Vendetta (Catherine Ling, #5) by Iris Johansen

Vendetta (Catherine Ling, #5)

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen comes a new explosive, compelling thriller.With his dying breath, Carl Venable, head of the CIA task force on terrorism and Jude Brandon’s final link to terrorist ringleader Max Huber, gives Brandon a mandate: to keep his daughter, Rachel, safe at any cost. But Rachel Venable has a shocking, twisted past of her own, one that comes rushing back after her medical clinic in Guyana is atta...

Details Vendetta (Catherine Ling, #5)

TitleVendetta (Catherine Ling, #5)
Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Vendetta (Catherine Ling, #5)

  • Selena
    I received an ARC copy of Vendetta by Iris Johansen from Goodreads for my honest review.A fast paced thriller with dynamic characters! Carl Venable, CIA agent and head of the terrorism task force is dying. He asks Jude Brandon to get his daughter, Rachel, and to keep her safe. Brandon who is still on the trail of terrorist ringleader, Max Huber and the Red Star organization, soon discovers that this task is going to be harder than he thought. Rac...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I've read several Iris Johansen books, but VENDETTA is the first I've read in the Catherine Ling series, not that I let that stop me. I love Iris Johansen's Eve Duncan series, so getting a chance to read a book in one of her other series was great.READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION!
  • Emma
    These are the most ridiculously OTT, high drama, high action wish fulfilment novels you can buy - and that's precisely why I love them.The men are all sexy sex masters of sex land, lithe like tigers, dangerous and mysterious, with a do-what-I-say attitude and killer competence. But no, it's not the misogyny fest you might think because the ladies are all clever, irresistible, do-what-I-want, save the day, overcome it all, take charge of when the ...
  • Melanie
    Vendetta was a fun, thrilling read that works well as a standalone despite being the fifth book in the Catherine Ling series.Carl Venable, head of the CIA terrorism task force, has relentlessly hunted Max Huber, head of one of the deadlist terror organizations, for years. When Venable is ambushed while meeting an informant, before dying he asks former Special Forces soldier Jude Brandon to keep his daughter Rachel safe at any cost. When Huber com...
  • Susan Kennedy
    I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Strong characters, action and intrigue. What could be better? Okay, don't answer that. Everything is a little better with magic and dragons and wizards, etc. This was a great story though.I loved the slew of characters that were thrown at you. It went to building a team that was very diverse in their talents and personalities. Some of those characters were very intriguing to stay the least. Cameron would be the most...
  • Kathy Martin
    This was a fast-paced thriller with a fantasy feel. Carl Venable enlists Jude Brandon to protect his daughter Rachel from terrorist Max Huber when Brandon attempts to rescue Venable. Unfortunately, he too late. But Venable tells Brandon that his daughter has a secret about Huber that makes her a target.Rachel Venable is a doctor who is with a humanitarian organization and is currently working in Guyana. She is estranged from her father and has a ...
  • Gloria
    Vendetta is the fifth in the Catherine Ling series but the first that I have read and I had no problem reading it as a standalone. I have read and enjoyed books by Iris Johansen in the past and I am glad that I requested this one. This is a fast paced thriller that grabs from the first page to the end. Dr. Rachel Venable is a physician who has a calling to treat patients around the world. Her estranged father, Carl, is CIA and when he is dying, h...
  • Rebecca
    3.5 STARSJohansen always seems to meet my expectations. This is an action packed, fast paced addition to the series. I missed one or two book of this series, but had no issues understanding all the characters and events. There is always an excellent refresher of past events. (Catherine has appeared in Eve Duncan Series too). The main aspect that kept this from being a four star read was the lack of emotion and somewhat dull romantic chemistry bet...
  • Donna
    3.5 stars. CIA boss Venable dies from a gunshot would but not before asking operative Brandon to find and take care of his daughter Rachel. Rachel, a doctor working in Guyana, and her medical team come under attack because the bad guys who killed Venable are after her. She poisoned Max Huber's father and the son is coming for her. Brandon rescues her and they travel back to San Francisco where Huber vows to change wreak havoc that will change the...
  • Tonya
    Vendetta by Iris Johansen introduces new characters in this story involving many characters who are all motivated for revenge. I enjoyed the novel quite a bit and am intrigued by Rachel and Catherine the two female lead characters. I really enjoyed getting a deeper look into the characters. Vendetta is more than just a good guys versus bad guys, save the world from disaster thriller. It digs into the deepest wounds and vulnerabilities of the main...
  • Stacy Kingsley
    Have you ever read a book where every character is the same? If not, read Vendetta, because every character is the exact same character, male and female. The synopsis from amazon makes it sound a lot more interesting than it was: With his dying breath, Carl Venable, head of the CIA task force on terrorism and Jude Brandon’s final link to terrorist ringleader Max Huber, gives Brandon a mandate: keep his daughter, Rachel, safe at any cost. But Ra...
  • Samantha
    A nice change of pace from the Eve Duncan series (which I hadn't realized until this one, had been becoming stale to me) Easily read as a standalone (though having read the prior books will give you some background) this book is labeled as a Catherine Ling book but I didn't really find her to be the focal point so much as the side character who had a large part at times. We get a peak into Carl Venable, his background, his life, and his daughter ...
  • Joan
    Review of Advance Reader CopyAlthough the book cover indicates that this is “An Eve Duncan Novel,” it is actually the fifth book [following “Your Next Breath”] in the Catherine Ling series.Mortally wounded, CIA terrorism task force head Carl Venable gives Jude Brandon a mandate to keep his daughter, Rachel, safe at all costs. But Brandon, still on the trail of terrorist ringleader Max Huber and the Red Star organization, finds that task m...
  • Phyllis Krall
    Filled with intrigue, action and romance, this is one book you will not want to put down.Unforgettable characters all trying to prevent a horrible act of terrorism.As Carl Venable, a CIA operative is dying, he persuades Jude Brandon to protect his daughter Rachelfrom his enemy Max Huber. Jude has been searching for Huber, who is a terrorist, threatening to cause a national disaster. When he finds Rachel and takes her to a safe house, he discovers...
  • Sheri Morell
    I absolutely loved this book. Strong characters, edge of your seat action. This book got my attention from the first page and Couldn't put it down. Carl Venable, CIA agent and head of terrorism task force knows he is dying and asks Jude Brandon to get his daughter and keep her safe. Rachel, A doctor and someone who has already gone through so much is strong and capable. working with the One World Medical team in Nalez, Guyana, narrowly escapes de...
  • Diane Saul
    Rachel’s CIA Agent Father has sent Brandon to her to protect her. She has gained the attention of the head of a terrorist organization. The head of the organization is obsessed with getting revenge on Rachel and will stop at nothing to get it. He also has an event scheduled that will cause massive death and havoc. Rachel and Brandon, with the help of Catherine and Cameron are trying to keep Rachel safe and stop the attack. This was a stand alon...
  • Joyce
    This was a slow and thorough read for me. The team of protagonists was large and varied. The plot was full of twists and turns. At times it was so complex it verged on the convoluted yet each time the author brought it back on track. Each of the side trips actually served to accentuate the plot. All in all it was excellent reading with memorable characters and an unforgettable plot. Thanks to Net Galley and St. Martin’s Press for an ARC for an ...
  • Mystery & Thriller
    Iris Johansen’s latest Eve Duncan novel, VENDETTA, features the return of Catherine Ling, a longtime ally and protector of Dr. Rachel Venable. Rachel is the daughter of Carl Venable, head of the CIA task force on terrorism, who has been murdered by terrorist ringleader Max Huber. With his dying breath, Carl gives his friend Jude Brandon a mandate: keep Rachel safe at any cost. Huber’s vendetta is to kill both Venables as a way of avenging his...
  • Up All Night With Books
    4 Stars Review by MorgenLate Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Vendetta by New York Times best selling author, Iris Johansen is a standalone and a stunningly captivating thriller. It is a swiftly moving adventure that doesn’t pull punches. The story is about revenge, racing against the clock and the ever evolving truth that comes with a life full of secrets. Rachel Venable is a doctor with One World Medical. Her team brings medical aid ...
  • Meghan
    Admittedly I am a huge IJ fan, but this series and the characters just keeps getting better and better. The females are always so different, but strong and amazing in their own ways. Each story showcases their own strengths, but occasionally, as in this story, we get to see several strong women come together and support each other while shining their own light. Catherine Ling has been a favorite of mine since we first met her. It was great to see...
  • Zita
    A suspenseful, fast-paced, action-packed thriller…This is the fifth book in the Catherine Ling series that can be read as a stand-alone.Not many have the wherewithal let alone the fortitude to exact vicious retribution against those who have crossed them or those they care about. When it becomes an obsession then it is a vendetta. For the villain in this story, it is his reality, nothing will prevent him from exacting the vengeance he seeks, pl...
  • Athena Elizabeth
    Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press and for the opportunity to read the eARC of Vendetta in exchange for an honest review!In the 5th Catherine Ling thriller, a team of intelligence operatives must work together to locate and bring down the Red Star terorrist group before they wreak havoc on the west coast. I was expecting to see more of Catherine, but she plays a supporting role to Rachel Venable (Carl's daughter) and they make a strong...
  • Becky Wise
    I've been a huge fan of Iris Johansen for years and I have to admit it's been sometime since I've had the chance to read one of her books. But what can I say other then she sucked me right in from the start like she use to do and I knew she would it again. Vendetta may be book 5 in Catherine Ling series but you can pick it up and not be lost at all on who the key players are. If you love suspenseful reads and love being kept on your toes then thi...
  • Lea
    Although I am a big fan of Iris Johansen’s Eve Duncan series, this is the first book that features Catherine LIng that I have read. That being said, it will certainly not be my last since I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced romantic suspense. Catherine is a CIA agent and a friend of Rachel Venable, the target of mastermind terrorists leader Max Huber. Huber is the head of a cell called the Red Star and has planned a big explosion in San Franci...
  • Elizabeth
    Book title:Vendettaseries :Catherine Ling #5author: Iris JohansenNetgalley ARCComes out:Oct 23 ,2018Pages:416 Book synopsisWith his dying breath, Carl Venable, head of the CIA task force on terrorism and Jude Brandon’s final link to terrorist ringleader Max Huber, gives Brandon a mandate: to keep his daughter, Rachel, safe at any cost. But Rachel Venable has a shocking, twisted past of her own, one that comes rushing back after her medical clin...
  • Alasandra Alawine
    Questions for Book Club1.) Were you surprised at the lengths Rachel was willing to go to, in order to stop Max Huber?2) Who was your favorite character in the book and why? 3.) Did the identity of Nemesis surprise you? Do you think they can be trusted?4.) Is Cameron's "gift" believable? Did it add to your enjoyment of the book or detract from it?5.) Rachel's relationship with her Father is complicated, by the end of the book do you think she unde...
  • Allison Raggio
    This is the fifth book [following “Your Next Breath”] in the Catherine Ling series.Mortally wounded, CIA terrorism task force head Carl Venable gives Jude Brandon a mandate to keep his daughter, Rachel, safe at all costs. But Brandon, still on the trail of terrorist ringleader Max Huber and the Red Star organization, finds that task more problematic than he’d anticipated. Rachel Venable, working with the One World Medical team in Nalez, Guy...
  • Danielle Urban
    Vendetta by Iris Johansen is an action-packed thrilling journey. However for the main characters it's just starting. Their intense deadly cat-and-mouse game with a killer is entertaining to follow. Never a dull moment, especially between the protagonists. They are both experts in their fields and sexy as sin. Attraction develops and blossoms as the danger escalates. I was tossed from one high end death scene to another. I could not predict what w...
  • Patricia Romero
    Mortally wounded, Carl Venable, the head of the CIA task force on terrorism, instructs his most trusted fellow terrorism fighter, Brandon to get his daughter Rachel and keep her safe no matter the cost.The worlds most hated terrorist, Conrad Huber was taken out and his son, Max is looking for revenge. A slow and painful revenge if he can get to Rachel before her friends in and out of the CIA do. At the same time he is planning to 'change the coas...
  • Beth
    Iris Johansen has added a new book to her rather large collection of mysteries combines with romance.Vendetta, like Johansen's other books, is a page turner. Vendetta covers a lot of ground. A terrorist who must be caught or he will blow up the East Coast. He has murdered a CIA operative who then leaves the investigation in the hands of his daughter. Everyone has a vendetta against everyone else which makes it fun to try and figure it out. In add...