The Ancient Nine by Ian Smith

The Ancient Nine

"Pulls you into the depths of a secret world from the first page. Ian Smith’s novel is unmissable." —Harlan Coben, author of Missing YouCambridge, Massachusetts, Fall 1988Spenser CollinsAn unlikely Harvard prospect, smart and athletic, strapped for cash, determined to succeed. Calls his mother—who raised him on her own in Chicago—every week.Dalton WinthropA white-shoe legacy at Harvard, he's just the most recent in a string of moneyed, pr...

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TitleThe Ancient Nine
Release DateSep 18th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreFiction, Mystery, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Ancient Nine

  • Tammy
    An unlikely student is punched (nominated) for membership into the Delphic club, one of the nine most exclusive clubs at Harvard. Things unravel from there as Spenser and another student in 1988 become obsessed with discovering the dark secrets of the Ancient Nine, a clandestine group within the Gas. There is a murder but it happens during the 1920’s so this is more of a puzzle requiring academic research and digging (some of it physical) rathe...
  • Joy D
    Set mostly in 1988, this book takes the reader inside Harvard’s final clubs (social clubs not officially recognized by the school) through a multi-layered mystery related to the disappearance of a student in 1927. The protagonist, Spencer Collins, is a pre-med undergraduate basketball player. He is being recruited by the Delphic, an exclusive all-male club with dark secrets. As a person of color from the south side of Chicago, he is not the typ...
  • Janet
    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. From the publisher --- "Pulls you into the depths of a secret world from the first page. Ian Smith’s novel is unmissable." —Harlan Coben, author of Missing YouSpencer Collins thinks his life at Harvard will be all about basketball and pre-med; hard workouts and grinding work in class. The friends he’s made when he hits the storied ivy-cla...
  • Jennifer (JC-S)
    ‘…you might be the way we crack the Ancient Nine.’Spenser Collins and Dalton Winthrop, two students at Harvard, unlikely friends. Spenser, a poor black boy from Chicago, is smart and athletic, determined to succeed. Dalton is the latest in a family of moneyed Winthrop men to attend Harvard. Dalton belongs in ways that Spenser cannot.Their friendship is strengthened when Spenser is ‘punched’ by the Delphic Club, one of the most exclusive...
  • Nancy
    The Ancient Nine by Ian K. Smith is a book for people who like to work out puzzles and mysteries.A poor black kid from Southside Chicago, Spenser Collins worked for academic excellence, supported by his single mom. He is also a talented basketball player. His acceptance by Harvard University starts him on his way to medical school so he can pay his mom back and support her in style.If getting into Harvard seemed like a stretch, receiving an invit...
  • TAS
    Full Disclosure: This book is scheduled to be published in September 2018. I received early access in exchange for writing an impartial review. This is a well-constructed mystery that will keep you turning each page. And that makes it a quick read. Along the way, there’s a bit of history woven in, lots of library research, a connection to British knights, and a bunch of secrets to be discovered. You also get a peak into the elite world of atten...
  • Patricia Romero
    Spencer is at Harvard to play basketball and hopefully get into med school. Spencer is a really good character. From the wrong side of Chicago to the ivy leagued and wealthy Harvard, he seems to fit in just fine. Spencer was raised by a single mother and never knew his father. But his father left money for his education and somehow this is all connected to a very old final club, The Gas. At the Delphic House rumors abound concerning a secret roo...
  • White Hot Reads
    The Ancient Nine is filled with depth and history of Harvard and the secret society culture. ~ White Hot ReadsI am fascinated by both history and secret societies so when I found The Ancient Nine on Netgalley I was so excited to read it and I'm glad I did. Overall, the book is full of layers and mysteries that we are trying to figure out. I enjoyed getting to know Spencer and Dalton. However, there were a couple of things that I struggled with, i...
  • Maranda
    Was not sure I would like this book but IT WAS SURPRISINGLY GREAT! College life at Harvard for Spenser takes some interesting trails to enlightenment. Mystery clubs and hidden rooms takes Spenser from libraries to night time grave digging. Author with talent not only for characters but weaves a great story. "A copy of this book was supplied by St. Martin's Press via Netgalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion....
  • Rachel Carr
    I received this book from a goodreads giveaway. My copy was an Advance Readers edition so there were several grammatical/typo errors and some tense issues that I hope will be corrected in the final version.The story is solid - a really good fast-paced mystery. It hit on elements that I always find enthralling - secret societies, hidden mysteries, religious overtones, family secrets/drama and had an added element of peeking in to the lives of the ...
  • Whit
    Old history and old money come together in this coming of age tale. THE ANCIENT NINE chronicles the steps a young boy from the South Side of Chicago takes to crack the secret code of one of Harvard’s earliest Final Clubs, The Delphic. Set in the late 80s, Dr. Ian Smith captured the fun of the times in amazing detail and left nothing out. One facet of the novel that I loved was how Dr. Ian didn't shy away from the race aspect of the story. Spen...
  • Bea
    This is a phenomenal book, with lots of depth, various clues and nail biting suspense. It is a very intriguing topic and the author did a great job of capturing my interest and keeping it throughout. I never considered skipping a page or giving up while reading this book and that says a lot! I had no idea that Harvard had such a fascinating history, nor did I know it had that many libraries! I was ready to pack my bags just to go see the librarie...
  • Patty Nobles
    “The Ancient Nine” is a superb masterpiece by author Ian Smith that will keep the readers on the edge of their seat until the final page is turned. Harvard University is steep in traditions and in “The Ancient Nine,” the exclusivity and the rituals of the clubs are explored when the reader is taken on a journey regarding the mysterious disappearance of a student years ago who was determined to lend credence to the folklore surrounding the...
  • Pam
    This book tells the story of Mr. Collins, a black basketball player from Chicago, who is at Harvard. While there, he gets invited to pledge The Delphic Club, one of the final clubs (i.e. secret societies) at Harvard. He uncovers a mystery along with his best friend and they attempt to figure out a mystery surrounding the Delph from years ago. I really enjoyed the mystery of the story. The ending was good as well. I received a free copy from Goodr...
  • Michelle Kidwell
    The Ancient NineA Novelby Ian Smith, M.D.St. Martin's PressGeneral Fiction (Adult)Pub Date 18 Sep 2018I am reviewing a copy of The Ancient Nine through St. Martin's Press and Netgalley:Spencer Collins is not your likely Harvard prospect, although he is smart and funny, he's also strapped for cash, but he's determined to succeed so he calls his Mom for help!Dalton Winthrop is just the most recent of a string of privileged men with money in Cambrid...
  • Brittany Gardner
    This book was just an ok read for me. I was intrigued by the idea of Spenser chasing down the secrets of the Ancient Nine and the Delphic club at Harvard, but the book didn't pan out quite like I thought it would.I loved the parts that focused on Spenser's life. His developing relationship with Ashley, his sports career, his academic life, and even his experiences with being punched for the Delphic club. Each piece that developed his character wa...
  • Anneke
    Book Review: The Ancient NineAuthor: Ian Smith M.D.Publisher: St. Martin’s PressPublication Date: September 18, 2018Review Date: August 15, 2018I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. From Amazon: "Pulls you into the depths of a secret world from the first page. Ian Smith’s novel is unmissable." ―Harlan Coben, author of Missing YouWell, not exactly unmissable. I found this book to be a boring slo...
  • Peg
    The Ancient Nine is a book about one of Harvard’s most private and elite society groups, known as the Delphic Club. This exclusive group had the most secrets and mysteries of all of the Harvard clubs. There were rumors of dark undercover happenings, missing persons, and murder. Within the Delphic Club was another secret society known as the Ancient Nine. Spencer Collins was from Chicago and had a single parent upbringing. He was attending Harva...
  • Julianne Berg
    I received an ARC of this book from a Goodreads Giveaway and I have to say it was pretty solid. It had me hooked from the beginning and was very hard to put down. While at some parts, there was a bit too much extraneous detail, I enjoyed the glimpse into the “hidden world” of these clubs. I also found myself liking the characters, especially Spenser. I can’t give this book 5 stars, however, because I feel like the ending wasn’t satisfying...
  • Avephoenix
    The Ancient Nine is a mystery thriller about hidden dark secrets, privilege, power, history and secret societies. I got hooked from the very first page finding it hard to put my tablet down.The story is well-written and well research. A well-built plot and sub-plots and twists and turns when you least expected. Well rounded, and believable characters that will give you the chills after some google research (supposedly the story is based on real e...
  • Janell
    If you enjoy the DaVinci Code or similar books, you are likely to appreciate 'The Ancient Nine,' a fictional story based on real facts by best-selling author Ian Smith. The setting is the campus of Harvard, where an unlikely student is nominated (punched) for membership into the Delphic club, one of the nine most exclusive clubs at Harvard. Things unravel from there as the character, Spenser, and another student in 1988 become obsessed with disc...
  • Terry Pearson
    My thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the free copy. I receive zero compensation for my reviews.Ian Smith’s depiction of Harvard’s secret societies, the Final Clubs, rings true to what I heard about them many years ago from a friend. The book is fictional but Dr. Smith draws from his experience as a member which I think adds more credibility to the story.The book is well written and thought out and I enjoyed the history and mystery of these e...
  • Danielle Urban
    The Ancient Nine by Ian Smith, M.D. is one very interesting mystery. A young man who appears to be the average guy, is soon chasing after clues to solve a disappearance. From there, it leads to a lot of intriguing connections like the Nazis and a college club society that leaves behind more questions than answers. Dark, edgy, and entertaining, I got lost within this novel. Ian Smith's main protagonist was easy to relate to and felt real. The plot...
  • Natasha du Plessis
    This was a very interesting book, a book about Harvard and the final clubs there. I don't know much about Harvard and didn't even know what a final club was. This book was very informative and although fictional I learnt a lot. I loved the story as well as the characters and also the fact that there were not any real bad guys in this story. This was not a fast read for me and it took me a while to get through the book but at no stage whilst readi...
  • Sharon
    The Ancient Nine is an entertaining romp w/a DaVinci Code meets The Skulls feel. The protagonist investigates a secret society at Harvard that might be hiding some dark truths they don't want revealed. An author's note indicates that the story is based on Smith's own experience- count me in!This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press/Macmillan in exchange for an honest review.
  • Sunit Anandwala
    I think this was a very entertaining read, so much so that I finished the entire book in a single sitting! There were some twists and turns that made it very compelling to keep on reading. I hope that this is turned into a movie or TV show. In the meantime, turn of the TV or other streaming device and check out this book! It has plenty of entertainment value.
  • Pam
    I enjoyed reading this book, but it was too much of too many things, all at once. Does it really need extremely detailed descriptions of the punching process AND full text sections in Old English AND play-by-play of basketball games?
  • Rita
    This is a very Interesting book. It takes you behind the scenes on the final clubs at Harvard. As the story goes on it uncovers so many secrets that have been held back for generations. Spencer finds out all the mystery and secrets. Good book
  • Robert
    I have not read a book that quickly in a long time. Magnificent and riveting! Picked it up not knowing what to expect from Dr. Ian Smith and was transported to a tale that kept me on the edge of my seat.
  • Deb
    I won this book on a goodreads giveaway., and I loved it. It was not at all what I expectedit, and although it tended to run a little long, it was exciting, inventive, and a wonderful thriller. I highly recommend it!