Pet (Captive Prince Short Stories, #4) by C.S. Pacat

Pet (Captive Prince Short Stories, #4)

Pet follows the rise of Ancel at the poisonous court of Vere. Set during the events of Captive Prince.

Details Pet (Captive Prince Short Stories, #4)

TitlePet (Captive Prince Short Stories, #4)
Release DateJan 6th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Short Stories, Romance, Lgbt, M M Romance

Reviews Pet (Captive Prince Short Stories, #4)

  • Amanda Prado
    I WAS SO SKEPTICAL BUT PACAT RLY CAME THRU!!!! MY MOMTHER I'LL NEVER DOUBT YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!I've always held the opinion that The Ancel Scene was the one huge, undefensible fuck up of book 1 (just look at my review, I didn't give Captive Prince 5 stars because of that), so when Pacat announced the last short story was going to be about Ancel, I was confused, but thought "maybe she's trying to fix her fuck up?" and this was pretty much it, y'a...
  • Bibi
    OMG, Ancel is such a trip. And Berenger? *swoon* Pacat is truly gifted (why isn't she writing more books?!) and for such a short story, it had a proper arc.
  • sofia
    as a person who has never given ancel a second thought, this was so much more interesting than i thought it would be
  • Caravaggion
    BUT IF HE WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i cant handle this my brain refuses to believe it has come to an end but it was ! so good this is such a good way to end this series bc it brings us back to the beginning in a way and aaaaaaaaaaathis has been such a long and beautiful journey ive met so many people through capri and made so many very good friends and this entire series has given me more hope and strenghth than i would have ever expected im just so em...
  • Silke
    Update: Help I can feel myself sliding back into the pit of hell that is called my obsession with Captive Prince. I'm beyond saving.I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would! I didn’t care much about Ancel while reading the trilogy but this short story made me look at him differently. He’s not so bad, and this one was actually pretty funny. I love reading about Damen and Laurent from someone else’s POV so these short stories are perfec...
  • Maryanne
    Color me surprised! I didn't think I'd enjoy this short story as much as I did.I've always considered Ancel as a trivial character, but reading about how his mind works and his relationship (kinda) with Berenger, well I've definitely changed my is it possible to hate the Regent even more? Because I do.
  • Maria
    it was interesting & I’m grateful for this but some of the disturbing scenes from book one made a cameo and. no thanks WHY DIDN’T I KNOW THIS WAS A THING
  • rin (lorenzo)
    i decided to leave this rating at 3 because i really really liked the writing, it's so Pacat and it's brillianti loved berengeri loved seeing that laurent had supporti loved interactions between ancel and berenger especially the constant "i see" bit lmaobut i really don't understand why this short is about like on of the least relevant characters in the whole universe. exploring previously unexplored characters? im all for it. but idk can we like...
  • Alexis (TheSlothReader)
    To be honest, this was my least favorite of the short stories. I can't say that I was overly interested in Ancel as a character when I read Captive Prince. As such, I didn't really care that much to read his story. I enjoyed his relationship with Berenger but the ending was pretty unsatisfying. I'm going to give it 3 stars because I still enjoy Pacat's writing style and I enjoyed being able to see the events of CP from a different point of view. ...
  • Elena
    A very sweet, well-written addition to the Captive Prince series!It was very interesting to see the "garden scene" and then the great hall scene through Ancel's eyes... ;)As for Ancel himself? I started up disliking him and thinking what a sneaky, plotting pest he is! but... ended up liking him ?!?! Lord Berenger was hard to decipher but at the end (when some of his reasons were revealed) I felt for him, too... :)Off to Prince's Gambi...
  • anna (readingpeaches)
    icb that im here now, crying over ancel,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • TS
    I don’t know how C.S. Pacat managed to make me interested in the story arc of a character I couldn’t care less about but somehow she did so clearly she’s magic4 stars!Things I enjoyed in this short story:• Berenger!!! Only C.S. Pacat could make me fall in love with a completely new character in under 40 pages. • I’d like to think that he becomes besties with laurent and damen post-“war”/Regent’s and Kastor’s coup d’état• ...
  • Alice
    THE LAST LINE oh my godGoodbye, Captive Prince, you were amazing :’)
  • iam
    I'm screaming this was SO GOOD I loved Ancel and (t)his story. Ofc I would love more details of what happens to him during the rest of the series but aaaaaaah.
  • Chiara
    Leave it to C.S Pacat to take one of my least favorite characters of the entire series and turn him into one of my babies! I was not as excited for Pet as I was for the other three short stories, but let me tell you, friends, I would like to slap myself in the face for ever doubting this would be anything less than a masterpiece!Let's set aside the Damen and Laurent references, because OF COURSE I loved them with every fiber of my body. Seeing Da...
  • Giedre
    3.5/5Who knew I was gonna be interested in reading a short story about Ancel? Not me. CS Pacat did, though. Honestly, I'm disappointed this wasn't longer. I wanted more Ancel, because I thought he was amazing. I also wanted a bit more development to the central relationship. That said, the ending? Well played, CS Pacat, well played.
  • Miss
    i entered this story ready to fight pacat and i left ready to fight for her. i should have had faith!4 stars
  • Ashleigh | Wild Heart Reads
    Oh my God....this was everything 😭😭 I can't believe this is the end, I wasn't entirely sure I was going to love this so much because we go back to CP as opposed to more on what happens after KR but I loved it so much!Ancel 😭💕 Berenger 😭💕And that ending oh my gosh all the feels since we know now he did win!
  • Jex L.
    Loved it, but I feel empty knowing this is the last CP short (last Captive Prince story...? I hope not). The hangover is real.
  • Martha andrade
    "Sus ojos tan verdes como esmeraldas. Sólo que no tan caros. Todavía."5/5 estuvo genial, para ser una novela corta la verdad es que pasa de todo, me sorprendió mucho.
  • Skirmish
    Book Reaction: 5 Stars - absolutely perfect
  • Lucy
    I had three minor issues with this:1) I...don't really remember Ancel or the role he played in Captive Prince, if any, beyond the garden scene - although this is more a problem with me and my memory than the story itself2) I didn't really need to read the garden scene from Ancel's POV, it's bad enough from Damen's3) I feel like it would have been a better idea to release The Summer Palace as the last short story? To leave the whole universe on a ...
  • Lazu
    This was my favorite of the Captive Prince short stories. Maybe because I once again noticed just how excellent C.S. Pacat is at making you her slave with just words, maybe because this was the last installment in the Captive Prince universe.This was glorious, Ancel is a wonderful character that I never gave much credit to before, but I am convinced now. Thank you, Ms. Pacat! Thank you so very much. For my favorite book series, for changing me as...
  • Thibaut Nicodème
    Well that wasn't what I expectedI loved it though. I just kind of don't know what to say. But the kindle app forces me to say more. Um…it was hot but also really good and awwww at the same time? Yes "awwww" is a word. Shut up.
  • Gabis Laberladen
    Darum geht’s:Ancel geht der Prostitution nach, doch er strebt nach Höherem. Dumm ist er nicht und so schafft er es, seine Karriere als Lustknabe voranzutreiben, immer bessere Kontrakte auszuhandeln und mit seinem neuesten Besitzer Berenger sogar an den Hof von Vere zu kommen. Jetzt braucht er nur noch die Aufmerksamkeit des Regenten.So fand ich’s:Ancel ist berechnend und manipulativ und weil er sehr schnell herausfindet, was der jeweilige Be...
  • - ̗̀ dany ̖́-
    . : ☾⋆ — 4 ★who am i, honestly, to ever doubt c.s. pacat. i am a fool. an imbecile. a CLOWN. loved seeing my husbands. loved my brand new husband (berenger). loved ancel getting a backstory. love everything that might then have happened after the coronation and this beautiful line:“But if he wins?” bitch BYEin all honesty though the one (1) thing i would change about this is that it was way too graphic (i know pacat likes to deal that...
  • Bárbara
    2018 is the year of me being thoroughly disappointed by Pacat. Honestly, I was bored. I didn't care for Ancel before, I don't care for him now- during most of the story, I felt nothing: the only reaction I had was my blood boiling at the same moment that it was boiling back in 2015 when I first read Captive Prince. Nothing new.
  • Galatea only =')
    This is the last short story. I still don't know why Pacat thought that Ancel was a good choice, among so many more interesting characters. I hardly remembered him, apart from that bj scene in the garden. His pov was... ... Idk what it was, honestly. I gave 3 stars to the writing, but, really, Ancel?!? And the shortie ended abruptly. Yes, "he wins", and so?Anyway, goodbye CP saga.
  • Eugenia
    Well, isn’t Ancel a saucy, social-climbing, creative and undaunted whore? I think I might love him.An intriguing short story set during the Captive Prince.
  • Emma