Tailspin by Steven Brill


From the award-winning journalist and best-selling author of America's Bitter Pill: a tour de force examination of 1) how and why major American institutions no longer serve us as they should, causing a deep rift between the vulnerable majority and the protected few, and 2) how some individuals and organizations are laying the foundation for real, lasting change.In this revelatory narrative covering the years 1967 to 2017, Steven Brill gives us a...

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Release DateMay 29th, 2018
GenrePolitics, Nonfiction, History, North American Hi..., American History, Economics

Reviews Tailspin

  • Gary Moreau
    Brill’s is one of a gazillion recent books that addresses the question, what happened to America? That it’s broken, we all know, even if we don’t always admit it to ourselves.This book, however, really is different. Brill is one of the few authors who has the legal and financial expertise to really get it right. And that he does. The problem is not social, political, racial, or patriarchal (although the latter two are real problems that mus...
  • David Wineberg
    Medieval moats updatedFor Steven Brill, “America has increasingly become a Moat Nation, producing a parade of unfair advantages for those with the resources to deploy the knowledge workers to build and fortify their moats while contributing to the overall decline of the country.” The protected classes – the rich, the corporations and the lobbyists – keep building their moats wider and deeper, at the very real expense of the rest of us. Th...
  • Peter Mcloughlin
    Although Brill starts talking about the virtues of the meritocracy he spends a great deal of time giving a fine-grained analysis of how they screwed over the country in the past four or five decades to the point where for most people we are not a viable republic while the elites of meritocratic order (and I emphasize that the merit part should be viewed with suspicion and irony) enriched themselves and gated themselves off from the rest of us to ...
  • G. T.
    Well thought out and documented (one third of the book is citations and references). This book does a very good job of mapping what has gone wrong with our U.S. cultural and political situation since WW II, then goes the extra step of suggesting how things might be fixed. The book should be mandatory reading in all American High Schools. At times the writing style is a bit like a legal brief (no surprise, given the author's background) -- I'd lov...
  • Bari Dzomba
    Excellent journalism and research. Brill doesn’t disappoint. I see this as a 4.5. Annoyed that the reading stats are off.... I was at 70% when the book finished. The rest were sources.
  • Wallis Chan
    Very informative.
  • Walkerzoo
    Fascinating analysis of the historical factors that created the current social and political climate.
  • Jerry Delince
    This is a remarkably clear post mortem of the American dream. A must read.