Coyotes #2 by Sean Lewis

Coyotes #2

The Coyotes aren't done with our girl Red, and neither is Officer Coffey! When Coffey tracks the teen assassin to her underground hideout with the other Lady Victorias, he comes face to face with these women's real enemy: Coyotes. Like Southwestern werewolves, these beasts pile into the women's sanctuary looking for retribution. In the end, Coffey and Red are left with more questions and a realization that they might need each other.

Details Coyotes #2

TitleCoyotes #2
Release DateDec 13th, 2017
GenreHorror, Graphic Novels Comics, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Sequential Art, Comics

Reviews Coyotes #2

  • Shannon
    A very interesting direction this one is going in ...Still have no idea why the women are wearing Victorian garb or why they're being hunted, but hey, this has my attention at least.
  • Rainey
    Love the concept, but it's just a bit too difficult to follow.