A Very Henry Christmas (The Weight Of It All #1.5) by N.R. Walker

A Very Henry Christmas (The Weight Of It All #1.5)

A 12,000 word short story about food, fluff, and fornication. Henry wants to share his and Reed’s first Christmas Eve being engaged by hosting dinner with their closest friends. Henry loves food and he loves to cook—he plans an entire menu and decorates the house to rival a department store, but even though everything’s perfect, something’s not quite right. As Henry and Reed prepare for a merry Christmas, no matter what happens, you know ...

Details A Very Henry Christmas (The Weight Of It All #1.5)

TitleA Very Henry Christmas (The Weight Of It All #1.5)
Release DateDec 10th, 2017
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Holiday, Christmas

Reviews A Very Henry Christmas (The Weight Of It All #1.5)

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    A must read for Henry & Reed fans! Or should I say Feyoncé & Reed-Z? This story takes adorable to a whole new level, what with a girl named Moo, crazy Christmas shirts, a judgy fish, happy tears, and Henry cooking up a storm.Oh, and let's not forget the steamy bits. Sizzle, baby! 🔥 I was thrilled to get not just Henry's but also Reed's POV. These two are so in love!
  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    3.5 Stars!This was a cute, quick holiday read. It had some good humor. Henry was still a bit OTT and he and Reed were a bit gushy. Some nice steam though, bonus points for that.
  • Meags
    3.5 StarsThis short sequel to The Weight of It All provides a sweet, sexy and tremendously joyful glimpse into the lives of Henry, Reed, and their closest friends, as they gather together for a Christmas Eve feast neurotically prepared by Henry.
  • BWT (Belen)
    A lovely holiday novella.Told from both Henry and Reed's POV this was a super quick, funny, sexy, cute follow up to N.R. Walker's The Weight of it All. If you liked that story you're bound to like this too. Henry and Reed host their first big Christmas Eve dinner party and we get to check in with all the characters we met in The Weight of it All. There's lots of humor and even some surprises included.
  • Denise H.
    *** A Very "Henry" Christmas. ***This is a sexy, sweet, story of Henry, Financial Actuary, and Reed, Fitness Expert, celebrating their first Christmas as an engaged couple. It's full of their love, sexy times, a dinner with family and friends, and more. It's heartwarming and fun to peek inside our guys secret realm. I loved the book, "The Weight of It All". Remarkable and entertaining. A wonderful epilogue ! Highly recommended. ENJOY ! =========...
  • Dia
    3,5 stars actually I've read this right after a VERY DARK book so it was pretty hard to get used to all the sugary sweet scenes. And there were A LOT! Well being a Christmas themed story, maybe it was supposed to be sweeter than honey. Besides the over the top Christmas decorating, and way too much cooking, we get a very stressed Harry and a way too understanding Reed. They are very much in love and soon to be married.Harry and Reed spend their f...
  • Sanaa ☆ Sanaa's Book Blog ☆
    4 stars. Ohmygosh this book was so freaking cute. Can N.R. Walker just do me a favor and write one bad book? I'm joking. I'm joking. Don't ever do that. I would cry. Literally lol! The Weight of it All was one of my favorites this year and this was an adorable follow-up to it!
  • Cory
    It was nice to catch up with Henry and Reed. Very cute!
  • Elsa Bravante
    He de reconocer que no soy muy fan de la pareja, pero es que este short navideño tiene una cantidad de azúcar que estoy al borde de la diabetes, además de que no pasa absolutamente NADA.
  • Maria
    Because it’s Henry and Reed and we get both of their POV’s here. Yippee!!!Because it’s sweet and funny and still manages to surprise and delight. Because it makes me smile and chuckle. Judgmental fish. It’s the very reason why I cannot eat a fish when it’s looking at me. True that!Because the lovin is hot and sexy, tough and tumble countered by smooth and slow. Yowzah!When these two head to the chapel and become gunkles? I’m there. (T...
  • Rachel Emily
    Ahhhhh I LOVE this revisit with Henry and Reed, I just adore them so much. This book has what I loved so much in the first book, the originality and uniqueness to Henry's voice and inner thoughts. I just loved this - fans of Henry and Reed, this is a MUST read!
  • Annika
    4,5 starsI loved this book. Judgemental Barramundi and all. It was all you would expect from a visit with Henry and Reed. Even though this is a short story there is heaps and heaps of feelings. You can feel the love and friendships and the sense of family in every single word. It's sweetness and a lot of fun, there is sass and printed t-shorts. And since Henry is cooking, there's also a lot of food. And if you ever wondered why Rudolph's nose is ...
  • Ariana
    Really cute to find these two so happy. Wonderful morsel of Christmas cheer!
  • Bo
    It short, sweet, and funny. It's always nice to revisit characters. It was nice to get a glimpse, and see a continuing HEA.
  • ~nikki the bookworm
    More of Henry and Reed!!Yay! We have more of Henry and Reed. I loved The Weight of it All and have been rereading it every couple of months. I think I need to actually buy a copy now! Lol...This was short and sweet. It was lovely to see both of them again and their merry band of friends. It was such a sweet sweet story. Loved it!!
  • Bev
    4.25 stars from me for this little Festive Fun and Frolics novella in Henry's foodie heaven. Plenty of laughs too.My favourite bit...Henry and Reed having just given the kitchen worktop a good workout. 'I had the distinct feeling someone was watching...no, not someone. Something. Then I spotted some beady little black eyes staring at me. "God, not in front of the barramundi." The fish was laying on the sink, its eyes fixed on us, its mouth agape....
  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    4 StarsAwwww...sweet, cute and sexy.
  • Chris
    Loved being back with Henry & Reed - a nice Aussie Xmas & great friends 🎄❤ what more could you want ! Loved being back with Henry & Reed - a nice Aussie Xmas & great friends 🎄❤️ what more could you want !
  • Katie Townsend
    Loved so much Being back with henry and reed for a Christmas catch up was really Amazing I loved it There is so much laughter in this short story it made me feel so warm inside You can feel how much love reed and henry have for each other on every page By the time I finished reading a very henry Christmas I was put in the Christmas spiritThank you n r walker for allowing us to be back with henry and reed
  • AussieMum
    Totally sweet Christmas time check-in with Henry, Reed, and their friends.
  • CrabbyPatty
    Ooh, I loved this little glimpse at Reed and Henry as they celebrate their first Christmas as an engaged couple. Full review to come shortly.
  • Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈
    That hit the spot. I loved getting more Henry and Reed. I truly loved getting Reed’s POV. I would love to read more of their future together.
  • Anke
    Might be that for my memory it was just too long ago that I read the first book, might be that this was just too short, but this was neither here nor there for me.Sad to say - I could have done without it.
  • Elizabeth
    Sweet and short. A great glimpse into Reed and Henry lives. Loved it. Love Henry even though he is a mess.
  • EmilyRose
    Goodness I missed these two!!!!
  • Rachel
    Loved catching up with Henry & Reed, a wonderful festive short ♡
  • Helena Rose
    So sweet! Oh, this was just the most adorable story. Reed and Henry are one of my favourite couples ever! It was so lovely to catch up with them. Definitely a must read if you have read The Weight of it All!
  • Lucy Oliver
    Amazing surprise Such a great book for anyone who loves weight of it all. Love Henry and reed so much and it was great to revisit them and spend some time at christmas with them #prayforreed
  • Laurie Ather