Normal People by Sally Rooney

Normal People

Connell and Marianne both grow up in the same town in rural Ireland. The similarities end there; they are from very different worlds. But they both get places to study at university in Dublin, and a connection that has grown between them despite the social tangle of school lasts long into the following years.Sally Rooney's second novel is a deeply political novel, just as it's also a novel about love. It's about how difficult it is to speak to wh...

Details Normal People

TitleNormal People
Release DateAug 30th, 2018
PublisherFaber Faber
GenreFiction, European Literature, Irish Literature, Literary Fiction, Cultural, Ireland

Reviews Normal People

  • Sarah Jean Grimm
    I inhaled this book. It’s as cunning and perceptive as Conversations with Friends, yet more deeply interior and tender. I’m cemented as a Sally Rooney fan for life. I love the cast of normal people her exceptional mind creates.
  • Jaclyn Crupi
    This is as good as you’re hoping it will be and as different from CONVERSATIONS WITH FRIENDS as it needed to be. There was a lot of pressure on Rooney with this book and I’m thrilled to see her defying all book two expectations. Rooney is probably the most popular example of the incredible rising stars of Irish lit. There are so many great young Irish writers you simply have to be reading and Rooney is clearly leading the charge.
  • John Purcell
    The writing is reminiscent of the best of early twentieth century literature, the story is urgently, unflinchingly of our times. Brilliant.
  • Vivek Tejuja
    So, I got to read this book last month and I must say that I enjoyed this one a lot more than “Conversations with Friends”. It felt as though Rooney has finally found her voice and she must stick to that. “Normal People” is a breath of fresh air that raises so many questions of class, race and above all, it speaks of love and what happens to it over time.Connell and Marianne grow up in the same town in rural Ireland. They attend school to...
  • Dorothea Brooke
    I read this straight through pretty much - Rooney's prose is as smooth as ever! Poignant and left me with a lot to think about. Edited version: I have had time to sit down and write an actual review. Plot: awkward teenage girl, reasonably popular boy have a relationship in school that they don't tell anyone about (the girl tacitly agrees, he's too embarrassed). Despite having v different class backgrounds, expectations, they both end up at an eli...
  • Emma
    I am absolutely floored, this was incredible, so moving and compelling!!! Will review properly when I've emotionally recovered!!!!
  • Veronica
    The best book I’ve read this year. Read it in one sitting last night; it broke and healed and broke and healed my heart. Sally Rooney is amazing and I’m in awe and obsessed. The best book I’ve read this year. Read it in one sitting last night; it broke and healed and broke and healed my heart. Sally Rooney is amazing and I’m in awe and obsessed‬.
  • Swati Daftuar
    What did I think?Well, honestly, I feel quite drained from second-hand emotions.And frankly, I would have liked a fairy tale end. I know that that would have been an unrealistic conclusion to what is one of the most painfully real books I've read, but really, I needed a fairy tale end.Also, if there was ever a book that made me want to fall in love for the first time, all over again...
  • Rosie Hunt
    How does she do it? Everything Sally Rooney writes feels so true: she captures so much about love, being young, class and mental illness with an accuracy that’s like no other. She gets all the small details so very right.
  • LittleSophie
    What an unbelievably assured second novel, it's hard to believe that the author is still only 26 years old!Most astonishing is how gripping this novel is, Rooney applies an almost crime fiction-like intense scrutiny to the emotional war-zone. I found my expectations for the story shifting throughout while I grew more and more agitated. The two protagonists are life-like, highly intelligent but nevertheless trapped in their emotional shortcomings,...
  • Oryx
    A'ight. Sally Rooney probably shouldn't write about football. Like, who says 'nil-all' - unless it's a Irish thing I'm not getting. Also, she called it soccer once and then football forever. Do I care? Absolutely not. I just want to swear my way though this review but I know I can't. I have absolutely no idea how this book worked but for me it worked on every single level. It had everything I could ever possibly want from a novel and god damn she...
  • Kiera O'Brien
    This was as compelling as Conversations with Friends but I just didn't enjoy the characters as much. I felt both Marianne and Connell were too nice, and everyone else they encountered was too nasty—it would have been nice to have more shades of grey. Marianne in particular was so put-upon—although I never really felt there was enough detail about her horrible family. They were simply awful people who were constantly abusive towards her. Addin...
  • Alex
    At its surface, it’s about two people, the evolution of them as people, and of their relationship from high school through college.It is such a saturated topic but she is one of the best authors I have ever read at making something so emotionally raw and intense. What makes it impressive and so relatable is that she writes just talking about normal experiences and using simple language.Death, depression, masochism, sadism, love, loss, pain, are...
  • Megan Staunton
    Sally Rooney’s back again with NORMAL PEOPLE - a love story which touches upon how difficult it is to speak to what you feel and how tough it is to change. Rooney creates a cast of normal characters and yet narrates them in a way in which you can relate not only elements of yourself to, but you can apply traits of those who surround you too. Overall Normal People is a book about that, normal people - their flaws, complications and imperfections...
  • Ruth
    Loved it. I felt utterly transported on a nostalgic exploration of youth. The emotions of these characters were so genuine that I almost couldn't continue reading in places. Absolutely sublime!