Descender, Vol. 6 by Jeff Lemire

Descender, Vol. 6

A new, cataclysmic chapter of the Descender saga is here! All the various factions who have been hunting Tim-21 finally converge around the ocean planet, Mata just as the robots launch their galaxy wide revolution! But nothing can prepare the young android Tim, or the readers, for what happens next. The Descender saga comes to a startling climax and sets the stage for the next, mind bending adventure.A new chapter of the heartfelt Sci-Fi epic by ...

Details Descender, Vol. 6

TitleDescender, Vol. 6
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Descender, Vol. 6

  • Anne
    I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this volume.I guess I just wasn't prepared for this to be the end of this part of the story if you know what I mean?I did really love the explanations we got as to who/what Machinekind was, and why they originally attacked everyone.(view spoiler)[The idea that these 'machines' originally created humans was a fantastic twist. That they were punishing us like gods for our abuse of their machine brethren was anothe...
  • David Schaafsma
    In this volume we get a backstory that sheds some light on the origin of sentient inorganic beings in the universe and just who--of humans and robots--created whom! A long six volume series of arcs completed, in one surprising way, with some smaller arcs completed in pretty satisfying ways, such as those of Telsa, Andy and Effie, Driller. . . . So the final confrontation between organic and inorganic life—The Descenders—is here at last, thoug...
  • Michael Finocchiaro
    Extraordinary artwork in aquarelle as always compelling, gripping story
  • Rachel (TheShadesofOrange)
    4.5 Stars Another fantastic volume which reminded me why I consider Descender to be one of my favourite graphic novel series. There were so many exciting plot development in this one, including some important backstory reveals. I highly recommend this science fiction series!
  • Roy
    Read these as single issues. A little disappointed with the ending. I understand that this wasnt the intended ending as the story changed as it progressed. Looking forward to 2019 with what this team brings. Hopefully it builds on this amazing world they've created.
  • Chris Lemmerman
    All the pieces are in place, and the war is about to begin. With Tim-21 and his friends trapped in the middle, only the littlest robot can save the day and stop humanity from being wiped from the universe. But a far more sinister, far more far-reaching plot is also coming to fruition as The Descenders finally make themselves known.It's all been leading to this - it's cliché, but it's true. Jeff Lemire's intergalactic epic has been building and b...
  • Jakub Kvíz
    Rekl bych, ze Lemire uzavrel Descendera dostojne a uprimne se tesim na pokracovani.Vsechno do sebe hezky zapadlo a posledni cislo bylo paradnim rozloucenim se vsema postavama.
  • Craig
    I was going to say I think this is Lemire's best work since Sweet Tooth, but on reflection, I think it just might be his best work, period. Even with this somewhat flawed conclusion to what's been a stellar series. Somewhat flawed, just because there are so many competing storylines that I don't think they all got a fair resolution (did we really need to have the Gnishians playing such a large role at the end?). Things were just sort of rushed at...
  • Jenny Clark
    I love love love this series! I would not consider it hard core sci fi, but it is sci fi indeed. The watercolor art is beautiful and I love that it was done on watercolor paper as well. The characters are all pretty well developed despite this being a shortish series. I love seeing how they have all changed.I am super excited for Ascender next year!
  • Travis Duke
    Fantastic ending to one of my favorite recent series. Lemire does a great job bringing closure and answers to Descender, and at the same time introducing us to something special. At the conclusion (spoiler free) a massive war is breaking out between the three factions all looking for Tim 21. The book has a great climax with the war and we finally get answers about the machines motives all this time. Lemire really wraps this up nicely I think 6 vo...
  • Renee
    Once again, amazing art and story that never quits and never disappoints! Also, I think Steve Wands, letterer, deserves a shit ton of credit here for his work! The lettering here does so much to fully develop + complete the characters in this incredible series. You can seriously 'hear' them thanks to Wands' skill and artistry, and it really struck me while devouring this comic. Eff yeah, Ascender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • Ryan Michael
    Another knock out by Jeff Lemire. Sounds like some weren’t crazy about the ending but I really loved it. Looking forward to the new sequel/spin off series next year. Jeff Lemire, you’ve done it again !
  • Paul
    Well that ended darkly
  • Dasha
    Jemnosť a city potrhnuté kresbou asi vodovkami asi od najcitlivejšieho autora komiksov. Práve to ma k tejto sérii o zotročených uvedomelých robotoch pritiahlo, ale ku koncu práve to viedlo k akejsi mdlej nemastnej neslanej predvídateľnej dejovej línii. Nudný vyšumelý záver aj keď áno, stále pekne jemný.
  • Sara Grossaint
    Well shit, I had no idea this was the last volume of Descender! Even though this isn't the end the end, I'm incredibly sad to see this weird, wonderful little series go. I will, of course, be reading Ascender, but this is it, this is the end of Descender and it's a pretty bitter end.The art and writing are both, as always, completely top notch. Dustin Nguyen's artwork will never cease to take my breath away and I feel like this volume contains so...
  • Adam M
    -Jeff Lemire writes a compelling family drama with weird window dressing set in space.- Pretty good hook right? (and, no surprise, it's a great read) - What takes this premise from 'good' to 'Great' is Dustin Nguyen's art. This story wouldn't have the heft/weight that it carries without it. There are plenty of world and character details in what he puts on the page, but the soft edges of the water color used and depth/saturation of page really ma...
  • Koen
    Wow, just wow! No words.. Ok, just a few:Jeff did it again!! For me that is :) There will always be people who won't like this as much, but for me this was the perfect ending to a magnificently told story...
  • Zedsdead
    I've been repeatedly surprised at how little I enjoyed this title. Lemire is capable of terrific 5-star work.But nothing in this concluding volume salvaged the series for me. It took me almost three weeks to get through what could have been a two-day read.
  • Lilith Knight
    I don't know how I feel about this conclusion, but it sure made me cry. The ending of this arc is certainly bittersweet, and it got me all excited (and scared) about the next installment, Ascender. 2019 can't come soon enough!
  • bryce
    Wow, what ending!And a setup! Hooray, it's not really over!You've read this far, do I even need to review this?Just finish it fast.
  • Bill
    I’d like to give this 4.5 stars because I have loved the entire series but this “sort of final” volume is a notch below, as concluding chapters often are. I continued to care about the characters and bringing their storylines together provided an emotional ending but explaining some of the concepts behind all this proved to be as difficult as I expected. The historical, stage setting flashback featured Prof. Osris, whom I found quite one di...
  • Shelby M. (Read and Find Out)
    4.5 stars! So excited for where this story may be going.
  • Jonabel
    3.5 Review coming later... I just need some time to wrap my head around this
  • Jess
    Minus one star for the way it wrapped so quickly/easily. Will probably read the first vol of the companion series; Ascender. Great art.
  • Robert
    A fitting conclusion to the series, and an apt beginning to a new one.
  • Nelele
  • David Wilson
    Fantastic ending!!
  • Norman
    A fitting end. Though I would probably lump “Descender” with Jeff Lemire’s ‘churn-out’ books in terms of dialogue, what sets it apart is the copious magnitude of scope as well as the unique drawings and watercolors by Dustin Nguyen. There’s a lot going on in this final arc that really brings some depth to the idea of the universe in relation to reality and machinekind. However, character development and honest characters interactions ...
  • Chad Jordahl
    Barely a 3 for me. Nguyen's art saved it. I found Lemire's writing uncharacteristically flat and generic. The story dropped the themes I appreciated in the earlier volumes about what constitutes intelligence, consciousness, and humanity, and ramped up the mysticism of the godlike machines.Arthur C Clarke is correct, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." I wish Lemire had tried to write the distinction into his s...
  • Tara Schaafsma
    I really liked this series. This had some back story and a surprising ending.