Stewart's Best Pen by Stephen W. Martin

Stewart's Best Pen

Boy meets pen in this funny, concise, and touching picture book about maintaining friendship across great distances.Stewart may be a boy, and Craig may be a pen, but they are definitely best friends. The kind of friends who do everything together, who rely on each other, and who feel lost without each other . . . which is why it’s a catastrophe when Craig disappears! How can Stewart be a best friend if his best buddy is missing? The answer is ...

Details Stewart's Best Pen

TitleStewart's Best Pen
Release DateDec 11th, 2018
PublisherClarion Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Language, Writing, Travel

Reviews Stewart's Best Pen

  • Lola Martin
    Just bought this book for my daughter and she LOVES it!! Good news is - that I actually love it too!! (Thankfully since I'm having to read it over and over, haha). The writing is clever and the story has a great message about friendship, loss and new beginnings that's important for any kid. Highly recommended!
  • Amanda
    A way to introduce pen pals to kids.
  • Edward Sullivan
    Clever, fun take on the long-distance friendship story.
  • Syntha Green
    Delightful story of friendship
  • Liz Handler
    Friendship story for long-distance friends.
  • Jessie Bond
    I respect the hell out of a picture book author who creates an entire conceit and story just to end on a single, spectacular pun.
  • Claire Peterson
    I'm a teacher and this is a GREAT book to teach a lesson on letter-writing and pen pals. Not to mention it made all the kids laugh. It was a hit!
  • Steph
    Pen pals!
  • Jim Parison
    Super Funny story about friendship!! My little guy loved it and it was especially good because we just moved states so it helped him adjust / deal with the transition. Excellent excellent book!!