Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech

Saving Winslow

An Indie Next List Pick!“A winning tale of love.” — Kirkus (starred review)Perfect for fans of Charlotte’s Web and The One and Only Ivan, Saving Winslow is an uplifting modern classic in the making about a young boy who befriends an ailing newborn donkey and nurses him back to health, from New York Times bestseller and Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech.Louie doesn't have the best luck when it comes to nurturing small creatures. So whe...

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TitleSaving Winslow
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Animals

Reviews Saving Winslow

  • Paul Hankins
    Review closer to release date, but. . .this is Sharon Creech. You're already heading away from this post to pre-order. I won't keep you any longer.
  • Patrick
    So great to have a new Sharon Creech novel out in the world. Sweet, heart-felt story.
  • Madison
    A heartwarming story of a young donkey, the boy who is determined to save him, and the way in which small things can sometimes have the biggest impact. Lyrical and sweet, Saving Winslow is a simple but touching story for young and middle-grade readers. When Louie is given another of his Uncle Pete’s orphan animals, a newborn donkey, everyone warns him not to get too attached, as it will probably die anyway. But there is something about the tiny...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusWhen his somewhat irresponsible Uncle Pete's miniature donkey is ailing and gives birth prematurely, Louie's mother and father let Louie try to nurse the baby back to health, warning him the whole time that it is likely the animal won't make it. Since Louie is missing his brother Gus, who is in the army, and feels like his track record with keeping animals alive isn't great, Louie does his best. Louie hangs out with his b...
  • Lynn
    Sigh! Louie and Winslow won my heart. Lovely!
  • Brenda Kahn
    Oh my! My children’s lit lovin’ peeps! This! This book! Sharon Creech! It’s perfect! I need to read it again when I stop crying. Honestly! I was cackling my head off in the airport on the way here and crying my eyes out with love on the way out! What a mess I am! Review later!
  • Michele Knott
    Sharon Creech is always able to pack so many things to talk about in her books in a smaller number of pages than most. She's that wonderful with words.
  • Lorie Barber
    I find it nothing short of incredible that Sharon Creech continues to pack so much heartfelt emotion and incredible life lessons into a short-ish space. I have fallen in love with Winslow, Louie, and Nora and I know my students will, too. What a pleasure to read this summer morning.
  • Jeanell
    #Partner #KLE ✨BookReview✨Thank you @KidLitExchange for a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ In Sharon Creech’s new middle grade novel (debuts 9/18), a young boy named Louie finds himself alone. His older brother Gus has gone off to war, his best friend seems to have new middle school concerns, and everything he’s ever cared for has either died or run away. Things change when Louie’s parents receive a new...
  • Kristen
    Edelweiss provided me a DRC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I was really excited to get an DRC of this one, because I loved last year's Moo. I adored the story of a girl and a cow, so I thought the story of a boy and a donkey would be just as enjoyable.And while the story is cute, and there are some great issues addressed (loss and grief, friendship, responsibility), this one just didn't pack the same emotional punch for me. I wish ...
  • Melanie Dulaney
    Readers of animal rescue books or sad-happy heart warmers by authors like Lisa Graff and Cynthia Lord will need to read Sharon Creech’s newest. With its short chapters and non threatening length, almost any 3rd-6th grader should be able to read this story of Louie and his big heart. Even with less than 125 pages, readers will get to know Louie as he struggles to nurse a frail mini-donkey to health and Nora who tries so hard to avoid getting clo...
  • Michele
    @kidlitexchange #partnerThank you to the #kidlitexchange network for the free review copy of Saving Winslow by @creechauthor•Animal lovers unite! A sweet, sweet boy tries to save a baby donkey in this one. Dad brings home a baby donkey whose mother has died and the baby likely will too. Louie, however, is determined to save him. Naming him Winslow, the boy and donkey soon have a deep bond.•This book is so charming because young Louie is learn...
  • Jennifer
    Joining Eeyore in books about donkeys is Winslow, a sickly baby donkey that comes into Louie's life right after his brother has gone off into military service. Louie and Winslow need each other, but it's also the effect a little gray donkey can have on a community. Creech is a masterful writer, creating in the reader feelings of sympathy and fondness for a creature without getting maudlin. Anxiety over Winslow's situation is just enough to create...
  • Jennifer
    Love That Dog is a favorite, and I enjoyed Moo as well. This one didn't have quite the emotional resonance for me, but it also seems to be for a little younger audience. A sweet story of a boy and his pet donkey. I liked the quirky neighbor (more so than the main character) but found everyone's expectation and preoccupation with what they all assumed was an inevitable demise a little puzzling. Would you really be constantly asking a little kid if...
  • Bekka
    My thanks to Edelweiss and Harper Collins for early access to this title.What a sweet story! This is a gentle, realistic read for the tween-agers, or maybe a bit younger, about family and friendship and neighbors and a cute little grey donkey named Winslow. I can see this being a great read aloud in a family or classroom setting. Its a simple story with a lot of depth that can foster conversations about some tough situations kids may be going thr...
  • Tj Shay
    No one spins a tale like Sharon Creech. There is something about the way she introduces characters that makes them fully alive, like they are someone you already know. Saving Winslow is full of relatable characters and tells you a tale that you believe in and want to celebrate. This is one of my absolute favorite Sharon Creech books now, and that’s saying something.
  • Rachael Bookfairs
    Kids & Baby animals - it is well written & would be enjoyed by younger kids who love animal stories - there is also some subtext around friendship, loss & the main character is missing his brother who is on active duty in the military that might strike a chord with the slightly older middle school readers.But it didn't grab me as much as I would have expected.
  • Cindy Dobrez
    Winslow, Louie and this book won my heart--Creech had it long ago with Walk Two Moons. I can't wait to recommend it to my animal-loving 6th graders this fall. It's a definite purchase for all elementary school collections.
  • Darla
    You can't help but fall in love with Louie and little Winslow. They are both underdogs and when they team up they are invincible. Young readers will be reminded of the value of life and the beauty of living in community. Highly recommended!Thank you to HarperCollins and Edelweiss for a digital ARC of this endearing new book.
  • Alyssa
    Saving Winslow is an absolutely heartwarming story of a young donkey, the boy who is determined to save him, and the way in which small things can sometimes have the biggest impact. Sharon Creech created a simple but touching story for young and middle-grade readers in Saving Winslow. I absolutely adored it. Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with an advanced reader's copy.
  • Katie Reilley
    A truly heartwarming story about a frail newborn donkey and the optimistic young boy trying to nurse him to health.Short chapters & powerful themes of hope & friendship. A must buy for my middle grade classroom!
  • Sarah
    I loved this story about a boy and his caring for a unique baby animal. Since I work with third graders, I really appreciate that this middle grade book has short chapters, perfect for reading aloud, and that it comes in under 200 pages (a rarity these days!).
  • JoEllen
    Another sweet story from Sharon Creech. Perfect for animal lovers and fans of Charlotte’s Web. Simple story with layers to explore compassion, love, longing and loss. Love Louie’s optimism and huge heart.
  • Scott Fillner
    Another wonderful story by Sharon Creech. A story about friendship, animals, overcoming obstacles, and a deep caring for others. This story has short chapters packed with beautiful imagery which will engage all readers 8 and up.
  • Bonnie Grover
    Thank you #BookPosse for letting me read an early edition of this book. Sharon Creech has always been my go to for books. Her stories are heartwarming. I find that her books have a wide range of appeal among my readers. I highly recommend this book.
  • Brett Berkman
    Good book for animal lovers, boy protagonist
  • Barb
    What a wonderful story. Every child will enjoy this beautiful sorry of friendship and hope.
  • Mary
    Really enjoyed this. Funny yet sensitive. Nora was a great character! Well-written and engaging. I'd give this to a child who likes animals and a bit of suspense but not too much.
  • Amy
    Short and sweet and practically perfect. Sharon Creech can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.
  • LibraryDanielle
    simple, but cute and touching