Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) by Susan Stoker

Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1)

Love is a life-and-death risk for the Mountain Mercenaries in New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker’s explosive series of alpha heroes, hot action, and hard passion… Ever since his rescue op off the Pacific Coast, Mountain Mercenary Gray Rogers hasn’t been able to forget his latest “job”—Allye Martin. Any other woman would have panicked during a rescue, but the wily dancer kept her cool—even after being kidnapped by an elus...

Details Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1)

TitleDefending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1)
Release DateAug 7th, 2018
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, War, Military Fiction, Contemporary, Suspense

Reviews Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1)

  • Elizabeth
    ★4.5★ "If you loved me, you would stay here with me. Safe." Defending Allye is the first book in the Mountain Mercenaries Series. A perfect blend of action, suspense, passion, and tender romance, Susan Stoker delivers a stunning "militaryesque" romance with a lot of heart. Gray Rogers is a former Navy Seal and a member of an elite mercenary team that serves to protect civilians. When he is sent on a job and inadvertently rescues Allye Martin ...
  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    Grayson Rogers from the Mountain Mercenaries is sent on a mission to gather information on a human trafficking business. On that mission he rescues Allye who was just kidnapped. When the man who purchased her isn't willing to stop going after her, Gray and his fellow mercenaries work diligently to bring this guy down. Our main characters, Gray and Allye are what really made this story for me. Despite Gray's toughness, he was incredibly sweet to A...
  • love, katherine
    This book was difficult than the other books of hers, now I know her villains are bad but this guy was disgusting!!!!The main characters however were amazing, I loved how strong and brave Allye was, seriously she was amazing especially with everything that happened to her.I also loved Gray, he was such an alpha male but I loved it about him.This was difficult to read at times but I still really enjoyed this!!!
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    3.5 starsWhile this was a good book, it was also deeply disturbing and not for the faint of heart. Expect some horrifying scenes, a merciless villain, and the possibility of triggers for abuse victims.When mercenary Grayson Rogers boarded the white slavers' boat, he didn't anticipate finding the victim handcuffed to the bed. After killing the men aboard, he freed the girl, Allye Martin, and ended up in the ocean. During the hours they spent in th...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    Really wanted to love this one, and it started out promising, but Allye's character just fell flat for me. The events in her childhood should've made me feel bad for her, but as it was described it didn't really stir any emotion. Discussing your life story while trying to stay alive and swim to safety in frigid water didn't really ring true for me either. A copy was kindly provided by Montlake Romance via Netgalley in exchange for an honest revie...
  • *Avonna
    Check out all of my reviews at: https://www.avonnalovesgenres.comWOW! This first book in Susan Stoker’s new Romantic suspense series is intense, gritty, sexy and HOT! DEFENDING ALLYE (Mountain Mercenaries #1) by Susan Stoker has everything I am looking for in a Romantic suspense. The excitement takes off from page one with the alpha hero rescuing the heroine, but she is no ordinary, shrinking violet heroine. The villain of the book is pure evil...
  • Jennifer
    ARC received for reviewGreat first book to what is going to hopefully be an amazing series. Gray and Allye were amazing together and smokin hot. I loved how she spelled her name every time after she was introduced to someone new. Allye had a sh*t childhood which made her very strong. She was perfect for Gray. Now the bad guy, Nightingale, was a seriously messed up mo-fo, and had his sights set on Allye. Gray and his crew of course swoop in and sa...
  • Jacqueline's Reads
    4 StarsTruly this is a 3.5 star-ish book but the last 1.5 hours was pretty intense and good. It felt like the whole book was leading up to the last 2 hours of the book.The great thing about kindle unlimited is that you can get audio books for free too, so this is one of those books I had nothing to lose to try.The narrator wasn’t my favorite. Her voice was fine, she fit the heroine because she sounded older, BUT she pauses way too many times. S...
  • Janise Way
    Thank the stars above! Defending Allye is a new series for Mrs. Stoker. Kind of. Sort of totally new, but it’s not. It’s sort of like shopping at Target. You know what you came in to shop for, but those dudes in the red and khaki just made a new display that catches your attention. So, you walk back to the front of the store and grab a cart. That’s what Defending Allye is. It’s a new display. And it’s awesome. I can’t tell you how exc...
  • Laurie
    I’ve never read a Susan Stoker romance but a friend was chatting about her so when Defending Allye popped up on Netgalley, I decided to jump on it. I’m glad I did! With lots of action, suspense, and loads of chemistry between the MC’s, I found this to be a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.Defending Allye did suffer just a tad from first-book-in-a-series-itis, but it wasn’t a bad case so I easily got past it. My main issue was with the ...
  • Jara Beaubien
    Good Lord. Susan Stoker did it again. I have read her books and loved them all, the characters and the stories, so with this new series, well I was not sure if I would like it, but gosh darn it, she again wove her magic and I felt that I was part of her story, I was drawn in and fell in love the characters.Love is a life-and-death risk for the Mountain Mercenaries as it is for everyone? nahh we don't get chased or almost drowning in the ocean, bu...
  • Caitlyn Lynch
    There are some very serious themes and statistics in Defending Allye, because Allye is one lucky break away from becoming a human trafficking statistic. A professional dancer, she has somehow come to the attention of the ugliest of men, one who trades in human flesh, and who wants Allye for his own personal collection. Rescued in the process of being transferred to her new ‘owner’ by Gray, a former Navy SEAL now working for Mountain Mercenari...
  • Paula
    Absolutely Fantastic.I volunteered to read an advanced readers copy of Defending Allye an leave a review. This is the first book in the new series , Mountain Mercenaries .This story takes off from the start and never slows down . It's a fabulous rollercoaster ride . This story makes you feel like your right there . It is full of pulse pounding suspense , action packed . I couldn't put it down . I read it straight thru . The story is about a beaut...
  • Carrie
    Wow!This story is crazy good! The villain is EEEEVIIIL! I loved the ocean rescue, even tho I didn't think I would. Gray & Allye were a great match & I loved the pacing. Also highly enjoyed the glimpse into Ro & Chloe's story. 😀 Thumbs up!! ☺
  • E-Reader Addict
    Ridiculous. This whole freakin book was over. the top. ridiculous.I’ve read many books from Ms.Stoker’s other series: SEAL of Protection, Delta Force Heroes, Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes. I’ve enjoyed her writing. Obviously. But this first one in the Mountain Mercenaries series was a bit of a hot mess to me.Why? Everything was over the top awful. Starting out, Gray single-handedly invades a yacht in the dark with the purpose of gathering in...
  • Nate Brightman
    I read once that Susan Stoker was the highest selling modern romance author. So obviously she knows what she’s doing. It’s been a while since I read one of her books but she hasn’t changed things up much if at all since the last time I read her. Defending Allye her first book in her Mountain Mercenary series is pretty much like all her other books. You have a beautiful, emotionally strong and caring, lusty heroine in Allye who survived a tr...
  • Kendall {Book Crazy}
    I've read quite a few of the books in this author's Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes series and I really enjoyed those books, so I was excited to read more from her! I then saw this book on Netgalley and decided to request an ARC! I was really excited when my request was accepted and I started my ARC as soon as I received it! After reading, I can say that I enjoyed this book a lot! The plot had me intrigued right from the first chapter and it only to...
  • Nicole
    The definition of ALPHA: Usually used as a term for a badass male who attracts women without trying. His superiority and pure confidence allows him to achieve success. He does not WANT, because he is the WANTED and BOY do I want Gray! Susan Stoker yet again wow's us with another one of her ADDICTIVE alpha heroes. Grayson Rogers loves being one of the Mountain Mercenaries, a group of ex-special forces guys that are sent around the world by their b...
  • The Romance Book Disciple (Samantha)
    Defending Allye is a new series by Susan Stoker so you know I was gonna pick this up! All the men of Mountain Mercenaries are former soldiers who now work for the mysterious 'Rex' saving women and children from the clutches of evil. Its like Charlies Angels, but instead of hot girls, its hot guys.Allye is a dancer who has caught the eye of a sick, demented guy who wants to 'collect' her. Seriously, this guy is messed up and if you have triggers, ...
  • Pelusa Rivera
    Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author. (netgalley)I enjoyed this book and was happy to get a new series with the Mountain Mercenaries!!! We had gotten introduced to them in the last series she had (Ace Securities) and I enjoyed that series too, no you do not need to read it it was a just comment because I like Susan Stoker and I like reading her series hope you will to. In this one we get to meet Gray who is on a mission to find out who are the ones r...
  • Ruthie Taylor
    ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is an excellent beginning to a new series by Susan Stoker. I will definitely be looking out for future installments. Do be warned though, this is pretty gritty in places, no hiding the realities of the ways that the team get their answers, or remove danger. Any fan of Stoker will recognise the ex-SEAL men who are prepared to risk their lives and use their skills to a...
  • Veronica
    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.It took me a bit of time to warm up to the story. The being is full of action which was a plus but it also a dash of the ridiculous (the USB seriously?). On a mission to stop people smuggles, Gray, a former Navy Seal, climbs aboard a boat in the middle of the ocean expecting to find money being exchanged but instead he finds Allye. – Side note, the author does after a littl...
  • ALR
    I received an ARC copy of this book for my honest review. This was a great start of a new series. Allye seems to have a pretty unlucky life, culminating with her recent kidnapping. Gray is a mercenary/ vigilante who’s been tasked with looking for a package at sea. Unbeknownst to him Allye is there. They grew close during the rescue, each sharing life secrets during the tricky rescue. They parted shortly after the rescue but soon met up again tr...
  • Sarah
    I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. This is a difficult book for me to review. It is an exciting action adventure but the characters feel under developed and I didn’t enjoy the writing style. The Mountain Mercenaries are ex-servicemen who secretly work to protect vulnerable women and children from predators. This story focuses on Grey, a former SEAL and Allye, the woman he rescues from a sex trafficker. There ar...
  • Heather
    WOWThis book is full of suspense, attraction and ultimately love. Poor Allye, my heart broke for her after what she went through. She was kidnapped to be sold to a "master" who was willing to pay any price to add her to his collection. The mercenary team was to intercept the money and hopefully gain Intel into the missing women. Never did they expect to find Allye on the boat. What starts off as a rescue quickly turns into so much more. I'm hopin...
  • Melenia
    I loved this book until about 70% when the female lead became TSTL in my opinion. I will probably continue the series, but I won’t ever be reading this one again.
  • Jennifer Becker
    Awesome start to a new series. Already hooked. If I had to complain about anything it was the chapter lengths. Some were short while others seemed long with a lot meshed in them.
  • Brittany
    No no no. What? Who is rating this book?! No. You read the wrong book or something.If you’re going for “totally unbelievable” -(And bad, groan-with-despair-at-the-impossibility dialogue) fine. Five stars. If you’re at all trying to read a story that maybe, in some parallel universe, possibly could have taken place... no. No no no.
  • Marija
    This one is great start for a new series. I started reading and couldn't stop until I finished it in almost one sitting. I was that much hooked to it!It is a fast paced complicated and suspenseful storyline and I have to confess that I am weak for the men in uniform and ex-military, so this book was a very enjoyable reading material. It is even more greater that is about men who are getting into action to be there for the people that needs their ...
  • Jennifer
    ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Gray Rogers, a former Navy SEAL, is now a mercenary based in Colorado. A mission gone slightly sideways off the coast of California has him rescuing dancer Allye Martin off a boat. Allye is the unfortunate victim of a supposed sex trafficking ring. She thinks her ordeal is over after being rescued but it quickly becomes apparent that she is still being pursued. Allye reaches back out to ...