Eduardo Guadardo, Elite Sheep by Anthony Pearson

Eduardo Guadardo, Elite Sheep

Eduardo Guadardo may look fluffy. He may look cute. But he’s no little lamb. He’s about to graduate from the FBI—that’s the Fairytale Bureau of Investigations—as an Elite Sheep. He knows five forms of kung fu, and he can outfox the foxiest of foxes. In fact, he’s so good they put him on his own case: to keep the farmer’s daughter, Mary, safe from Wolf, Troll, and Witch. It’s a job for somebody baaaaaaad—someone like a soon-to-be...

Details Eduardo Guadardo, Elite Sheep

TitleEduardo Guadardo, Elite Sheep
Release DateOct 1st, 2018
PublisherTwo Lions
GenreChildrens, Picture Books

Reviews Eduardo Guadardo, Elite Sheep

  • Lucy
    I love this sweet sheep!
  • Decemberriz
    A Little HelpPretty cute. The adult reader can make this a fun read or ruin this book when reading it to young children. It's a good story for showing there's no shame in needing help. Having help makes a job easier to handle. Sometimes a job is too much for one person, whether they'll admit it or not. Being helpful or needing to be helped are part of life. Knowing it is part of life too!
  • Chandra Hollier
    This book was AWESOME and hilarious!Great story about teamwork. My daughter enjoyed it. Great read aloud book. I liked how incorporated challenging words and gave the definitions within the story. Great message.
  • Onionboy
    Cut drawings, fun story for kids, and teaches a good lesson on humilty and the need for help from others.
  • Heather
    Must read.. Kids will love it and adults to. Teaches a valuable lesson on team work sms to ask for help from others.
  • Melenia
    Cute story
  • Kristi Bernard
    Eduardo Guadardo is graduating from the Fairy-Tale Bureau of Investigations (FBI). He is not Mary’s little lamb, but an Elite Sheep and he is getting his first assignment. His job is to protect Mary from the Witch, Wolf and Troll. The only problem with protecting Mary is that she is a bit active. She skis on the water, flies through the air, and even goes to school. Eduardo is having a hard time keeping up. Other agents ask if they can assist b...
  • Mell
    DisappointingThe concept of this book sounded fun and clever, but the story is mediocre and preachy. Kids are perceptive and appreciate books with some depth and variety in characters. Many background characters are shown in the artwork, but very few are named and most just have a line or two of dialogue.The Kindle version of this book is just plain awful. You can't zoom in on or enlarge any of the pages or illustrations. The result is tiny text ...
  • Jeff
    It's about teamwork... sort of. I guess some might find this cute but I wasn't so taken with this book. I'm sure a child might think it was 'okay'-- not something they'd want read to them over and over again. The illustrations are fine but more serviceable than enticing. Actually, the cover, itself is the best illustration of the book. I actually think the 'plot' is too simple for a child. Silly, not in a good way.
  • Gordon
    A fun and stylish picture book for the child (or inner child) who wants to take on the world all by themselves. Good use of both pictures as well as text to carry the story, leading to a clear and straightforward moral. Kindle version worked well reading to kids but was better on a larger screen device, the Kindle comic panel mode is not much help with this one.
  • Sanya
    A cute picture book for kids who like spys and superheroes. A cute picture books for kids who like spys and superheroes. It would still be a good storyline for your slightly older kids who may feel like picture books are below them. A good story on why teamwork is important.
  • Bonnie Gleckler Clark
    I Just Loved itCan you believe it, how simply it would be to take a Children’s poem and turn it into an actual story....we’ll her you go. I’m certain this story, albeit short, was written for an adult to read to a child, it also caught my eye. So, being a connisour of fine books, etc. (LOL) I downloaded this one. What a hoot! Just love it!
  • Lee
    Got a kid who doesn’t like teamwork?A cute little story to teach the concept of teamwork without hammering the point. A play on the poem “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, the story follows an FBI agent as he learns why we may need to work as a team. As a nice touch, the author includes the original poem.
  • Caerigna Lunaltii
    .Cute and fun characters, with an interesting secret agent take to fairytale world's. A good lesson is portrayed, though only lightly explained. The main problem is it's too short. No time to really relate to the characters, or develop the "lesson learned." ADD friendly, but engagement short.
  • Rachael Williams
    Great take on a childhood classic.Love the new take on this classic kids song. And the use of characters from other classic story's was a nice touch. Read this story to my 2 younger kids and they approved.
  • Nancy Armstrong
    Great story, illustrations need workI loved the plot line, the characters, and the writing. I wish the illustrations had been a little simpler. It felt like they overwhelmed the text - which was the best part of the book.
  • Sheryl Didyk
    Cute for kidsLove the lesson on teamwork. Engaging a familiar song into a totally different story with a nice twist that a 5 year old would enjoy. Also like the introduction of larger vocabulary.
  • Melissa
    What a delightful readThis was not what i expected to read but boy was i glad i did! What a very cool and cute twist on the classic rhyme! I am going to order this book for my elementary school library!
  • Amy
    Elite SheepA cute and amusing story of a sheep training to be in the FBI and the importance of teamwork. Has references to Mary had a Little Lamb and Little Bo Peep. I won the Kindle edition through Goodreads' First Reads program.
  • Jaymie
    Cute! I loved the premise (Eduardo is training with the Fairy-Tale Bureau of Investigation - FBI - to be a new agent) and the message (We're better together than alone). Straightforward story, great message, fantastic illustrations. Looks like this could be a series.
  • Stephen Marquez
    SheepThis was a fun kids book that I would read to little ones on a regular basis. I would enjoy seeing other books in the same genre. The author did a wonderful job and everyone should read this at least once.
  • Ruth
    My six year old granddaughter and I read several books the last time we were together. This was funny for her at times but I had to fill in a lot of info so she would understand the many adult and somewhat dated references in the story. She did give it 4 stars however.
  • Cindy
    Very clever with a good message, but not really a children’s book. It reads more like a cartoon. I enjoyed it and will try it out on my 7 year old grandson, but will probably not try it on the 3 year olds.
  • Liesl Huddleston
    Great illustrations!Enjoyed the story and the cartoon style layout of the text, love the illustrations, reminds me of the Richard Scarry books I had as a kid. Well done!
  • Catherine Yezak
    I love this story, It is a great twist on the fairy tale. I love how the story stresses how important team work is if you wish to accomplish anthing.
  • Kirk Mahoney
    Fun book for children both story- and illustration-wise!One issue: The font used in the balloons is almost impossible to read on a 7" Kindle Fire.
  • Tami
    Fun new look at nursery rhyme Fun story for kids as they start to outgrow nursery rhymes. I recommend this book for elementary teachers and students.
  • Emily
    A good book to teach kids how to ask for help when need it.
  • Shani
    Sign me up!This was so.cute! I love the positive message of teamwork, being safe and secure. The illustrations were very well done. I loved that FBI stood for something different.
  • Janet Chamberlain
    This was a really cute book. I like the idea of there being a lesson too. I got this just for me and I have great grandchildren.