The World in a Grain by Vince Beiser

The World in a Grain

The gripping story of the most important overlooked commodity in the world--sand--and the crucial role it plays in our lives.After water and air, sand is the natural resource that we consume more than any other--even more than oil. Every concrete building and paved road on Earth, every computer screen and silicon chip, is made from sand. From Egypt's pyramids to the Hubble telescope, from the world's tallest skyscraper to the sidewalk below it, f...

Details The World in a Grain

TitleThe World in a Grain
Release DateAug 7th, 2018
PublisherRiverhead Books
GenreNonfiction, History, Science, Economics, Environment, Nature

Reviews The World in a Grain

  • Karen
    As if there isn't enough to worry about with the over population of the world...just wait until you delve through this one which is a real eye-opener on just what humans (the most invasive species of all) are doing to our planet. Sand is the 3rd most used natural resource after water and air and is in everything you have around you from your phone, your shampoo, toothpaste, the foundation of your house, the road you drive on and the paint on your...
  • Rani
    Vince Beiser is a great writer and a brilliant researcher. I never expected that learning about sand could be so interesting.The book delves into the history of sand, how our civilization has come to rely on it, the negative ramifications of sand mining and how this finite natural resource is running out. It's frightening in some ways, but fascinating, and Beiser does a great job at laying it all out.
  • Sue
    So interesting! A captivating read that never seemed dry or boring. He's a great writer who enlightens us of the myriad reasons sand is unique, important, diverse and a critical element in science & industry & technology.
  • Jennifer
    Listened to this on audio. The narrator, Will Damron, was fantastic. So it's definitely worth listening to if you like listening to nonfiction.