This is War (Cats vs. Robots #1) by Margaret Stohl

This is War (Cats vs. Robots #1)

The Robot Federation and the Feline Empire have been at war for eons. And now that fight is coming to a tiny primitive planetoid…Earth. The mission for both cats and robots: retrieve the Singularity Chip. With it, cats can live past their nine lives, and robots are granted eternal battery life.Meanwhile, twin siblings Max and Min Wengrod are as different as can be. Min always gets good grades, and she loves to read and build robots. Max hates s...

Details This is War (Cats vs. Robots #1)

TitleThis is War (Cats vs. Robots #1)
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fiction

Reviews This is War (Cats vs. Robots #1)

  • Staci
    I received an Advance Reader's Edition of the book from the publisher in a contest.Cats Vs. Robots: This is War is the first book in a series. Marketing has been pushing how this book relates to STEM (my preference is STEAM-don't forget the "A" for the Arts) and incorporates concepts related to binary and non-binary thought.With binary, it is yes and no, black and white, girl or boy, etc. We have that duality throughout the book. First with the c...
  • Andrew
    It's all in the title, exactly what it sounds like and more. There has been a war between the Feline Empire and Robot Federation for millennia. Both forces learn that a chip on planet Earth has been invented that has the power to either prolong a cat's nine lives, or give robots the power of an eternal battery. This adventure-packed novel will have you laughing at the cat traits we all know so well, as well as pondering how human robots are capab...
  • Donna
    Fun story that has multiple view points, humor, potty jokes, and some STEAM concepts thrown in for good measure.This is the first is as series and I think it will appeal to many of my students.DRC from Edelweiss and Harper Collins
  • LeeAnn
    Fun enough for middle-grade readers. Creative concept. This is one of those series that kids will check out frequently.
  • Ms. Yingling
    ARC from publisher
  • Nicole Wagner
    A really cute chapter book. I'd pick up the second one if it was already written.
  • Cynthia Parkhill
    Cats vs. Robots -- This Is War is a delightful and entertaining read. It's the first book in a new children's book series by Margaret Stohl and Lewis Peterson.The story centers around two galactic empires that consist of seemingly polar opposites -- the Robots, or "Binars," obsessed with order and rules, and the Cats, for whom rules are "generally meant to be followed--but only if you felt like it."These civilizations' epic battle is now coming t...
  • Shauna Yusko
    If you need more books for fans of silly space adventures.