Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

Small Spaces

Bestselling adult author of The Bear and the Nightingale makes her middle grade debut with a creepy, spellbinding ghost story destined to become a classicAfter suffering a tragic loss, eleven-year-old Ollie only finds solace in books. So when she happens upon a crazed woman at the river threatening to throw a book into the water, Ollie doesn't think--she just acts, stealing the book and running away. As she begins to read the slender volume, Olli...

Details Small Spaces

TitleSmall Spaces
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Horror, Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Small Spaces

  • Melanie
    ARC given to me by a confirmed angel, Lilly at Lair of Books, which I will cherish and love forever! “You might get to know characters in books, Ollie thought, but getting to know a human was an entirely different thing.” Small Spaces is Katherine Arden’s debut middle grade novel and I loved it so very much friends. Many of you know that The Bear and the Nightingale is one of my favorite books of all-time, and even though these stories ar...
  • Betsy
    In fourth grade I sold my soul to the Scholastic Book Club’s Apple paperbacks. There was only one thing in the entire world I ever wanted to read, at that point. Only one thing that could make my little heart go pitter-pat, and that was the comforting presence of ghost stories. This was long before Bob Stine decided to slap an “R.L.” in front of his last name and stake a claim in the world of G-rated horror fare. But it was also long after ...
  • kath ☽ novelandfolk
    I haven’t read a middle grade horror since I was squished into a school bus seat with a tattered copy of Goosebumps in my backpack. To be honest, it isn’t a genre I had considered revisiting, not for any particular reason other than moving on to other things. No matter how cozy it is to read in autumn! However, when I found out that the author of my favourite trilogy was debuting a middle grade novel, of course I had to give it a try, and I w...
  • Katerina Kondrenko
    7.5 out of 10 Very nice middle-grade story! I loved the writing (Arden knows how to make the words flow), creepy atmosphere, and the pacing. Oh, and the friendship too! Bromance development between the main characters was really great!
  • Bethany
    I picked this up because I have loved the adult fantasy by this author, but I wasn't sure how I would feel about her writing a middle grade book. I'm happy to report that this was an unexpectedly amazing reading experience! I read this in a single sitting and could not put it down. Small Spaces is a deliciously creepy ghost story featuring some pretty terrifying scarecrows and a brave young heroine who is grieving the death of her mother. Full of...
  • Erin
    First thing's first: I got an ARC of this from the publisher via the book shop I work at. A gigantic thank you to that publisher for sending me the actual promotional box even though I live and work all the way in Sweden. An even bigger thank you goes to my boss, for asking for it for me in the first place!I'm not sure I can sing the praises of Arden anymore without sounding like a maniac. She is an exceptional writer, and she continues to shine ...
  • Scarlett
    This was good enough. It is completely my fault that I expected The Bear and the Nightingale, a writer doesn't have to follow the same genre or style to satisfy the readers, but still, I wish some complexity in world building matched the first book. There were some beautiful lines and loveable characters, but in the end, this story was naive. This was intended for younger teenagers, so I understand that it was crucial to make everything more simp...
  • Julie
    This is the perfect quick and creepy Halloween read! It gave me serious Goosebumps vibes.
  • Jocelyn
    I get a little more in-depth with my thoughts here, but basically, this is a wonderfully spooky, atmospheric middle grade that gives you those cozy autumnal feels.
  • Sami
    New favorite middle grade mystery. Makes me want to curl up with hot chocolate and a blanket even though it's 80+ degrees here!
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusOllie has a fantastically supportive father (who is also a really good cook), but she is not happy. She's quit chess club, doesn't want to talk to her friends, and counts the minutes until school is over. When she is out walking, she meets a frantic woman who attempts to throw a book into the water. Appalled by this, Ollie takes the book and runs home. When she starts to read it, it turns out to be a diary kept by the anc...
  • Krysti
    A creepy adventure filled with mystery and plenty of frights. The overall vibe of SMALL SPACES was reminiscent of reading the old SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK books. The Smiling Man is a monster that will be haunting the dreams of its readers for years to come! This is the perfect book to get you in the Halloween spirit or to read while sitting around a campfire in a dark forest.
  • Bookishrealm
    Amazing amazing! I absolutely loved this book and finished it in one day! I’ll be a part of a blog tour on Thursday so I’ll make sure this is updated with the review!
  • Kayla Brunson
    "Wherever you go in this big, gorgeous, hideous world, there is a ghost story waiting for you.” This was my first middle grade book and it was so good ya’ll! Katherine Arden did a great job one with this one. It was easily spooky and grabbed my attention. Our story starts with our main character Ollie stopping a woman from throwing a book in the water. She warns her to stick to the small spaces but Ollie isn’t sure what she’s talking abou...
  • Lynn
    If it were possible to add lots more stars to my rating for this book I would! It has been a very long time since I could not put a book down but I read this is a shivery gulp. This is a just-one-more-chapter sort of book that is impossible to pull away from. I was absolutely enthralled and I guarantee this one will make you set everything else aside till you finish it.Brilliantly crafted with masterful plotting, there isn't an action anywhere th...
  • Michelle
    I honestly really enjoyed this book. Awesome character and a spooky story. I am actually surprised with how much I really enjoyed this after having such a crummy reading year. I highly recommend for MG that like a good scary story and adults that like rich characters and a fun/creepy ghost-ish story.
  • Mel Hawk
    I love Katherine Arden’s Bear and the Nightingale trilogy and this is going to be a fantastic creepy young reader book come September! I really enjoyed this fast paced creepy book about scarecrows and one bus trip to a farm. Can’t wait for this to come out in the fall!!
  • JJ || This Dark Material
    BLOG // BLOGLOVIN' // TWITTERTeen and adult fans of Katherine Arden's Winternight trilogy (the final book of which comes out in January 2019, not that I'm counting down!) will find themselves delighted at dipping their toes into middle grade literature for her newest book, Small Spaces. This spooky tale captures all of the magic and looming darkness that makes Vasya's story so enchanting, only now packaged up in autumnal trappings and refocused f...
  • Sarah
    This is so much more than a spooky story. It has all the things I love about middle grade fiction. This story is so well written. It is complex without being complicated.
  • Ina
    If Stephen King wrote a book for children, this would be it. Ollie is 11-years-old and has just lost her mother...she finds solace in books. When she comes upon a distressed woman throwing a book into the river near Ollie’s favorite swimming spot, she rescues it. It is the story of a family who lived in a farm just outside town many years ago who come in contact with a mysterious “smiling man” who wreaks havoc on their lives. Ollie can’t ...
  • Jerry
    So...I got home from work Wednesday night, walked in the door, kicked back in my recliner, clicked on the TV remote, and...the power goes off. It had been storming most of the day, which means this wasn't entirely unexpected. We live in the country and occasionally experience power outages during inclement weather. Already in panic mode, my wife calls the electric utility company and finds out there's an equipment failure in our neighborhood. It ...
  • Alison
    OOoo, this book gave me the best shivers! I wish I hadn't read it in August because it would be the best book to read with a cup of hot cider on a dark and windy night. It was creative, spooky and exciting as all the best ghost stories are.
  • Julia (Shakespeare and Such)
    4.2/5 stars, full review to come!Plot: 4/5Characters: 4/5Pacing: 5/5Writing: 4/5Enjoyment: 4/5
  • Courtney
    This book had so many elements that spoke to me, it was an Autumn setting, it had ghost stories and folklore, it felt like Labyrinth, it quoted Alice, it was a winner.
  • Kim McGee
    Ollie is going through a tough time dealing with her mom's death and she just wants everyone to leave her alone so she can escape reality in books. But one day a book falls into her hands that will change her life and others in her small town. A field trip to a mysterious farm turns very creepy. My advice will echo that given to Ollie - hide in small spaces, stay away from the mist and keep clear of the scarecrows. Other important middle school l...
  • Diana
    I admit that I’m partial to creepy, Halloweeny stories featuring weather—but even so, this was unquestionably a delightful story. Like a warm blanket + terror. :)
  • Lauren
    A phenomenal middle grade debut by Arden! Creepy in all the right ways, wonderful characters, I loved all of it. Though I’m reading this outside in the middle of summer, it’s taken me right to an autumn day. Can’t wait to put this on our shelves in September!
  • Carolyn Jeziorski
    I picked up an ARC while at the ALA conference in June. Wow! This is the first book I’ve read by Arden. What a delightfully creepy book! Ollie, the main character, grabs a book from a crazed lady one afternoon. The story in the book mirrors that of a local farm, which her class is set to visit on a damp, misty day. Ollie and two of her classmates, Coco and Brian, manage to escape the lurking evil at the farm that entraps her classmates. This mi...