The East German Handbook by Justinian Jampol

The East German Handbook

The East German collection of the Wende Museum. Die DDR-Sammlung des WendemuseumsArts and Artifacts from te GDR.Kunst und Alltagsgegenstände aus der DDRThis special two-language edition comes with texts both in English and German.For 40 years, the Cold War dominated the world stage. East and West Germany stood at the frontlines of the global confrontation, symbolized by the infamous Berlin Wall, which separated lovers, friends, and families, cow...

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TitleThe East German Handbook
Release DateDec 1st, 2017

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  • Michael Scott
    + Book about the Wende Museum (the German Reintegration Museum) in... L. A., California, USA.+++ Excellent source material for that day when I will make a game about the horrors of communism. + The usual assortment of goods, objects, (East-German) Communist paraphenalia, all of which would be well known to the former Eastern Bloc resident. They will also see familiar to, but their meaning could easily be lost on, the Western visitor to Vommunist-...