Oh My Goth by Gena Showalter

Oh My Goth

A note from Jade Leighton's journal Years ago, a tragic accident robbed me of my mother and emotions. Because I find beauty in darkness and thrive outside social norms, I've been labeled a "freak" at school. I know my continued apathy hurts my loved ones, but I'm not about to change. Nothing will ever hurt me again.Then I wake up in an alternate reality...and everything else has changed. Goth is in. I'm considered cool, and my archenemy--the form...

Details Oh My Goth

TitleOh My Goth
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherHarlequin Teen
GenreRomance, Fantasy, Young Adult, Contemporary, Science Fiction, Teen

Reviews Oh My Goth

  • Madison Warner Fairbanks
    Oh My Goth by Gena ShowalterFirst published 2006.Young adult twist on Its a Wonderful Life or Freaky Friday.The first half of the book sets up the lives of Jade, Mercedes and new school classmate Clarik. There is tragedy, friendships and deliberate cruelty. And then reality is twisted and they must learn and understand their new world to survive. As is typical with this type of renewal and awakening story, I cried through the last 50 pages. It wa...
  • Sarah Perchikoff
    As much as I’d like to say that Oh My Goth would have helped me when I was younger, when I was in my “goth” phase, I don’t know if I would have been ready to learn the lesson it’s trying to get across. Reading it now feels like a breath of fresh air and something that I can fully appreciate and understand. I can understand Jade before she goes into the “goth world” and after and what she learned. While this book came out when I was ...
  • Gaele
    Jade Leighton had a hard life, and the time after that wasn’t spectacular either. With the death of her mother when she was little, she decided that not going to feel for anyone or anything anymore is the way to live. Then, she won’t be so devastated when they go. Because in her experience, most everyone goes away – family, friends and even hopes for a boyfriend. It’s just easier to stay apart – let them talk, it doesn’t really affect...
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    As a child, Jade witnessed her mother's death in an horrific car accident. In an effort to protect herself, she decided to stay detached and numb herself from the world. A conversation with her dead mother and a bump on the head brings her into an alternate reality in order to help her see the dangers of living her life behind her emotional armor.The freaky things shunned by mainstream can be beautiful.• Pro: The whole Goth thing was secondary ...
  • Jessica
    Noteworthy experiences while reading this book: Well when I started this one I thought I was going to hit it right off and it was going to be the love of my life this year. But sadly here I am writing a DNF failed read review for it. I am very sad right now. Do I Recommend this book? Not really Notes and Opinions: When I picked this one up I was so excited man! I love Showalter and I really wanted to love this one. I mean look at that premise it ...
  • Caroline
    This book is extremely cliché. I feel like there was no actual meaning to this book, about 20 pages in, I was ready for it to be over.The story of this book is that Jade and her enemy Mercedes are hit by a car and go into this sort of freaky Friday reality. In this reality Jade, on day 1, seems to care about all sorts of things she had no care for at all in her actual reality. (view spoiler)[When Jade finally wakes up, she's completely changed a...
  • Stacy Fetters
    "People are the most difficult thing in the world to change."Twelve years ago this title was released and it was her first ever ya novel. I remember reading that back in the day and I enjoyed it but it was definitely time for an upgrade. Oh My Goth is an odd mix of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday with a twist of darkness. A journey through a life you never knew you needed or wanted. Something so out of the ordinary that it feels like a different wor...
  • Jennifer Thompson-Thalasinos
    I read this book when it was originally published back in 2006, in a different life where my dad and husband were still alive. I know I enjoyed it, but I don’t remember specifics. When I found out it had been updated and published again I had to get it! This book is utterly charming and surprisingly deep. It made me think a lot about my own life and how I’ve handled my life since losing my husband in a terrorist attack. Jade was in the car ac...
  • Chelsea
    This book was a good read, the story was really sweet. I was pretty skeptical of this book based on the description, but I really enjoyed the story line. I loved how this book explored the character's emotions thoroughly. The best part of this book is the way it inspires the reader to feel so much. The worst part about this book is the way the main character talks sometimes. It is not constant, but the main character speaks very melodramatically ...
  • Rachel Baynard
    Didn't start out really loving it, but when Jade went to the "other" world, things got a lot better! She really grew as a person and I loved seeing her journey to learn to appreciate what she had. The last 150 pages or so were really good for me and even made me a bit emotional! Heartfelt moments secretly really get to me! LOL. Shh, don't tell.The only one I wasn't really that hep on was Clarik. I feel like he was a bit much at times in his decla...
  • Amanda
    Oh my Goth! I finally got to read Oh My Goth by Gena Showalter and I was not disappointed. This is actually a re-release with some updates to it and I never had the opportunity to read the original. So, this book may not be entirely new to some readers, however, knowing Gena, I'm positive she threw in some Easter eggs that weren't previously there and merely fine-tuned the story. Check out my full review on my blog here: https://rainydaysbooksand...
  • Gavin Nelson
    No... just no.This book is not a good portrayal of goth culture or nonconformity. It made outcasts out to be a bunch of snobby dicks and popular kids all airheaded bullies. Jade was so whiny and full of herself! She had no redeeming quality as a character whatsoever and neither did her gang of friends or the enigmatic new kid in school.
  • Louisa
    This revamped version of the story was so freaking amazing! There were a few things the same, like the characters, but we learned more about them, and that the world changes and everybody but the outsiders are Goth, but other than that, this book is totally different! Loved it, it was just so great to read!
  • Renee
    This book was great and had a great message. It touched on grief, depression and mental disorders. The main character, Jade, has to work through all of her issues of the loss of her mother and that all your reactions can have horrible outcomes. It really touches on bullying and how you too can be one without knowing it. Great read and great plot! I highly recommend this book!
  • Ashton
    This was a book I didn’t know I needed. It’s light, it’s fun, and it can really hit deep. I cried in a few places and I felt good while reading a lot of places.If you’re hesitant to read this because it’s YA or not something that’s often in your wheelhouse, don’t be.
  • Breane Ross
    I had read this book in the older version but picked this up anyway on my kindle. This book rocks! You learn along with Jade what has happened and how she and her "friend" need to change. Definitely recommend this book!
  • April Adkins
    Love stories like this. Were characters go to alternate worlds or their worlds flip in a blink of an eye.
  • Elizabeth
    I really really enjoyed this book and liked how the character of Jade changed and realized that she took everything for grantedand it's definitely a quick read that can be finished the same day.
  • Jennifer
    Oh My What an uplifting story. This should be required reading for teens. Appreciate what you have, or lose it. A heartwarming, wonderful reminder for everyone.
  • Jessica Richardson
    I really love this book. So good I love the romance in it so cute