The Death of Truth by Michiko Kakutani

The Death of Truth

A stirring and incisive manifesto on America's slide away from truth and reason. Over the last three decades, Michiko Kakutani has been thinking and writing about the demise of objective truth in popular culture, academia, and contemporary politics. In The Death of Truth, she connects the dots to reveal the slow march of untruth up to our present moment, when Red State and Blue State America have little common ground, proven science is once more...

Details The Death of Truth

TitleThe Death of Truth
Release DateJul 17th, 2018
PublisherTim Duggan Books
GenreNonfiction, Politics, Social Issues, History

Reviews The Death of Truth

  • Krista
    As the former chief book critic of The New York Times, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michiko Kakutani has apparently spent the past three decades noting and commenting on the decline of “objective truth” in American literature and public life – and while she approves of this postmodern paradigm as it relates to art, she has been horrified to watch as disestablishmentarianism has migrated from a necessary Leftist pushback against the mil...
  • Mark
    I broke my rule about not reading books with Trump in the title for the ARC of this very solid extended essay by Michiko Kakutani. I particularly liked the way she incorporated her extensive reading in fiction and non-fiction to provide examples and commentary on today's politics and how we got here. Also, good footnotes provide a guide to further reading. My big reservation is that the only people who are likely to read this book are very unlike...
  • Kyle
    Simply put, this is essential reading if you want to understand, at least in part, the political chaos caused by technology, and perpetuated by those who harness its power for authoritarian purposes.
  • JP
    This book scares the hell out of me. The current state of the world and Nationalist leaders scares the hell out me. This book does nothing to help put those fears to rest. This book fuels these fears further. This is the point of this book. I hope it works for you how it has worked for me. There was a one star detraction in the review from a perfect score as there is no breathing room. This book is unrelenting with facts and continues to hammer a...
  • John Muriango
    Worst book ever written! Trump Derangement Syndrome is real!
  • Meggan
    This was a great explanation of what is currently happening in the United States.