Schumann by Judith Chernaik


Schumann: The Faces and the Masks is a groundbreaking account of a major composer whose life and works have been the subject of intense controversy ever since his attempted suicide and early death in an insane asylum. Schumann was a key figure in the Romanticism which swept Europe and America in the 19th century, inspiring writers, musicians and painters, delighting their enthralled audiences, and reaching to the furthest corners of the world. Al...

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Release DateSep 20th, 2018
PublisherFaber Faber
GenreMusic, Nonfiction, Biography, History, Art

Reviews Schumann

  • George1st
    This absorbing and scholarly biography not only provides the factual narrative of Schumann's life but also a detailed analysis of his wok that ranged from solo piano compositions through to symphonies and even an opera. He is personified as one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era for which music in particular dominated the Romantic movement in Germany. The book gives a vivid picture of the social and cultural period of the time and how ...
  • Ana Santo
    Robert Schumann, the Romantic composer, the lover, the writer, the man, the patient, had a fascinating life that deserves to be known and analysed by the daring and curious minds. With this book Judith Chernaik successfully present us with the narrative of Schumann’s life, smoothly intertwined with analyzes of his work. We are told what the composer was dealing with at the same time we were showed his pieces and the hidden secrets within them.T...
  • Chris
    I received my copy of this book through the publisher on NetGalley.I thought this was very well written and engaging throughout. The biographical account of Schumann's life is enhanced by Professor Chernaik with snippets of letters between Robert and Clara, and others, and with interesting discussions of Schumann's works. I have my own favorites by Schumann, but reading this got me interested in taking a closer look at some of his works that I ha...
  • Lester
    A fine biography for general readers and a great summation of the quintessential Romantic artist. Schumann was a genius, creative and a mentor to Brahms, Joachim and even Wagner, and he and Mendelssohn were close compatriots (until an unfortunate estrangement). The main story is the great romance and partnership between Schumann and his amazing wife Clara, another towering musical figure. Very little analysis of his works, but that isn’t the au...
  • Sam
    A composer's biography should make you want to listen to that composer's music, which this books does, assuming you're already at least a little interested in Schumann (and if you aren't why would you read his biography?).
  • Brenda Schneider
    A very well written and wonderful biography. Really enjoyed. I won this book through goodreads.