Fifty Fifty (Detective Harriet Blue, #2) by James Patterson

Fifty Fifty (Detective Harriet Blue, #2)

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES . . . that convicted killer Sam Blue is innocent of the serial murders of three young women? Detective Harriet Blue is certain that her brother is incapable of having committed these horrific crimes. Determined to clear his name, no matter the cost to her career, Harry attends Sam's hearing. The outburst she unleashes earns her a reassignment--to the Outback.WHAT ARE THE CHANCES . . . that convicted killer Sam Blue is innocen...

Details Fifty Fifty (Detective Harriet Blue, #2)

TitleFifty Fifty (Detective Harriet Blue, #2)
Release DateAug 7th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Crime

Reviews Fifty Fifty (Detective Harriet Blue, #2)

  • Matt
    Candice Fox has teamed up with James Patterson again for the next instalment in the Harry Blue series, picking up soon after the cliffhanger of the series’ first full-length novel. Harriet ‘Harry’ Blue has a lot on her plate as a Detective Inspector within Sydney’s Sex Crimes Unit. However, nothing could prepare Harry for the arrest of her brother, Sam, as the Georges River Killer, perhaps one of Australia’s most sinister serial murdere...
  • Josh
    Sydney Vice Detective Harriet Blue once again finds herself on the outskirts of civilisation after assaulting the lawyer who is prosecuting the murder/kidnapping case against her brother Sam. Banished to the small community in regional NSW of Last Chance Valley she’s thrust into a violent case which threatens to cripple the 75-strong population.There’s a terror plot, gold digging schemes, isolation driven paranoia and a group think which lead...
  • Suzanne
    3.5*I liked Never, Never better but this one answers questions about the Sam plot and brings back Tox working with Whitt to investigate Sam’s case since Harry was sent off once again because of her violent tendencies (though they are very interesting to read about, and yeah, cheer on). The last few chapters will stun readers, but the final chapter leaves you with a need for book three now! Going to be interesting to see how fast Harry derails t...
  • Scott
    “Fifty Fifty” is the second book in new series co-written by Patterson and Fox, featuring Harriet (“Harry”) Blue, a volatile female detective in Australia. I read the first book last year and didn’t really care for it as much as I wanted to. The premise wasn’t bad, but the delivery was sub-par in my opinion. The second outing starts off with Harriet’s brother, Sam Blue, who was previously arrested and charged with killing several wo...
  • Carol
    Our Crime & Thriller book of the month is Fifty Fifty by Candice Fox and James Patterson – the second book in the highly addictive and super kicktail Detective Harriet Blue series. Given how much I enjoyed Never Never (the first book in the series) and also the prequel novella, Black & Blue, I was a bit curious about Fifty Fifty. Sometimes when a series starts out super strong it can be hard to maintain that same level of awesome in subsequent ...
  • Monnie
    My first reaction as I read this book? Wow, what a motley crew of misfits. Every single one, including lead character Detective Harriet Blue, has issues so deep it would take a bulldozer to dig them all out. And quite honestly, with one possible exception (Harriet's partner, Detective Edward Whittacker), I didn't care enough about any of them to look for even a shovel.Set in Australia, where Harriet is a sex crimes officer with the Sydney Police,...
  • Sherri Thacker
    This did nothing for me. I read till about 60% then put it down since it kept getting worse for me. Oh well.
  • Donna Lewis
    This new collaboration is a delightful surprise. The action takes place in Australia, and the protagonist is a tough woman cop who has a strong sense of right and wrong. The good news is that this is the second book in a series currently with three books. So, I have a chance to read more about Ms. Harry Blue. A strong woman character created by a strong woman writer. A great combination.
  • Louise Self
    I "read" this one by audio book and although it was okay as a story, it was quite predictable and I expected a lot more from my first James Patterson read. I don't think I'll write him off altogether though, I think I will just leave the audiobook versions behind me. It took some of the depth out of it for me and the characters came across as quite one dimensional and very unlikeable.
  • Mandy White
    loving this book... do i really need to sleep??What a great book! i am a big James Patterson fan and have recently discovered the books of Candice Fox. this book is so Australian... loved it!. Harriet Blue is sent to a small town of 75 people while her brother is on trial for murder. the people of the small town are just that.. small town so Harriet has to win them over. its fast paced and keeps you wanting more.
  • Wendy
    Wow, just wow! This was an incredible story. I liked this book more than any other James Patterson book I've read in a very long time. I'll be waiting for the next book in the series, it can't come out fast enough.
  • Cheryl
    The stories are okay in this book but the antics of Harry are just flat out unbelievable. I allow for a certain amount of embellishment and drama in books because it's adds to the suspense etc but the idea of her resolving jurisdictional arguments with what is effectively a 'Square go' just doesn't fly. Maybe that's just me but after she punched her way through half the book it got tiresome.
  • Laura Rash
    There was a couple moments that were a little too far fetched for me & didn't flow with the rest of the story. But I love the characters, especially Harry & her quick mouth.
  • Jenny
    "Fifty Fifty" is book two in the Detective Harriet Blue series by James Patterson. After Detective Harriet Blue punch the District Prosecutor on her brother's case instead of being charged with assault Harriet was sent out to a small rural community in New South Wales to investigate the threat of blowing up the town. At first Detective Harriet Blue, was angry that she was sent again to an isolated spot. Detective Harriet Blue attitude changed whe...
  • Charlotte Smith
    What a book this one is. Wasn't expecting the ending of it at all. Harriet 'Harry' blue is trying to save her brother but gets moved somewhere else for a bit. Her brother Sam is accused of murder of three young students.
  • Hapzydeco
    As with all James Patterson novel, this was a fast, easy read despite the shallow, disorganized plot. But the cliff-hanger ending seemed to run contrary to Patterson’s style. The character of the rough, unpolished bully known as Detective Harriet Blue provides the story with Bam!
  • Barbara
    This was the standard James Patterson book, single page chapters, and enough to keep you reading but nothing much to write home about. All Patterson books are good, just tame. Still, I read most of them. A decent, quick read but you're never going to finish one and say, "Wow, what a great book".
  • Liz
    Excellent crime/thriller. This book follows on from Never Never but also works as a stand alone novel. I really like Detective Harriet Blue, a feisty character with a lot to prove. This is a real page-turner with several plots running alongside each other and many twists - certainly kept me guessing! As this book is set in Australia much of the credit must go to Candice Fox, an author I'm not familiar with, but whose descriptions really created a...
  • Tom Tischler
    It is very seldom that I don't like a book. The story in this one was readable but I absolutely didn't like the ending. I gave it a 2.
  • Amber Garabrandt
    Summary:Sam Blue is standing trial for the murder of three young women. Harriet knows Sam could never have done this…. but she’s the only one. An altercation gets her banned from the trial and sent out to Last Chance Valley to investigate a possible planned attack on the populace of 75.On her first day a homemade bomb kills the retired sheriff. With the help of the only cop in Last Chance Valley and a terrorist agent, she must find out who is...
  • Donna
    In the Sex Crimes Unit of Sydney, Australia, Detective Harriet (Harry) Blue attends her brother's trial. He has been charged with the deaths of 3 university students and Harry knows her brother is not guilty. As the prosecutor says something he shouldn't, Harry's hotheadedness gets the best of her and she punches him out. As a result, she is banned from the trial and banished to the outback again to a town of a whopping 75 people called Last Chan...
  • Paula Adams
    It has a cliffhanger. I hate that. Now I have to wait for the next book to come out. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I have the first book to read. I didn't know it was a series when I had started reading the book.
  • Katherine Decker
    Intense, a page turner. Somewhat graphic at times, but still enjoyable. At times the jumping between plot lines was a bit confusing. Hard to put down.
  • Mary Drayer
    Harriet Blue-Love the way the author builds the suspense and ALWAYS a twist. Super quick read...
  • Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews)
    set in Australia....a very good second book in what appears to be a strong and thrilling series and, WOWSA! WHAT A TWIST! ;-)
  • Evan Lee
    🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍 Fifty Fifty is a crime genre novel that tells the story of Harriet 'Harry' Blue. A Detective on the Sydney Police force who is set on proving her younger brother Sam Blue is innocent after his wrongfully accused and trialled for the rape and killings of three young female university students. However, Harry is soon banished from Sydney to a small town in the outback called Last Chance where another major case ca...
  • Deyth Banger
    "February 2, 2018 – page 50 12.5% "Always things happen like that... 11 Chapter... I am not fucking interested in going deeper... The Callaboration between the two authors is a big failure....old school and new generation school scenario of story = already seen in the movies even much bettwe shown."February 2, 2018 – page 32 8.0% "James likes to throw the dice.. . (details)... they just bump"February 2, 2018 – page 26 6.5% "The James Pat...
  • Linda
    This is the second book in the Harriet Blue series set in Australia. Once again, Harry is sent out of town to help out in a remote location, as she is becoming too volatile when dealing with the case of her brother, on trial for serial murders. The story/chapters bounce back and forth between Harry's new case and the people helping her back home to prove her brother's innocence, but really, can one person put up with so much in one book/one lifet...
  • Deborah
    I have to confess I purposely avoided Never Never, the first book in this series DESPITE being a huge fan of Candice Fox's work. Or maybe I should say BECAUSE I'm a huge fan of Fox's writing. I'd had some bad experiences with previous James Patterson collaborations so didn't want anything to tarnish my (not-weird) reverence of the talented Aussie storyteller.So, I came into this second book of the series, Fifty Fifty with a few gaps in my backsto...