The Late Bloomers' Club by Louise Miller

The Late Bloomers' Club

A delightful novel about two headstrong sisters, a small-town's efforts to do right by their community, and the power of a lost dog to conjure up true loveNora, the owner of the Miss Guthrie diner, is perfectly happy serving up apple cider donuts, coffee, and eggs-any-way-you-like-em to her regulars, and she takes great pleasure in knowing exactly what's "the usual." But her life is soon shaken when she discovers she and her younger, free-spirite...

Details The Late Bloomers' Club

TitleThe Late Bloomers' Club
Release DateJul 17th, 2018
PublisherPamela Dorman Books
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews The Late Bloomers' Club

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    If you have ever wanted books that felt like Gilmore Girls, Louise Miller is the author for you. From a small northeastern town, to town meetings, to quirky characters and magical romance, to food and small-town festivals, Guthrie is the perfect place to spend a reading afternoon.I don't read many books like this, I guess I'd call them "contemporary women" or dare I even say "chicklit" without the negative connotations. But I was drawn to Louise ...
  • Jennifer S. Brown
    When Nora Huckleberry, owner of the Miss Guthrie Diner, inherits the house and land of "the cake lady" Peggy Johnson, it sends her life into a tailspin. The land is left to both her and her sister, Kit, an impetuous filmmaker perpetually out of money as she plans her next big project. To complicate things, Peggy had put into works a potential sale of her land to a big box retailer that could disrupt the small town feel of Guthrie, Vermont. And, t...
  • Debbie Hathaway
    This book touched my heart. It is a story of family, community, and discovery and brings back memories of living outside a very small town in South Dakota. It is full of unique and delightful characters that care for each other and their community. Nora finds out just how much she, her family, and her diner mean to the community when disaster strikes. It is a beautiful and warm tale of belonging, relationships, and not letting your dreams pass yo...
  • Carol
    No sophomore slump here! This blend of comfort food, baking, heartwarming relationships, and small town life, along with dashes of artistic discovery and family interplay, yields a tasty and satisfying concoction. Grab a piece of cake and settle in for a very enjoyable read. (And, hey, the main character is much closer to 50 than 20, so that was a plus for me, too,)
  • Cass
    Small town. Charming characters. Food everywhere. Diner vibes. This book was made for me LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  • Ellen
    I loved the sense of belonging that Nora felt for her small Vermont town, Guthrie. Nora runs the local diner, after taking care of her late mother, late father, and her younger sister. Putting aside her art for the practical realities, Nora is in some financial trouble after inheriting land that is mired in back taxes. A large company wants to buy the land, which would solve Nora’s and her sister Kate’s problems, but Guthrie would be the lose...
  • Melissa
    In 2016, Louise Miller arrived on the scene with her debut novel, The City Baker's Guide to Country Living. It was an instant favorite of mine, so I was thrilled to check out her sophomore novel. Seeing that her debut set the bar, this one lived up to my expectations. Louise takes us back to the fictional town of Guthrie, Vermont. The descriptions make the town come to life and everything is easy to visualize. I could practically taste all the fo...
  • Susan
    What a welcome return and welcome escape to Guthrie, Vermont, home to The Sugar Maple Inn from THE CITY BAKER'S GUIDE TO COUNTRY LIVING, Miller's first novel. THE LATE BLOOMERS' CLUB turns the focus to town, the Miss Guthrie Diner, and Nora Huckleberry, born, raised and destined it seems to stay in Guthrie. When local cake lady, Peggy Johnson, literally take a turn for the worse, everything gets tossed upside down. Peggy's will designates Nora an...
  • Jamie Rosenblit
    Louise Miller's debut, The City Baker's Guide to Country Living, was a five star read for me last year and I had been anticipating this one since I heard about it! Luckily, Miller did not disappoint! An endearing story of the relationship between sisters in a small town who have had more than their fair share of struggles over the years, but are as different as could be. When a local townsperson passes away and leaves the sisters her estate with ...
  • Catherine Elcik
    I will leave the plot summary to the many reviews that have already tread that ground and talk instead about my heart. There's a moment in THE LATE BLOOMERS' CLUB where Nora Huckleberry, owner of the Miss Guthrie Diner (and more importantly the owner of a cavernous heart and a creative drive life has demanded she put on hold), shares her vision of a perfect life. Part of that vision includes a house with a room for her painting that's big enough ...
  • Ann Mah
    Written with insight, honesty, and dry wit, THE LATE-BLOOMERS' CLUB is as cheery and warming as a campfire, an escape into a world where the cakes are homemade, the summer evenings glimmer with fireflies, and thoughtfulness always triumphs.
  • Stephanie
    4.5 stars to this gem!
  • Cindy
    Sometimes you just need a book that isn't too heavy, but still makes you ponder things outside of your own little world, with a tinge of romance, but driven by estrogen alone, and a bit of comfort knowing that there are people out there living life, just like you. This book provides that. Louise Miller crafts a story that has truly believable characters. Nora could be your neighbor, her story could be yours. She shows the flaws that bring depth t...
  • Chris Markley
    Nora has always lived in the same small Vermont town her whole life raising her sister after her Mother died and taking over the diner when her Dad could no longer run it and eventually died. She (and her sister) suddenly finds herself inheriting a house, land, and so much more when Peggy the cake maker unexpectedly dies. But Peggy was in negotiations with a Big Box store and had debts including the care of Elsie in a nursing home. Nora takes eve...
  • Ngozi Johnson
    This is a brilliant story of love and family beautifully spun but Louise Miller that will keep you turning the pages till you get to the end. This book is a light read and i enjoyed reading it. The story was set in a little town called Guthrie where everyone know their neighbour and is always ready to help out, businesses are involved in the activities of town and the town council tend to solve every dispute. We follow Nora who inherits Peggy's p...
  • Mischa Thrace
    Louise Miller's books are as comforting as a warm piece of pie. I absolutely adore her portrayals of kitchen life and her well-developed casts of characters - and their dogs! THE LATE BLOOMERS' CLUB returns readers to the charming town of Guthrie, but new fans will not be lost if they haven't read THE CITY BAKER'S GUIDE (but they'll want to when they're done with this one!). Pair this novel with a cup of tea and a slice of cake for a perfectly lo...
  • Robin
    First of all, I want to live in Guthrie & second, I want some Burnt Sugar Cake with Maple Icing without having to make it myself. :) I immediately fell in love with Nora & didn't care for Kit at first, but I grew to love her not too long after her character was introduced. I thought Elliot & Max were just exactly who they needed to be & I'd really enjoy getting to know more of the townspeople in coming books by Louise Miller. This book was awesom...
  • Beth
    Just delightful. I always approach a beloved author's second book with fingers crossed...sophomore slump and all that. Happily, this is even better than "The City Baker's Guide to Country Living." Louise Miller's ear for dialogue and sense of place are so true that it's hard not to fall in love with her Guthrie, VT --where this second book returns (focusing on different characters)--and everyone in it.
  • Claudia
    Nora and Kitty are sisters that inherit the land from Miss Peggy, the cake lady. Kitty is a filmmaker that needs the money to support her new project and Nora, who owns her dad’s diner, can’t afford to keep the land but doesn’t want to sell to a big developer. The book is mostly about finding Freckle, Miss Peggy’s beloved dog. I enjoyed the book but didn’t connect with the story or the characters like her first one.
  • Robin
    I loved this book so much. I'll return with a more thorough review. However, if you haven't read the first book in this "companionable" series, THE CITY BAKER'S GUIDE TO COUNTRY LIVING, add it to your summer reading list.Thanks to the publisher for the advance reading copy.
  • Shirley Cagle
    Pure enjoyment, from the first to the last!