Redneck, Vol. 2 by Donny Cates

Redneck, Vol. 2

The Bowmans are lying low from the law with a new member of the family in tow. But there are rules to being a vampire...and when the rules are broken, the family will surely suffer...Collects REDNECK #7-12.

Details Redneck, Vol. 2

TitleRedneck, Vol. 2
Release DateMay 29th, 2018
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Horror, Graphic Novels, Fiction

Reviews Redneck, Vol. 2

  • Donovan
    Redneck is a vampire story for people who hate vampire stories. It takes and advances vampire tropes to their natural end—hyperbole, philosophy, and the reckoning of their existence. It’s southern Americana, bloody violence, thrilling drama, and vampires waxing existential—what it means to be immortal and yet still somehow inescapably human. Volume two blows up with huge character arcs, reveals, and new plot threads. I’m loving this serie...
  • James DeSantis
    Redneck is probably my second favorite comic of the year so far. First goes to Babyteeth volume 1. Oh, look at that, both done by Donny Cates! SO yeah, if haven't read my volume 1 review, I fucking loved this series. Take a bunch of rednecks and make them vampires and put them in a story that doesn't FEEL like a regular vampire story, and you got redneck. So take a Gothic southern horror vibe and put it with Donny's crazy dialog and you have a sp...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    Just as excellent as the first volume. This one continues on the Landry vs Bowman feud from a different angle and some secrets never known before about the origin of that feud are revealed. Lots of violence and blood as expected from a vampire story but most of all this is a story of family loyalty, fealty and love. Excellent characters and a quick fast-paced read. Great developments leave me excited for the next volume.
  • Jamie Connolly
    This is another good one from Donny Cates. Mainly about some hillbilly vampires just trying to live their lives feasting on animal blood in piece but can’t because trouble keeps finding them. It’s not exactly bursting with layers of depth but it’s certainly entertaining enough to keep me reading. I’ll probably read the next one. 4 stars.
  • Juan
    This is my third story arc by Donny Cates, the previous two being arc one of Redneck and God Country. I continue to be impressed with his story telling and Redneck is such a unique take on a vampire story.Bartlett remains an interesting hero but he gets overshadowed by a landslide by Perry in this story. You will not believe her origin story. Second place in persons of interest is Evil and his origin story as well.Well done Cates. I look forward ...
  • Sean Dolan
    Cates is one of the best comic writers in the business at the moment. His Marvel work pulled me in, and his original stuff keeps me there.
  • Imogene
    It’s funny how the most monstrous part of this story isn’t the vampire, but the human parts. Jeepers. Very Near Dark, quite heart wrenching.There were a LOT of twists in this arc.
  • Grant Laird