Texas Ranger by James Patterson

Texas Ranger

In his bid for justice, a courageous law-man aims dead center when he is called home to settle deadly scores. Across the ranchlands and cities of his home state, Rory Yates's discipline and law-enforcement skills have carried him far-from local highway patrolman to the honorable rank of Texas Ranger. A tough case in Waco has jeopardized Yates's chances at promotion, and he decides to take time off to recharge with his family in their small-town h...

Details Texas Ranger

TitleTexas Ranger
Release DateAug 13th, 2018
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreMystery, Crime, Thriller

Reviews Texas Ranger

  • Matt
    In another of his endless collaborations, James Patterson has called on Aaron Bourelle to work alongside him on this standalone novel. Part murder mystery, part protagonist self-discovery, this piece takes the reader down to the heart of Texas. Rory Yates is part of the elite Texas Rangers, one of only two hundred in the entire state. Best known for his quick draw capabilities, Yates has found himself in a few situations of shooting first and ask...
  • Mandy White
    My last audio book didn't work for me so I decided to go for one I knew would be good..and James Patterson did not let me down. Really enjoyed this book, it was a bit different from his other books and an ending that I did not see coming.
  • Paula Phillips
    I wasn't sure what this book was going to be like as a couple of the writers' that James Patterson joins forces with touch and go. Some of them I have loved like Maxine Paetro and others have been not so great. This particular one, I really enjoyed as we are introduced to Rory Yates who is a Texas Ranger. Rory gets a call from his ex-wife Anne telling him to come home as her life is in danger, she has been getting threats and now believes she is ...
  • Suzanne
    I would have liked to give it a 3.5. This book was a good one but to me it was a bit boring. I worked it out in the first 3 chapters then had to wait until it played itself out. It was slow to the point of me sighing as I turned the pages. Needed more action.
  • Natalie Mullan
    You never know with any certainty what the latest James Patterson is going to deliver but this is one you can add if you enjoy his work. Set in Texas, Ranger Rory is an easy to engage with, believable character. The story has the requisite twists and turns, even a few unexpected ones. This is a solid 4-star Patterson, not a literary revolution or for the discerning but an easy, enjoyable read and worth the time.
  • Greg
    TO SAY THIS BOOK was a surprise would be to create an untruth where none existed. To say what it is, as opposed to what it isn’t, is more appropriate, more fitting and more suitable to a new release from one of the world’s best selling novelists. What this book is makes for a fast paced, compelling, addictive, enotiona, satisfying ride through small town rural America on the back of one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. TO BE A TEXAN RANG...
  • Kevin McCloskey
    I've never read a James Patterson book before. I was handed a copy at the American Library Association Conference. It was readable. I do like crime fiction. The Rory Yates character struck me as over-the-top, but that what action heroes are like. Reminded me a bit of Lee Child's Reacher character. Noted that Patterson had a co-author here, Andrew Bourelle. When one is writing so many books, I suppose one needs cowriters.I did not realize Texas Ra...
  • Ms Emma Dickinson
    A James Patterson Book???This was so not the normal writing style, I kept having to remind myself who the author was. Felt like it was written by a new writer and lacked the normal punch of Patterson's other books. Perhaps it will improve as the character develops in future books.
  • Karen A
    Sorry but really made me laugh. The blurb called this a thriller, I felt like I was reading a Mills and Boon novel. The main character seemed to lack real personality and depth. I ploughed through 330+ pages and the last line was pure romance novel cliché. Oh James Patterson what happened ???
  • Jess Lowther
    This is the second book I have read recently by James Paterson and one of his co authors that features a law enforcement officer with anger issues. The other one was based in Australia.Sorry - this does not work for me. Too much anger in this world already thanks!
  • cheryl horne
    really enjoyed the twists and turns , Did not guess the murderer until nearly the end. Would make a good series
  • J. Taylor
    2.5 Unlikely to continue, I just couldn't connect to the main character.
  • Elizabeth Wilson Higgins
    GrippingAs usual another thrilling story from James Patterson. Worth 5 stars I didn't quess who the murderer was ...a shock
  • Ron Porell
    Got an early read of this. Great book. Exciting throughout.
  • Richard Gonsales-cavalier
    Wow loved this book and hopefully we haven't seen the last of the Texas Ranger.
  • Tina Sartor
    Great book! I prefer less profanity, however, it was very suspenseful all the way though.
  • Mary Joy Ignacio
    Amazing read.
  • Ronald O'Grady
    kept me interested right up to the final chapter, James you wrote a very good book
  • Bec K
    Started off promising but the more it went on the more cliched it got and I did wonder if it was written buy an author doing work experience for Mr Patterson? I think I'll just stick with re-runs of Walker Texas Ranger.