent
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherTyndale Momentum
GenreParenting, Christian, Nonfiction

Reviews The Lifegiving Parent

  • Kelly Bridgewater
    I have never heard of Clay and Sally Clarkson, but the title of their newest book, The Life Giving Parent captured my attention. As authors who have written a number of books and devotions for raising a Godly family, I was interested in what I could learn to bring God more as the focal point in our lives. I read through the book pretty quickly for this review, but I believe I will be returning to it with a highlighter and a pencil, so I can study...
  • Elizabeth
    “Engagement with Christian culture does not define a Christian home; engagement with the living Christ does.”I was given the opportunity to read the first few chapters of this book before it releases and I can’t wait to finish it in a few weeks. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom and encouragement like the one above in just these few chapters and I look forward the rest. “The first priority for strengthening your child’s faith as...
  • Amanda
    Based on the few chapters I’ve read so far, I have been so encouraged by Clay and Sally’s instruction to invest in the lives of my children for eternity. I think the idea that has touched me the most is the idea that even parenting is a walk of faith. It is NOT a formula. I’m so thankful for a godly book that doesn’t promise me that if I follow five steps, my kids will turn out perfectly. Instead, they provide principles for loving my chi...
  • Jennifer Ford
    As a mother who has tried all of the formulas and "3-2-1" step approaches with our children, I can humbly admit that those methods fail to reach the heart of a child. Offering a complete paradigm shift to the Christian parenting conversation, this book shares biblical truth and wisdom in a way that inspires parents to seek the heart of Jesus... and then share it with their sons and daughters. Here are a few of my favorite quotations so far:"Our c...
  • Jill
    I have to start this review by saying that I do not like to write in books. I don't underline nor do I highlight on a regular basis, yet some books compel me to mark them up and this is one of those books!As a homeschooling, Christian parent, I am well-acquainted with Clay and Sally Clarkson and their influence in this sphere. Often parenting books bore me or make me feel unequipped as a parent, but this one was so encouraging and inspiring.The b...
  • Katheryn
    I received 3 chapters from the publisher on this wonderful book by one of my most favorite authors on parenting, motherhood, and Christian living. The principles for life in this book will not only permeate your parenting but also just your daily life as you seek to serve the Lord and glorify Him in all that you do. As always, Sally and Clay share bits of wisdom and nuggets of profound truths that you can camp out on let them help you to see your...
  • Sarah
    Clay and Sally have written an amazing book with The Life Giving Parent. Honestly, I think I can give a lot of my other parenting books away because this book gets to the heart of children, which is teaching them to love Jesus in a world that is messy, chaotic and unsettling. There isn't a formula or method, but this is a lifestyle and I love how they approach their parenting, just like they approach their dinner table. Which is you haven't read ...
  • Michelle
    I was given the first few chapters by the publisher and based on those chapters, I am smitten! I can’t wait to read everything. Already there are several insights and nuggets I am putting into practice.
  • Sara Karr
    I was able to read first 3 chapters of this book. This is a very encouraging book and a great reminderer how important it is to make sure we follow God's and make we follow him and have faith in him espically if we want to pass it on to our kids
  • Jennie Nelson
    The portion that I have read so far marks this as a game-changing book in the genre of parenting books. Grace-based and helping parents learn to treat our children as God treats us- what a gem of a book. Every parent would be blessed and changed by this book.
  • Sarah Poling
    I haven't read other books in the lifegiving series, and didn't even realize it is a series until I was into this book. But the subtitle of giving your child a life worth living for Christ is definitely a goal in our home. And Different is so inspiring and practical, I wanted to see if I loved this book as much. This book is more of a philosophical book to help parents process the foundation of their home based on who God is and how He is present...
  • Jennie
    One of my favorite authors, Sally Clarkson, along with her husband wrote another book that provides biblical truth and encouragement for us mama's and this one is for the dad's too!! I have read several of Sally's books and they have all been books that I return to again and again. She offers a lot of wisdom for parents to gain from, along with also sharing times of struggle and how they learned from it and handled it. This is not another parenti...
  • Joanne Viola
    The day we give birth, our lives are changed forever. It is in this moment, we take on the hardest, most challenging, and most rewarding role - parenthood. My children are now adults and raising their own, yet parenting is a life long task as relationships continue long after they leave the home.The Life Giving Parent by Clay & Sally Clarkson is a much needed book for every parent, and grandparent, in this ever changing culture we are living. As ...
  • Chyrll
    I was fortunate to receive the first three chapters in advance. I love that Clay and Sally wrote this third book for both parents in the Lifegiving series. Now Dads can also glean from their wisdom and experience.Raising prudent, servant-hearted, Christ honoring children has never been easy, but honestly, it is so much more challenging in the 21st century! I so appreciate this quote from their book:“In the same way that the nation of Israel cha...
  • Shonda Knowlton
    The Lifegiving Parent by Clay and Sally Clarkson is a much anticipated addition to round out the trio of books by Sally and her daughter Sarah in The Lifegiving Home and The Lifegiving Table. The Lifegiving Parent is the long awaited book that Clay had been working on since before their ministry for parents began. There is one main thread through this book and it is that lifegiving parenting starts with the parents sharing the life of Christ in t...
  • Lisa
    This book was one of the most inspiring books on parenting I’ve ever read (and I’ve read quite a few!) I read Sally’s book she wrote with her daughter Sarah, The Lifegiving Home, two years ago and loved it, so I had high expectations for this one. Plus, the fact that they raised four children who kept their faith and are now thriving, successful adults made me eager to glean from their wisdom. And let me tell you, this book was packed full ...
  • Cate
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.Sally Clarkson is one of my favorite “mentors”. Yes, I consider her a mentor even though I’ve never met her in person! Her writing has impacted my mothering more than anything else. If I could choose one woman for busy Mamas to listen to, it’s Sally! Her latest book, “The Life-Giving Parent” is the last in a trilogy of three “Life-Giving” books. This book i...
  • S.K.
    I positively adore the Clarkson family. I loved Sarah’s books and I’ve loved all of the books I’ve read by Sally. I am forever hoping to find out Sally is speaking somewhere near me/somewhere I’m going to be. I was so excited when I was given the chance to review The Lifegiving Parent!I ultimately loved The Lifegiving Parent and very much recommend it. I will point out two things as fair warning, but otherwise I’d say it’s very much w...
  • Jen
    Lifegiving Parent by Clay and Sally ClarksonClay and Sally have a way of breathing life into their readers’ lives through their words of encouragement. They have so much wisdom and insight to share with parents that they have learned through their journey raising their own children and releasing them into the world to continue sharing their faith and legacy with the world. Clay provides 8 principles in lifegiving parenting that he refers to as ...
  • Jennifer Pickwell
    I love the heart behind this new book by Clay and Sally Clarkson. The Life Giving Parent is not a step by step instruction book full of the do’s and don’ts of raising children. It is a philosophy of parenting children based on eight key principles derived from scripture. Reading this book was like getting the best parenting counseling session from a Godly couple who successfully raised children who love the Lord.I enjoyed the chapter on Culti...
  • Cyn Gagen
    I was given the opportunity to preview the first 3 chapters of this book and now I am anxiously awaiting its release so I can finish it. This book is like having a couple of wise friends and mentors right beside me, chatting about parenting. They're uplifting me, encouraging me, and gently guiding me towards a life where I can live more for Christ while helping my children do the same. There is none of the judgement, the berating, the "you're doi...
  • April Hayes
    I've only read the first three chapters of the book so far, and can honestly say that I am challenged on a more deeper level in my parenting. My husband and I are in the process of a second adoption, and as part of our adoption process we are required to read SO Many books, and participate in adoption training - which is basically parenting training. I don't need to read more parenting books. If this wasn't written by Clay and Sally Clarkson, I p...
  • Bethany
    think most Christian parents have heard of Sally Clarkson and her books as they come highly recommend and are filled with wonderful, Christ centered Biblical insight. So when I got the chance to grab their newest book I was eager and it did not disappoint!Filled with sage advice this book really helps breathe life into ones mission as a parent reminding one how sacred and important being a parent truly is. I love how this book was not just geared...
  • Jacqui Wakelam
    Having read the first 3 chapters I can say If you're looking for the next 'thing' which will finally crack the formula on parenting then this is NOT the book for you. Clay and Sally Clarkson instead encourage parents to nurture their own discipleship following Christ so that they can draw their families into that life-giving walk. When we as parents grow closer to Jesus the overflow of that relationship will be onto our children as we love them a...
  • Suzanna K.
    I recommend this book if you’re looking for encouragement in impacting our children’s lives for Christ in the short time we have with them.There is nothing I want more for my children than to pass on a vibrant faith to them. The Lifegiving Parent gives practical steps to help us as parents do that.At the top of the list is having life within us to give. We cannot give life unless we have life.I left this book with more of a desire to have the...
  • Laura Costea
    Intentional. If I had to use one word for this book, that's what it'd be. I'm used to Sally being grace-filled; I knew she'd be inspiring; I thought she might be witty (she is my far-away mentor, after all; I've read enough of her books to expect these things.) But I didn't know that in their latest book, the Clarksons would be so intentional.Intentional in reviewing the lessons they themselves have learned as parents, intentional about passing t...
  • Aimee
    This is a powerful book that will inspire you to be more intentional in establishing a lifegiving culture in your home. If you find that it is easy to lose sight of the big picture of parenting and what you're actually trying to accomplish when you're bogged down by the stresses of daily life with children, this book will help you reorient yourself to the mission of God in the world and in your family. Each chapter includes exhortation from Scrip...
  • Marissa
    A book well worth reading for all Christian parents. I would have liked more from Sally (she had a short snippet at the end of each chapter, about a page each), but I loved how in depth Clay went in to exploring what scripture says about being a parent and what it means in today’s world. I also love how they state over and over that Lifegiving Parenting is NOT a formula. It’s going to look different for every kid and family. What they do pres...
  • Leah
    The Lifegiving Parent: Giving Your Child a Life Worth Living for ChristI was given the opportunity to read a few chapters of this book and have loved every line. I have read several of Clay Clarkson's books and one of my favorite things about his writing style is how much Scripture he uses in his writing. I have loved the challenges and encouragement that he and Sally always have in their writing. This book in specific has been such a challenge t...
  • Mary Ann
    From the very start, this book gets to the heart of you, the parent. When you live your life with the end in mind you can number your days well. Then, in turn, you can live an intentional, joyfully rhythmic life walking in humility and pointing to God as in Duet. 6:4-9.I especially appreciate that the Clarkson's don't give you formulas, rules or 5 easy steps to raise a great kid. Formulas don't work. Instead, they point to our walk with God as th...