The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 8 by Ryan North

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 8

Journey to the Forbidden Pla-nut! When Nancy and Tippy find themselves on an alien world where all is not what it seems, Squirrel Girl must find a way to get to the other side of the universe to save them. And fast! Intergalactic transport through the cosmic realm? This sounds like a job for the Sorcerer Supreme! Doctor Strange will be only too happy to...wait, what's that? Doctor Strange is gone and now Loki is Earth's Sorcerer Supreme? Oh. Well...

Details The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 8

TitleThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 8
Release DateJul 3rd, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel, Fiction, Young Adult, Humor

Reviews The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Vol. 8

  • Paul E. Morph
    Honestly, I'd only give the four-part outer space story that makes up the bulk of this volume 3 stars at the most but I liked the hyper-time one-shot that closes the book so much I'm bumping this volume up to 4 stars.This volume is original artist Erica Henderson's last work on this series, so I'll be interested to see how changing illustrators impacts this book in future volumes. I hope they encourage the new guy to do his own thing and not try ...
  • Rod Brown
    The majority of the book is a space adventure with Loki, Drax and the Silver Surfer, and it is a perfectly fine Squirrel Girl yarn. But that last story, a hyper-speed/time travel tale featuring the last series artwork of longtime artist Eric Henderson, is simply amazing.Squirrel Girl is a fantastic hero and her terrific series will survive Henderson's departure, but that doesn't mean I'm ever going to be happy about it.
  • Diz
    Squirrel Girl is one of my all-time favorite comic characters, and the version brought to life by Ryan North and Erica Henderson is the best version of that character. It's refreshing to have a hero that solves problems not only with her powers, but also with her superhuman empathy. This volume features a space adventure and a story featuring displacement in time. Both stories are a lot of fun and are worth reading for the focus on the relationsh...
  • Katherine Scott
    The last issue of this collection is strangely emotional. No one can convince me that Nancy and Doreen were not romantic life partners. It was a beautiful expression of love and companionship, masquerading as a silly, silly fun time
  • Paperclippe
  • Ellis
    okay i cried the last issue. i wish the authors had been more firm with what nancy and doreen were by the end, but....I'll take it. and here's hoping we get to see them fall in love again ;w;
  • Renata
    (read as single issues)SINCERELY UNBEATABLE
  • Devin
    The last issue is just absolutely beautiful and I just want to enter three crying emojis here.
  • Tim
    Squirrel Girl in space was a lot of fun, but I think I got some dust in my eyes while reading Erica Henderson's last issue...
  • Stefanie
    One of the reasons I love Squirrel Girl so much is that while she can throw a punch with the best of them, beating people up is a last resort. There is always another way, usually by talking and coming to a common understanding and even, a lot of the time, becoming friends. Plus, she never disregards the smarts and abilities of her non-superhero friends. She and Nancy are all about supporting each other, calling each other out when they are wrong...
  • Christopher
    I am sad that Erika Henderson is leaving Squirrel Girl.Squirrel Girl in Space! Not just space, Marvel's wacky cosmic SPAAAACE - possibly at its wackiest. In my head, the leader of the 73 planet coalition fleet to kill Silver Surfer is somehow related to Lying Cat from Saga.The long argument between Nancy and Doreen over not using force to stop/punish/extract revenge against bad guys is a tough one. I would have leaned into it whole-heartedly a ...
  • Brandon
    I don't know what it is about these five issues, but Ryan was on point. The humor had me laughing at nearly every page and if I wasn't laughing I at least had a big goofy smile on my face.Also, issue 31 is probably one of my favorite standalone issues in recent memory. Just, really solid all around.
  • belle jane
    it's the last one with Erica as the illustrator I'm so sad 😢🙁😦also I'd just like to say that silver surfer Nancy? queen. and Doreen and Nancy growing old together? DEFINITELY GAY OKAY OMJ JUST MAKE IT CANON PLEASE.
  • Alex Zapinski
    I wish I could rate this a million stars! I absolutely LOVE SG & Nancy's friendship and old lady SG & Nancy are amazing!!!! Erica's art is beautiful and I'm so impressed by how she continually presents SG. Real to life. Perfection!
  • Imogene
    Squirrels in spacee, check.However, the 31st issue is not only my favourite Squirrel Girl, it’s also one of my favourite single issues ever.
  • Megan Lucy
    Best volume yetA whole planet of squirrels! A dating service for villians! Loki! Tippy Toe is the hero we deserve! Love it!
  • Jamie Sigal
    Another great and fun arc, but that last issue came out of nowhere for me and kind of made me choke up a bit and was a fitting ending.
  • Kaitlin
    3.5 - Was semi disappointed in this volume, as the story just kept getting more and more ridiculous. But Issue 31 won me back.
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Journey to the Forbidden Pla-Nut! Squirrel Girl, Tippy, and Nancy end up halfway across the universe on a planet under threat from…the Silver Surfer? But isn’t he a good guy? And then, in a final farewell issue to series artist Erica Henderson, Doreen and Nancy get stuck in hypertime!It’s taken a little while, but I think Unbeatable Squirrel Girl has managed to hit the sweet spot in terms of extended storylines, which I’ve always felt has...
  • Xanthe
    Sigh. I just love this book so much. The combo of Ryan North’s clever and silly plots with Erica Henderson’s fantastic art is just so completely perfect. Doreen Green AKA Squirrel Girl is not afraid to kick butts while eating nuts, but she always tries to compassion and reason first, engaging with her adversaries and resorting to violence only when appeals to their better nature or attempts to get at the root of the causes of their villainy f...
  • Sarah
    Oh, Squirrel Girl. The only superhero who tries to talk out problems before punching. We need more superheros with kindness listed under their "strengths." Though, to be fair, SG's stories are much more fun-based than action-based, so it totally works. But, let's be honest, we're not going to see Captain America and Red Skull just "talking it out" any time soon. But still, it's a breath of fresh air to read a comic where even high stakes can be s...
  • Shelley
    In a battle, Doreen and Nancy end up in hypertime and have to find their way back to normal time, and also Nancy and Tippy-Toe get squirrelnapped to an alien planet and everyone has to try and get them back. I am not a Loki fan generally, but I adore him in SQ and Ms Marvel, and Sorcerer Supreme Loki here is no exception. He gives Doreen a great outerspace costume, and says, "This is why you get a genderfluid demigod to be your fashion designer. ...
  • Robin
    3.5 stars for the main Silver Surfer story18 stars for Drax the Destroyer23 stars for Nancy WhiteheadInfinity stars for the issue #31 one-shotMinus half a star for not enough Brain Drain"I did not come to space to define chairs and butts." - Loki LaufeysonIf you're going to do throwback stories, embrace the batshit. And that's definitely what Team Squirrel Girl have done here. I'm not sure who decides which characters get to cameo but I had no id...
  • Shaun
    Squirrel Girl continues to be one of the greatest comics coming out today. They just know how to use comic tropes, and characters I don't care for, and make them interesting. If you told me, "Silver Surfer is going to make a guest appearance!" Normally I would not care at all! He is just not a character I care much about what soever. But they manage to use him in a way that is unique and really funny. Same goes for some of the plot. Has a "time h...
  • Jon Huff
    So... uh... the official description says this goes to issue 32. Which seems unlikely since that starts a new story. So I guess it'll only go to 31. Probably this changed with Erica Henderson's departure from the book on art. So I'll consider this done (yes, I'm reading individual issues.) Squirrel Girl continues to delight, by being optimistic and fun without feeling like it's trying too hard or forced. This storyline, in particular, ends up bei...
  • Katie
    Nancy & Tippy-Toe have been abducted by a planet of squirrels to help them defeat Galacticus, who is threatening to eat their planet unless they fork over all their valuables to the Silver Surfer & his bros. What?Squirrel Girl tracks down her friends with the aid of Loki (the new Sorcerer Supreme...where is Dr. Strange? On holiday?) and Drax. Is there wild crossovers? Yes! Is it always fun and hilarious? Also, yes! Squirrel Girl finds herself hav...
  • BJ
    Despite the majority of this volume being focused on an okay arc, this volume gets 4 stars simply for including a fantastic Issue 31. I was stunned to see the hashtag #byeerica on Squirrel Girl's normal Twitter feed because I honestly don't keep up with comics news to avoid spoilers. Issue 31 is just a beautiful yet bittersweet farewell for Erica Henderson and her art style which helped to make Squirrel Girl one of my favorite comics to follow. H...
  • John H
    I love this series, even though it takes so long to read them due to the footnotes and letter sections. More bang for your buck I guess. I'm interested to see what this will be like with the new artist going forward. Erica's art style is kind of quirky, which fit this title, but I won't miss the overbites.
  • Cliff
    Feeling a little bittersweet upon the conclusion of this volume: positive because I felt a real return to form for the writing/humor but saddened over the departure of Erika Henderson as the artist. But this collection teems with the unrepentant sass that Ryan North brings to the Marvel Universe. To arbitrarily have Loki summon various characters from around the galaxy is absurdist genius.