Leverage in Death (In Death, #47) by J.D. Robb

Leverage in Death (In Death, #47)

Lieutenant Eve Dallas puzzles over a bizarre suicide bombing in a Wall St. office building in the latest in the #1 New York Times bestselling series…For the airline executives finalizing a merger that would make news in the business world, the nine a.m. meeting would be a major milestone. But after marketing VP Paul Rogan walked into the plush conference room, strapped with explosives, the headlines told of death and destruction instead. The NY...

Details Leverage in Death (In Death, #47)

TitleLeverage in Death (In Death, #47)
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreMystery, Romance, Fiction, Romantic Suspense

Reviews Leverage in Death (In Death, #47)

  • Phrynne
    This one was easy to love. The author gave me:-* Plenty of things to laugh at especially Peabody's comments and Eve's constant misunderstanding of common phrases. (I remember once when Roarke asked her if she does it on purpose and she more or less admitted that she did)* More about the candy thief. I really thought she was going to catch him/her this time!* Heaps of Galahad. I love that cat.* A really interesting and frequently exciting story wi...
  • Jilly
    I love this series and always look forward to the next book, but this one fell a little flat. There are some things that happen over and over again that I don't mind, like the cop who wears the loud ties, the computer geeks always wearing crazy outfits and dancing around in their department, and Eve acting like she was raised on another planet with how little she understands idioms or simple make-up. Even the murders have a bit of a formula: she ...
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    4.5 starsI love this series so much. That's just fact. Every single book is a pleasure to read.Leverage in Death was thrilling, full of favorite characters and a plot that was riveting and exciting. But best of all, the author gave me many scenes of Roarke and Eve.In Leverage in Death Eve is hunting the elusive WHY. Trying to find answers to why, who, and how the cases and people are linked. The search is taking a toll on her because she cares so...
  • Brenda
    The bomb killed twelve and injured more – the identity of the bomber shocked everyone. But it seemed there was a different agenda. Immediately Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her team were on the case, with the help of expert civilian, Roarke…The usual shenanigans with many laugh out loud moments filled author J.D. Robb’s latest, Leverage in Death. I love the entertainment this series gives me, and even though there are now 47 books in the series...
  • ♥Sharon♥
    In Death will continue to be my most favorite series of all time. 47 books in and I still love Eve and Roarke and all that they have become. ❤While there was mystery and intrigue this one fell a bit flat for me in regards to the 'on the edge of my seat' feeling I usual get with these books. I just can't put my finger on it to try and explain what is missing.Peabody was in rare form in Leverage in Death. She never fails to make me laugh. This g...
  • Mei
    Another win!!! I love everything in this series! But,the cherry on top of all the excellency here are the complexity of the crimes and the very linear way Eve & Co. manage to find out who did it! Very, very, very good! “Soup. Vegetable Beef.”Eve took a sniff then a swallow before she started winding out of the underground lot. It smelled like pepper and tasted like spicy, liquified cardboard, heated to cautiously approach lukewarm. “Beef ...
  • Fran
    The past few books in the In Death series haven't been all that memorable for me, and even though I've given them all four stars (the loyal fangirl in me can never rate these books any lower), I admit some of them have been in the low four star level. Leverage in Death happened to be one I really enjoyed. I thought the case was interesting and I loved the interactions between the main characters—Eve and Peabody, Eve and Bella, and most especial...
  • Monnie
    So much do I love this series - in particular, the gorgeous, filthy rich, multi-talented husband of New York Police Department Detective Eve Dallas (he's near the top of my Top 10 all-time favorite book heroes - that I carved out time in between advance review book freebies to read it. But while the plot was intriguing and here and there I was worried that Eve and Roarke might meet a fate similar to other characters in the story, much of the rest...
  • Mary B. Grove
    I didn’t connect with this oneJust never really got into it. The villains felt too far off-screen, there was none of the Dallas Peabody repartee that I enjoy and not much Dallas-Roarke interplay either. The story felt somewhat perfunctory, and there was little satisfaction in the villains being caught—perhaps because their motivation felt so unreal. I was hoping we’d get more of the Econo CEO, Willemina (?) or the children of the Quantum CE...
  • Deanna
    Note to self: You said you were finished with this series. You weren’t wrong. You’ve moved on. Stop being nostalgic for when it still worked for you.
  • Jenn
    I received a digital ARC of this title from Edelweiss for an honest review.Eve is back and this time she's investigating a suicide bombing in the corporate offices of an airline. One Monday morning, Paul Rogan walks into a meeting of a merger of his company with another, wearing a vest full of explosives and sets them off, killing 11 people on sight, and injuring 9 more. To all appearances, Rogan was an extremely happy family man. He loved his jo...
  • Jean
    I have read this series from the beginning. It is always a great escape read. I enjoy the series, but I am finding it difficult to write a review and not keep saying the same thing. I was originally drawn to the series because the story is set in the future. The story takes place in New York City and is primarily a classic “who-done-it” mystery. I am always amazed how Robb has managed to not repeat a storyline; each book is fresh and has a un...
  • Imagey
    One of my favorite series. Now I have to wait until next year for the next book... sigh!!!
  • Diane
    Seemed like forever for this book to get published, but well worth the wait! My favourite series, hands down.Would have liked more action in this edition, but overall a pretty good read! Some good banter between the characters and some angst thrown in to boot!From the blurb: Lieutenant Eve Dallas puzzles over a bizarre suicide bombing in a Wall St. office building in Leverage in Death, the latest in the #1 New York Times bestselling series from J...
  • Alexandra
    It's serviceable, but this one seems phoned in. Not one of the best.
  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    This series is always an excellent read. After 47 books, things aren’t dull.I have no real complaints and liked that my favorite couple had a normal fight. I think there is more there to explore.Maybe next book, things will get hot for Eve choices put on the line. What would happen when Rourke learns the truth about Summerset and that Eve kept that from him? What if Peabody or Rourke got into actual danger. Anyway, no complaints.Susan Erickson ...
  • Melissa
    A nice installment to the seriesI've read all the books and shorts in the series, some I like more than others and this one isn't bad. I'm not happy that JD Robb is using modern technology from today's world and putting it in the book . I read this series more to catch up on Eve and Roarke, Peabody and McNab and everybody else; the murder mysteries are just icing on the cake. Sometimes it's annoying how perfect and smart Eve and Roarke are. But a...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    4.5 Roarkey stars ARC Received for an honest reviewYou would think that after over 20 years and nearly 50 books in a series, I would be growing tired of the In Death series, however it is the complete opposite.Each and every time a new Dallas and Roarke (or as I have named him, Raawwrke lol) book is released I am like a kid a Christmas. And Leverage In Death is no exception.Dallas is on the hunt for a killer who is certainly racking up a body c...
  • Lynsey A
    It's hard to believe there are now 47 full length books in this series. I remember starting this series when there were only about 17. I can't imagine starting this series now, but I admire those that do.While this one wasn't one of my favorites of the series, I did enjoy the book. I think my big problem with it in the beginning is the motive for the first bombing. It had to do with how the stock market works and I find no interest in that whatso...
  • Paraphrodite
    4 stars.Back to a pretty straight forward police procedure, which is good. Still got those nice doses of Roarke. Gosh, if only there's really someone like that in real life!Enjoyed the scene with Bella, the epilogue and the Oscars!
  • Natalie
    Giving it three stars for now. I always like returning to the world of Dallas and Roarke, but I felt there was something missing in this one. I did not connect to the mystery as much as I did in other books in the series.
  • Fiona
    A very straightforward Eve Dallas book this time. No real suspense or drama, just a good police procedural. Enjoyable but not really at the standard I’ve come to expect from this series.
  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    Nothing really new here, of course, but it was a good read and case being investigated. It was certainly better than the previous book, which read like it was phoned in or at least partially written by an assistant. A lot of the regular cliches and malaprops here; but not so much that it was annoying. The murders were a little more heinous than usual. I will say that I’m more than a little tired of reading about the Icove book and movie.I know ...
  • Shandare
    I love JD Robb and every single one in this series. A three star “In Death” book is better than most five stars in other series. This novel held no huge reveal, and nothing traumatic disrupted the lives of the cast of characters, and you know what? That’s good. Sometimes in a series run authors try to force screaming emotional highs and lows and instead create more ridiculous situations. Everyone’s steady, reasonable and mature allowing t...
  • Laurie Gold
    My grade: B- Not Robb’s best, and the sexual chemistry between Eve and Roarke remains dead, unfortunately, but there were some great lines here, and as always ... more Baxter, please! Also unfortunate: the pacing. The procedural dragged on until Eve magically deduced the first killer. All that said, I remained engaged in the story throughout. Baby Bella, Whitney and Peabody all had wonderful moments. Robb set up some great e-geek comic camarade...
  • Kathy Davie
    Forty-seventh in the In Death futuristic romantic suspense series and revolving around Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her hunky hubby.My TakeI'm always excited when a new In Death tale is released, and I was bummed at how lackluster Leverage in Death was. It was bland. Well, okay, not so bland for the terrorized families, but for me. Just too distant. I kept waiting to get pulled into Eve's world, and it just didn't happen.Oh, sure, the puzzle as to w...
  • Commendably Yours
    May 2018. That was when I first found out about Dallas, Lieutenant Eve and started to turn page one of the first book on the In Death Series. I even questioned my sanity by then on why I should read that. But all the same, I could not put down the book for long. My attention would always get diverted to the story. So page after page, chapter after chapter, book after book, and here I am, waiting while twiddling my fingers for "Connections in Deat...
  • Jess at JessicaWrites.co.uk
    Follow me on the interwebs: Blog + Twitter + Facebook + Instagram After 47 books, J.D. Robb still manages to deliver these things with a bang and none of the whimper. Things I loved: + Eve Dallas kicking ass and taking names. The takedown was a thing of beauty and always my favourite part in every book. + Mira mothering Eve and her wounds. Be still my beating heart, this is the mother figure Eve deserves!+ That tense bit of angst between E...
  • SB*needs low angst books*
    Ok finished this new book a while ago but didn't review. I still love the series but this book made me feel some type of way about Eve again which happens from time to time. I like Eve and can respect her even as I feel she can be hypocritical, hurtful, and difficult for no reason sometimes. In this one to me she was all the above in her argument with Roarke and a person he knew from his past. I get being a cop and suspicious but at the same time...
  • Vettech
    Yet another winner by J.D. Robb...