The Spite Game by Anna Snoekstra

The Spite Game

Everyone does bad things when no one is watchingMercilessly bullied in high school, Ava knows she needs to put the past behind her and move on, but she can’t—not until she’s exacted precise, catastrophic revenge on the people who hurt her the most.First, she watches Saanvi. Flawlessly chic and working hard at a top architectural firm, Saanvi has it all together on the surface. But everyone does bad things when they think no one is watching ...

Details The Spite Game

TitleThe Spite Game
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Psychological Thriller

Reviews The Spite Game

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    This has got to be the most fun book I've BR with Dennis (@scaredstraightreads) to date. We both started the same morning, and both finished that same evening within minutes of each other. Just call us N'SYNC. Both of us had been craving a certain type of book lately; it didn't have to be perfect, just compulsive in nature and entertaining to no end. Guys, this was the perfect novel to pick up in meeting those criteria. It wasn't perfect, and I c...
  • Kylie D
    Well, that was an interesting book! Ava was bullied in high school by her "friends" and slowly, over the years, she's determined to get revenge for herself, make them pay. It starts off with little things, just to throw them, but it starts to escalate into something a lot more. And then there's no going back...I really enjoyed this book, coming fully invested in Ava's little games. It jumps around a bit, which can be a bit disconcerting, but this...
  • Tammie
    A solid 4 stars for me. The Spite Game switches frequently from past to present and centers around main character Ava. Ava wanted nothing more than to be friends with these three girls in high school; girls I think of as the “mean girls”. Girls that torment the weak, the chubby and the different. So desperate to be friends with these girls, Ava let’s herself get bullied and treated like crap by them. Adult Ava wasn’t able to let the past ...
  • Mandy White
    I have really enjoyed previous books by Anna Snoekstra and this one jumped out at me and I couldn't wait to read it. It did not let me down, although it wasn,t as good as her previous book Little Secrets. It was a fun, fast but at times disturbing read with some very nasty characters.We all know the mean girls at school. These 3 girls were just hideous! But at school Ava wanted nothing more than to be friends with them, the popular girls. Time an...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:As far as the social strata went, we were barely in the equation. We were cooler than the kids with chronic acne who played cards in the back of the library, but not by much… I felt ready. I wanted to see the true potential of my life, to have fun and get drunk and kiss boys and skip school. I wanted to see what I was capable of. I was just waiting for my in.There had been always been an ache in my chest. I hadn’t known it was...
  • Kristy
    Ava was terribly bullied in high school by three girls she idolized: Melissa, Cass, Saanvi. One particular incident so traumatized her that she cannot move on and years later, she finds herself unable to get past it. So she watches her former classmates--online and in real life--and she plots. If she can just find a way to get even, Ava thinks, then she can move on with her own life. But Ava's stalking threatens to overtake her life and perhaps h...
  • Kristy K
    This is a story of a girl, Ava, who gets revenge on a group of people who bullied and played tricks on to her in high school. It goes back and forth between past and present. I was hoping for a new spin on this narrative but it kept to the same plot devices as other books with revenge plots. Ava presents some psychopathic tendencies but so does almost everyone else in the story so the shock value of her deeds are lessened. The ending wasn’t sho...
  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    Boom! In my long list of my Top 18 Reads of 2018!I read this cover to cover over a few hours, one of those great books that lets you delve into it until you come back up for air. Riveting.I don’t know what genre this falls into. It’s got early YA elements in it as teenagers are the focus but as the characters grow into young women it’s more of a psychological thriller with some dark overtones.You know that gang of girls in high school that ...
  • Dennis
    Ava's world came tumbling down when she befriended the three mean girls of her high school class. Saanvi, Cass, and Mel were the trio of trouble in their school hierarchical order. After Ava helps Mel by sabotaging someone who has wronged her, the group invites her into their social circle. Never really feeling fully immersed into the group, Ava questions the dynamic between the clique. After one night of partying, the girls decide to backstab Av...
  • Bex (Beckie Bookworm)
    This was fabulous It only loses some points from me because of the slightly confused and jumpy timeline: this I found took slightly some getting used to but when I did The Spite Game for me was ever such a satisfying read.A psychological thriller that cleverly conveys the story of Ava and her obsession with her former classmate's actions towards her and showing us that there's a fine line separating such strong feelings of acceptance versus Reven...
  • Julie Parks
    This was very interesting, and more YA than adult because most of the story was in flashbacks. It would've been much better as a book if it was actually YA story because like many other reviewers noted, the main character seems a bit stuck back in time and more in need of therapy than anything else. And, yes, she sounds self-pitying and whiny and not like someone you want to root for much.I did enjoy the writing style a lot, even though it needs ...
  • Michelle
    This was the first book I have read by Anna Snoekstra and I was definitely impressed. When I read the synopsis of this book I knew I just had to read it, as it sounds like the type of psychological thriller book that I would just love and devour. I was right!This book takes you on a journey with a woman named Ava. Bullied relentlessly and embarrassed to no end in high school, Ava exacts revenge on all her "friends" she had in high school who did ...
  • Kat Dietrich
    The Spite Game by Ana Snoekstra is a psychological thriller.First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Harlequin - MIRA, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.My Synopsis: Ava is at the police station, waiting for the detective to come in. She has a confession to make.As Ava sits in the interrogation room, she thinks back over her life, and the reason she is...
  • Amy
    ****4-4.25 stars****The Spite Game by Anna Snoekstra is darker, more vulgar version of Mean Girls and I couldn't put it down. I flew through this read and just flat out loved this book. These girls are literally "the worst" to Anna growing up in school but yet she wants to be friends with them and finds herself going to extremes to friend them. She also obsessed over what they did to her and could never forgive and move on in life. I wouldn't say...
  • Elizabeth
    Tl;dr: If you call someone a psycho enough in high school you can turn them into one?!? A disjointed and disappointing muddle.The Spite Game is nominally a thriller, though it's very clear from the opening how things are going to go. And go it does, through page after page of one increasingly unbelievable set piece after another.The mc, Ava, was bullied by three girls in high school (well, one of them was a bystander) and spends the next decade o...
  • Amitaf0208
    3.75 stars - entertaining.
  • OutlawPoet
    This is one of those books that just feels kind of ick when you read it.While I felt for Ava, I also wanted her to grow up. What happened to her in the past was simply awful, but she was more in need of therapy than revenge.There were some surprises in the book – especially in the end with one particular character – but it can be hard to get through a book when you simply hate the main character – and hate her I did!The book is sort of susp...
  • The Cats Mother
    I think that this is a good story, but couldn’t say I enjoyed it, as being inside the head of the most unlikeable protagonist in a long time was deeply uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong - I don’t need them to be lovely people, but if I’m going to read about a psychopath I want them to be smart, witty, charming and amoral, not angsting over how awful they are.Ava sits alone in a Melbourne police station, waiting to speak to a detective and...
  • Laura Rash
    Mean Girls with a nasty twist to it. Kind of told in a roundabout way that everything doesn’t fall into place until the last few pages but I liked how it panned out
  • ʚϊɞ Shelley ʚϊɞ
    When I was a kid they called me different. When I was a teenager they said I was wild. When I was a young woman they called me eccentric. When I turned sixty I was batty. Now they say I’m demented. I’ve always thought the best way to live is to embrace your crazy. I’ll tell you now it’s always a hell of a lot more fun. I was a little sheepish to read this title because it comes across as maybe a bit YA. Boy was I wrong! I REALLY enjoyed ...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    I'm a sucker for a red cover. Always. Every time. Slap that cover on a book where you don't even really need to think and just sit back to enjoy the ride - color me happily entertained. Exactly what I needed after a busy moving weekend.The synopsis pretty much tell it all. Ava gets bullied and now is exacting revenge. BOOM. Good enough for me! This has a bit of a Heathers feel with Ava as Veronica, ya get me? Not quite as dark but definitely dark...
  • Katie
    If you were ever bullied in school, you would probably enjoy living vicariously with the main character, Ava, as she seeks revenge on those “mean girls” who wronged her. The book goes back in forth in time to give flashbacks of the high school events. Ava works so hard at her revenge schemes that she ceases really living her own life and starts to lose who she is. I found The Spite Game to be a quick, easy read and it made me glad that I have...
  • Estee
    This book was dismal. But I think that was intended. This book goes between the present and the past. The past is Ava in high school where she was bullied by a group of girls. The present is Ava as an adult consumed with revenge. So much so that she is unable to even have an adult relationship. Poor girl. However, I didn't feel sorry for Ava while I was reading this. I felt a little bit disgusted by her. Everyone has been through shit, and everyo...
  • Jade Wright
    The opening chapter of this book instantly hooked me! Karin Slaughter always whacks the nail on the head with her prologues / first chapters but LOOK OUT, Anna Snoekstra's opening of The Spite Game can reel anyone in!!!Our main character, AVA, is in this interrogation room but we don't know why. The way it's written makes it feel as though we are the detective and she's talking right to us as she explains her story. It has a fabulous impact on th...
  • Maggie61
    Who doesn’t like a juicy little story of revenge? Normally yes. But I didn’t love this one. It was only ok for me and while the premise was good, it just didn’t follow through for me. Ava had some friends. But when something happened to bring her into the light of the cool girls, her old friends were left in the dust. But her journey with the mean girls was pretty short lived and then she found herself their target. A decade after, Ava is s...
  • Donna Hines
    A girl with revenge on the mind against 3 different individuals.Ava was bullied all throughout high school and she simply can't let it go.Saanvi, Cass, and Mel are now her targets throughout the entire story and she doesn't let up.The problem for me was that we knew the plot beforehand and there wasn't much mystery or intrigue that keeps reader's enticed to read more.It lack the thrills and chills and plot twists I've come to expect.Perhaps you'l...
  • Irene
    This book got off to a slow start, but it wasn't too long until I was dying to know what this group of mean girls had done to Ava that pushed her over the edge and filled her with the single minded purpose of revenge. By the time it was revealed, I couldn't wait to find out how Ava's plan to get even would play out. If you have ever had a revenge fantasy you will likely enjoy this guilty pleasure. I received an advance copy for review.
  • Tracy (The Pages In-Between)
    Thank you Mira Books (Harper Collins) for gifting me a copy of this book, in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own.I rate this book a 3.5 out of 5 Stars. This is one of those books that walks a very fine line between Young Adult, and Adult Thrillers. Half the book is when Ava was a teenager, and written as such, the other half is when Ava is an adult, and written as such. But sometimes the lines blurred, and I had to remind mysel...
  • Cheryl
    I liked this book but I also thought it would have been better. Ava was in her right to get even with Saanvi, Cass, and Mel. They were the "mean girls" in school. Ava just wanted to be accepted. However, it was kind of hard to feel bad for Ava when she did come off as a bit desperate in school. No matter how many times she found herself the "butt" of the girls' joke, she still wanted to hang out with them. My feelings did change from desperate to...
  • Cyndi
    Set in Australia, Anna Snoekstra’s latest, the Spite Game, explores the mind of Ava, who was a victim of bullying in high school and becomes obsessed with seeking revenge upon her tormentors. The plot is narrated by Ava and weaves back and forth between 3 time periods. We learn Ava’s motives and why she has come to be in her current life-changing predicament.The title is a bit of a misnomer, being that life becomes not a game, but a bitter ob...