A Borrowing of Bones (Mercy & Elvis Mysteries #1) by Paula Munier

A Borrowing of Bones (Mercy & Elvis Mysteries #1)

First in a gripping new mystery series about a retired MP and her bomb-sniffing dog who become embroiled in an investigation in the beautiful Vermont wildernessIt may be the Fourth of July weekend, but for retired soldiers Mercy Carr and Belgian Malinois Elvis, it’s just another walk in the remote Lye Brook Wilderness—until the former bomb-sniffing dog alerts to explosives and they find a squalling baby abandoned near a shallow grave filled w...

Details A Borrowing of Bones (Mercy & Elvis Mysteries #1)

TitleA Borrowing of Bones (Mercy & Elvis Mysteries #1)
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Suspense, Adult

Reviews A Borrowing of Bones (Mercy & Elvis Mysteries #1)

  • Ian
    There is a lot to love in this book. There are dogs, characters you love, a well written story...did I mention dogs?I love that the writer has written a mystery that for the most part has no guns (I sometimes think that writers who go to the gun show a lack of imagination).It's not perfect. It's a little rough around the edges. The writer chose to devote the last chapter to explaining all the things which probably should have been revealed throug...
  • Paul
    A Borrowing of Bones is a solid thriller with some fresh characters. This is a good start to a series, especially for an animal lover who likes a quick thriller.Thank you to NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press, Minotaur Books, and Paula Munier for the advanced copy for review.Full review can be found here: https://paulspicks.blog/2018/05/06/a-...Please check out all my reviews: https://paulspicks.blog
  • Paris (kerbytejas)
    Ok, so I’ve just finished my 2nd feel-good book in a row – it must be the four-legged characters that have such wonderful roles in the stories. A Borrowing of Bones (Mercy Carr #1) by Paula Munier is an outdoorsy, mystery, that includes murders, art, a missing mother & child, great M/F leads, Shakespearean quotes, and two of the best dogs around. The combination of the human leads and their dogs made the story fun. I also felt that Mercy’...
  • Lesa
    Paula Munier's debut mystery, A Borrowing of Bones, has everything. It's fast-paced and intense, engrossing with an atmospheric setting in the Vermont woods. For those of us who read for character, though, it's outstanding. Mercy Carr, a veteran of two tours in Afghanistan, and State Game Warden Troy Warner, make an interesting pair of investigators. But, they're not on their own. They each have a rescue dog that is also a K9 working dog. Dog lov...
  • Patti
    I really enjoyed this debut with a former servicewoman and her dog, who both are suffering from PTSD. Elvis, the dog, was trained by Mercy's fiance, who died in Iraq, one year before the setting of this book. Speaking of setting, this book also introduces the reader to Vermont, which seems to be beloved as a character too. Mercy meets a Game Warden, Troy and his dog, Susie Bear, and this foursome is a formidable group. They catch the bad guys, an...
  • Carol Bisig
    I wish this book had never ended! This book is my perfect Mystery! The handsome Game Warden, the retired female M.P., with her bomb-sniffing dog, Elvis! Witty, fast-paced dialogue, in-depth character analysis, I wanted to live there, meet these people, help with the hunt for the killer! Great ending, everything a great mystery book should be! It will be in the top 25 of Best Books this year on my blog! I cannot wait for the next installment! Plea...
  • Maranda
    Detectives with dogs on the hunt for answers is a favorite story line for me. Retired military MP Mercy and her dog Elvis search for answers when they discover a abandoned baby in the woods. But.. when the baby disappears from the hospital these two do not rest until she is found. With the help of the U.S. Game Warden Troy Warner it is danger behind every corner. "A copy of this book was provided by St. Martin's Press via Netgally with no require...
  • Jay -hooked on books
    Mercy Carr, retired MP and Elvis, her bomb-sniffing dog are leading a relatively quaint life in Vermont. Nestled in the wilderness, they try to overcome their shared grief and trauma. The relative quiet of their life is disturbed when they find an abandoned baby on one of their hikes. When Elvis alerts to explosives in the same vicinity, she is convinced there's something very sinister afoot. Game Warden Troy and his search-and-rescue dog Susie B...
  • K.A. Davis
    A BORROWING OF BONES by Paula Munier, is a strong start to a new series! I love the premise of the plot about a medically discharged soldier and service dog. Mercy Carr, and her deceased fiancé’s injured canine, Elvis, are two veterans learning to overcome their wounds. Not only are their wounds physical but both are struggling with PTSD. Ms. Munier tackles this heart-wrenching issue facing our veterans and creates a richly detailed suspense t...
  • Sydney Young
    Can’t wait for the next. Here’s some of what’s to love:Characters—Mercy and Elvis tug at your heart for boldly soldiering on after losing Martinez. I loved how they grew closer, not perfectly figuring it out but definitely making progress. Of course Troy and his dog are heartthrobs, too. Love that they are not the normal type of detectives, see more below. Setting—Vermont. Hello Vermont! Love this fresh rural setting. Thank you for sett...
  • Debbie
    "A Borrowing of Bones" is a mystery/suspense novel. The characters were interesting, complex, and acted in realistic ways. The mystery was also complex since several things were happening at the same time: an old murder, explosives residue in several unexpected places, a missing baby, new murders, and more.Mercy and her bomb-sniffing dog, Elvis, kept tracking down clues and passing them on to U.S. Game Warden Troy Warner (owner of a search and re...
  • Betty
    The first book of the Mercy and Elton series and new author and I will read her again. The book was recommend by Margaret Mizushima in an article about seven search and rescue dogs books. I have a few others that just reached my TBR list. This book has an explosive sifting dog, Elton and a scent dog, Susie Bear and a recuse kitten, Muse. This book sets up many individuals that I feel we will meet I future adventures.Mercy Carr and Elton have retu...
  • Owl._.
    I think this has the potential to be a really good series. However, when comparing it to similar books/series of the same genre and theme, most notably the Alex Kava Creed series, I can honestly say it doesn't measure up. There was something missing. It didn't pull me in or keep me excited; I found myself able to put it down several times over the last few days. I didn't feel that urge of "I have to know what happens". I really just wanted to fin...
  • Cathy Cole
    I've quickly become hooked on mysteries featuring working dogs-- especially military or police dogs. I think it's because the bond between human and dog is so strong and because the dog's capabilities are extraordinary. When I learned of this first Mercy and Elvis mystery, I knew I had to read it, and the only thing I can say now is that I can't wait to read the next book in the series.A Borrowing of Bones is fast-paced and well-plotted, with a m...
  • Michelle Richter
    I loved A Borrowing of the Bones. Mercy Carr was such an endearing character, and I think I might have had a crush on game warden Troy. But even more than these two, I loved their dogs. Elvis and Susie Bear were working dogs, and boy, did they prove their worth, from finding danger to search and rescue duties to protecting their people. The Vermont setting was charming and vividly drawn, chockablock with wonderful supporting characters, chief amo...
  • Missie
    Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read for a fair review. I often skimming long passages of details, literary references, and ramblings trying to stick with this book. I genuinely liked the characters (three humans, two dogs, and one cat) but the plot was muddy and very detailed. (Lengthy, wordy) In the end a murder was solved and I know what a folly is to the art world. Still not exactly sure what went down...My apologies I really tried...
  • Stanley McShane
    Retired MP and Afghanistan vet Mercy Carr brought home the Belgian Malinois, Elvis, and they are living a quiet life after she is granted the ex-bomb-sniffing dog. Mercy is exercising the high energy canine early when the dog suddenly darts into the dense underbrush and alerts to a baby.It is the July 4th holiday in the Lye Brook Wilderness of the Vermont mountains and the closest law enforcement officer is U.S. Game Warden Troy Warner. Troy has ...
  • Cozy Cat Reviews
    This is the first in a wonderful new series by the author and I hope the beginning of a long successful series to come with many more releases.. it is always enjoyable to find a new mystery author and rare to find one that is so gifted in writing mysteries is especially thrilling. This author has a talent for writing and creating a thrilling story. I loved this book and highly recommend it for everyone that enjoys thrillers and mysteries. Thank y...
  • Jennifer Ritter
    A Borrowing of Bones is the first book in a new series by author Paula Munier. Mercy Carr, US Army MP, has retired to be near her caring grandmother after an ambush and fire fight in Afghanistan that left Mercy wounded and her fiancé, Sgt. Martinez, dead. She now lives in a cabin on a small piece of land outside of Northshire, VT, with Martinez’s PTSD suffering explosive detection dog, Elvis.Now working her way back towards normalcy, Mercy and...
  • Susan
    This first book, in what I hope will be a very long running series, took hold of me from page one and I read it in less than a weekend. (I did take time to sleep a bit) I was drawn into the story so firmly that I lost track of time. The flow of the words, the story - that rare storyteller who crafts a seamless string of words - this was a book I didn't want to leave.Mercy Carr is a wonderful character, an Army Corporal/MP back from Afghanistan, b...
  • Diane
    A Borrowing of Bones by author Paula Munier is a wonderful new mystery series with ex-MP Mercy Carr and her Belgian Malinois, Elvis. Mercy is healing from past traumas, physical and emotional as she works with the sheriff department in a remote area of Vermont. The healing of body and mind after the immersion of survival in a war-torn country is not easy, but Mercy and Elvis are making it one day at a time.She is out walking Elvis and he hits on ...
  • Tina Christopher
    I really, really wanted to love this book. It seemed like the perfect story for the mood I am in and I adore K9 stories. The dogs were wonderful and it was a twisty and compelling mystery (I read it in one sitting on a lazy Sunday), but I found the characters a little too bland and two-dimensional. Motivation was laid out well for both characters, but somehow it only covered the surface. I didn't quite believe it all the way.Also, not once in the...
  • Hannelore Cheney
    Thank you NetGalley and Minotaur Books for the eARC.The first in a new series set in Vermont, this book features an ex-MP called Mercy Carr and her Belgian Malinois Elvis, both of them suffering from PTSD after their stint in Afghanistan. After finding an abandoned baby girl in the woods on one of their daily hikes and calling 911, Game Warden Troy Warner and his search and rescue Newfie Susie arrive. Besides the baby they have also found the rem...
  • Laura Salas
    It's always such a pleasure to read a mystery, to grow close to the characters, to be satisfied with the plotting and the resolution, and THEN to discover it's the first in a series. Woohoo! Mercy is my favorite kind of character: smart, brave, and flawed. And wounded--a former soldier who is dealing with loss. She feels like a real person to me, and I was rooting for her the entire way through the book.The supporting characters are also well-dra...
  • Lora
    After serving as an MP in Afghanistan, Mercy Carr has moved back home to Vermont to try and recover from losing her fiancee, Martinez, while deployed. Mercy lives with Martinez's dog, Elvis, who worked by his side and was with him when he died. While out walking with Elvis on the 4th of July weekend, Mercy discovers a baby abandoned in the forest. Game warden Troy arrives at the scene and they realize that they knew each other as teenagers. In fa...
  • Kathleen Gray
    This one hits a lot of sweet spots- a veteran, a dog, a game warden, a dog, a mystery, and Vermont! Mercy and Elvis are both dealing with PTSd and Vermont should be an easier place for them but no- they find a baby and Elvis scents on explosives. Luckily, Troy, the game warden and his dog Susie Bear are there to help untangle the mysteries of the bones Elvis finds and the disappearance of the baby. These are good characters that hopefully will be...
  • Joan
    A good beginning to a series. Great plot - I was kept guessing all along as to what was happening. Mistaken identities, two great dogs, a tragic backstory for the heroine, and a handsome Maine game warden. I'm looking forward to more Mercy and Elvis mysteries. I'm afraid to say more without giving away too many details of this introductory story! If you liked Alex Kava's Creed and Maggie mysteries, you'll love this book.
  • Sharon Kolodziej
    With the main character being former military police and her bomb sniffing dog with PTSD I was hooked right away. And of course she meets up with an game warden with a search and rescue dog after finding an abandoned baby in the woods. Tracking the missing mother, a cold case, human bones: It all makes for a great story.
  • Kimberley Cornwell
    What an exceptional read. From start to finish, I relished every page. Mercy, the main protagonist, Troy, Patience, all of the characters rang true for me. Of course, I can't forget Elvis, the Malinois dog, the real star! I am eager to read the next book!!!