Black Wings Beating (Skybound #1) by Alex London

Black Wings Beating (Skybound #1)

The people of Uztar have long looked to the sky with hope and wonder. Nothing in their world is more revered than the birds of prey and no one more honored than the falconers who call them to their fists.Brysen strives to be a great falconer--while his twin sister, Kylee, rejects her ancient gifts for the sport and wishes to be free of falconry. She's nearly made it out, too, but a war is rolling toward their home in the Six Villages, and no bird...

Details Black Wings Beating (Skybound #1)

TitleBlack Wings Beating (Skybound #1)
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherFarrar Straus Giroux
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Lgbt

Reviews Black Wings Beating (Skybound #1)

  • Adam Silvera
    OFFICIAL BLURB: "BLACK WINGS BEATING takes the fantasy genre to soaring new heights with its epic thrills, heart-punching romance, and a marvel of a hero."So happy I got to read BWB early. Alex London does some one-of-a-kind storytelling here. (While waiting for this one, I definitely recommend checking out his futuristic thrillers PROXY and GUARDIAN. I really love those books too!)
  • Lola
    At first glance, this may seem like an original tale. (The cover sure is.) After all, who knew birds could play such a huge role in a story.But the more I read, the less impressed I became. I did find the idea of training birds for different purposes interesting, and even fighting an opponent for money along with your trained bird.Except, when it came time to discuss the war that may or may not happen, I was like, ‘‘Here we go again.’’ Pe...
  • Mackenzi
    Hi, I love this book.
  • Joshee Kun (조수아)
    Thank you, Macmillan, for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.There was an invisible tether that bound them to each other. Each of them was the falcon, each the falconer.Have you ever read a book reminiscent of Pokemon? Because I couldn't help but imagine the domesticated birds in this book as Pidgey, Spearow, and their evolved forms. Moreover, Brysen and Kylee were on a quest to find a ghost eagle, which was virtually a legendary P...
  • Ari
    I've been waiting for his next book after PROXY & GUARDIAN like forever....after read thoughts:Honestly, It was hard for me to get into the story. I can't get my head around all that falconry and or falcon battle... And the political in it...just... thin. It didnt make me feel like on the edge of world war...The story was way more enjoyable when it came to the action; The twin launched the guest to capture the legendary ghost eagle (whatever it i...
  • Malanie
    You know that one character, the one dumber than a box of rocks and yet somehow everyone adores him??YURS, HIS NAME IS BRYSEN. I love this book, but I would have enjoyed it so much more if Brysen pulled his head out of his *ss for one second and realized his sister DOES have feelings and DOES deserve his loyalty/care. Just, I don't know, A THOUGHT. PLOTThis story is about two siblings, Kylee and Brysen, who live in a world where predatory birds a...
  • Jaime Arkin
    This was my first Alex London book, and it definitely won’t be my last. I picked this up and read it in less than 24 hours. I was just completely enthralled with the world and characters London has created with this story. Twins, Brysen and Kylee live with their mother on the outskirts of Six Villages. Brysen wants only to become a famous falconer and Kylee wants just the opposite, to be free of the debt they acquired upon the death of their fa...
  • Rachel
    As I reach the conclusion of this book, I'm a little in awe, a little annoyed, and mostly confused. Let me start, though, with what I really love about this. The Intricate World The Uztari are built on a society of falconry. They catch birds of prey, train them, sell them, use them as weapons, messengers, companions, and guides. The beginning was a bit heavy on backstory building this world, but it really left no day-to-day detail untouched. From...
  • Lance
    "In stories, people said they were dumbstruck by love, but those storytellers knew nothing. Love didn't make you dumb; it made you too smart, too quickly. In the span of a breath, a person in love could imagine everything they should say and its opposite, every tone of voice they could use and why each one was a mistake. They could weigh every word and analyze every gesture.... A person in love was paralyzed by the brilliance of their own longing...
  • I.
    A cool fantasy, How To Train Your Dragon meets Tess of the Road. The characters were strong, the plot was exciting, and the whole idea I can't wait to see be fleshed out more in the next book.
  • Alicia
    I gave this one a good ol' college try with an awesome cover and some falconry but there wasn't much of a story to build that I realized I wasn't getting in to it and skimmed through until the end and realized I didn't miss much for it's thickness. It really only moved a tick forward in creating a series that could have probably been an awesome and thoughtful retelling standalone but instead gives it up to being another derivative series.
  • Shelflove
    Loved this book so much! The writing was just exquisite and to die for! Unlike anything, I have ever read before!
  • Megan Manzano
    I was beyond fortunate to receive an ARC of Black Wings Beating from Farrar Straus Giroux in exchange for an honest review. If you’ve never read anything by Alex London, I say finish this review and immediately pick up his stellar young adult sci-fi duology titles, Proxy and Guardian. I read them a few years ago and I still think about those books/offer them as recommendations.When I found out Alex London was publishing another YA book, I squea...
  • Rachel Strolle
    You've never read a fantasy quite like thisOfficial blurbage to come :D
  • Elysia
    Trigger Warnings:Mentions of Past Parental Abuse, mentions of past self harm, goreThis was an enjoyable fantasy centred around the traditions of Falconry, and the love between a sister and brother as they seek to protect each other.
  • Alexis (TheSlothReader)
    4.5 stars.I thought the world building could have been a little stronger, but otherwise I really liked the characters and thought the story was refreshing.
  • Sylvie Bower
  • Vicky Who Reads
    4 starsFantasy is one of the genres I'm the most picky with, and this one just ended up being not as perfect for me as I expected.Black Wings Beating is an extremely well-written fantasy debut filled with falconry and magic and all sorts of political strife. It was basically set up for me to love: it had diverse characters, it's an #OwnVoices novel for queer characters, and it had a solid premise.So, I'm honestly left kind of confused as why I wa...
  • Jessica Mae
    The description had me at “falconry”. Holy freaking falcons Batman, I’m looking forward to reading this!
  • CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian
    3.5 Stars! This is a dark, fascinating YA fantasy that didn't quite meet my (admittedly high) expectations. I loved the world-building of this dangerous place on the brink of war that revolves around falconry and birds of prey as status and commerce. It felt completely new and unique as far as a fantasy world goes. None of the usual dwarves and elves, etc., although there is an epic quest! Who doesn't love an epic quest. One of my favourite thing...
  • Francesca
    I listened to this on audible courtesy of credits I have accumulated. I want this book in my hands, I enjoyed the story but I have misgivings about the heroine who, once again, is the usual whiny, wingey usian heroine. I reserve the right to revise my thought when the second book comes out but all in all this is a great story and confirms Alexander London as an expert storyteller with a huge eye to detail and world building.The narration was good...
  • Aly Quinlan
    This book was so much fun and so creative! It’s like an epic falconry treasure hunt! This book has the best written sibling dynamic than any other book I’ve read. It perfectly describes what it’s like to have a brother or sister and to love them so unconditionally. The world building was incredible and the story sucks you right in. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun book with action, romance, and all the drama!
  • USOM
    (Disclaimer: I received this free book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)From the beginning I was obsessed with the sibling relationship and the tension that came with it. Growing up, I always felt more like Kylee, destined to cast a shadow, even when they weren't trying and they didn't want to. If I could have cast my shadow off and times, I would have. But I'm going off on a long tangent here. Bla...
  • Fran
    Just gorgeous. With bonus monster birds.