Guess Who by Chris McGeorge

Guess Who

A debut thriller that offers a fresh, modern twist on the classic "locked room" mystery novel, for readers of Noah Hawley and Jeffery DeaverThe rules are simple.But the game is not.At eleven years old, Morgan Sheppard solved the murder of a teacher when everyone else believed it to be a suicide. The publicity surrounding the case laid the foundation for his reputation as a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. He parlayed that fame into a gig as TV’s “...

Details Guess Who

TitleGuess Who
Release DateSep 18th, 2018
PublisherHanover Square Press
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Crime, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Guess Who

  • Paromjit
    Chris McGeorge's debut psychological thriller drops the reader into the locked room syndrome with six people amidst whom walks a killer, and a corpse in the bathroom. Morgan Sheppard is a notoriously famous TV resident detective, in a show of a similiar ilk to the ghastly Jeremy Kyle Show, who decides who is telling the truth amongst characters accused of being cheats and more. This is a gig he acquired on the back of his history as a child, when...
  • Kendall
    Wow.. Guess Who is an interesting ride! Bringing back Saw ladies and gents........ Let's meet Sheppard.. he's a famous true crime detective who wakes up handcuffed to a bed in a hotel room. Sheppard is not alone in this hotel room... he is accompanied by Mandy, Alan, Constance, Ryan, and another nameless girl wearing headphones. Just to add one more thing to a mix... a dead body is laying in the bathroom. A mysterious horse-masked man appears on ...
  • Liz Barnsley
    This is the most fun I’ve had with a crime novel in AGES. It is literally like a game of Guess Who but with blood and death and destruction and a hotel room you just can’t escape from – all the suspects are there along with a dead body and all they have to do is work out which of them is a killer. Simple. Or not…Guess Who is an intelligent, immersive whodunnit – most excellent plotting allows you to solve the mystery if you are paying a...
  • Linda Strong
    When Morgan Sheppard wakes up, he finds that he is handcuffed to a bed in a hotel room he's never seen before. All around him are bodies ... 5 of them to be exact ... all living, but just as confused as he is. There is a dead body in the tub in the bathroom. One of the people in that room is a killer and he has exactly 3 hours to figure out who the killer is. If he doesn't find the killer, they will all die.So begins a take on the locked room mys...
  • Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    Whoever is writing the synopses for his books should get a raise! I'm serious I had to read this book like immediately after reading that synopsis. I was a little scared though that it wouldn't live up to the high expectations I acquired after reading it but it got pretty damn close. Definitely not a bad start for a debut! My only complaint really is that all of the characters were so unlikable I didn't really have anyone to root for. If they all...
  • Kim
    The story opens up with local celebrity Morgan Sheppard waking handcuffed to a bed in a hotel room with five people he does not know. All five of the people in the room have no idea how they have gotten there, or so they say. One of them must because they are a killer. There is a dead body in the bathtub and someone knows how it got there. It is up to Sheppard to find out who. Or they all die. How is that for an opening? Absolutely intriguing rig...
  • Dennis
    Saw meets Agatha Christie, in Chris McGeorge's debut tale Guess Who . Morgan Sheppard is a famous television detective, made notorious after figuring out a murder when he was a child. Flash-forward to the present day, Morgan is now living the life of an A-list celebrity in the UK. His television career has become more sensationalized as time progressed—think Maury, but probably classier. Morgan has wealth and he has fame, but consequently, tha...
  • Odette Knappers
    Het is echt wel een prima thriller met een goed en interessant plot. Maar ik ben halverwege, en andere boeken van mijn stapel trekken me veel meer omdat ik de klik met de personages mis. Ik heb dit de laatste tijd vaker met thrillers, misschien moet ik eens leren om even een tijdje geen thriller meer te lezen...
  • Katie
    I was in the mood for a light-hearted puzzle mystery book and this recently published “locked room” mystery seemed to fit the bill. A TV host detective with secrets in his past wakes up handcuffed in a hotel room and tasked with figuring out which of the five other kidnapped people in the room murdered the corpse in the bathroom. If he doesn’t solve the murder in three hours, his mysterious captor seen only on a TV screen threatens to blow ...
  • Bridget
    "The rules are simple......But the game is not."Wow. Wild ride does not do this justice! Guess Who is reminiscent of the famed Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None with an intensity of a thriller on steroids! And trust me, you will be trying to guess who all the way to the end!Morgan Sheppard, a TV detective, wakes up handcuffed to a pole, in a locked hotel room with 5 strangers and 1 dead body. If that isn't bad enough, up pops the TV scre...
  • P42
    RECENZJA już na kanale! + najbardziej ucieszyło mnie to, że książka nie jest tylko o tym, że szóstka bohaterów jest zamknięta w pokoju i mają wskazać mordercę+ cały wątek retrospekcji i tajemnicy z przeszłości+ niesamowicie angażująca fabuła+ nic nie jest ani czarne ani białeMUSZĘ SIĘ POCHWALIĆ, ŻE POPRAWNIE WYTYPOWAŁEM MORDERCĘ! ^_^- zakończenie dość mało spektakularne, nadal środek książk...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    So here's the thing. I was in it to win it with this book. Had me captured from the first page.. and then about 3/4 of the way in… I was like waiiiit a minuuuteee… is this like SAW but NOT? And luckily it didn't go quite in the direction that I thought it would but it did veer in a completely different direction that I didn't expect (serious kudos for that) but also like WHAT?! The short chapters keep you moving quickly through the book. I LO...
  • Rheama
    At the age of eleven, Morgan Sheppard solved a homicide and has been riding the subsequent wave of Boy Wonder fame ever since. Decades later, a masked man challenges Sheppard’s detective skills. He wakes up sealed in a hotel room with five strangers. There’s a dead body in the bathtub, and Sheppard is given three hours to figure out who did it. If he fails, there will be dire consequences.This Saw-like premise is enticing enough to ensure you...
  • Danielle (The Blonde Likes Books)
    Guess Who has an interesting premise, that has been positioned by others as 'Agatha Christie meets Saw', so I was immediately excited. I loved the concept that strangers wake up in a hotel room together with a dead body and have a limited amount of time to figure out 'whodunnit' before disaster strikes. Unfortunately for me, that's where my enjoyment of the book ended. While the overall plot was intriguing, I had a hard time with the execution. I...
  • Casey
    While I disliked the main character, figured out the killer was within the first hundred pages, since the interview scene was just too obvious, and found this book to be a bit absurd, I liked it more than I expected and shall rate it 3.5 stars! I love authors that start their books off hot and heavy and do not get tired half way through, and that is exactly what Chris McGeorge did. Guess Who was a fun thriller and I enjoyed what a fast paced read...
  • Nicki
    Five people,one hotel room,a dead body in the bathroom and only three hours for Morgan Sheppard to figure out who the killer is amongst them or they are all going to die.That's the simple premise to this intricately plotted tale of deception,secrets,manipulation and revenge.It has more twists and turns and grips the reader just as tightly as the largest,fastest roller coaster.I admit you do have to suspend your imagination at times whilst reading...
  • Tracy Fenton
    My Review: Guess Who is a brilliant page turner which kept me guessing and I didn’t work it out until the actual reveal.A simple yet brilliantly plotted story about Morgan Sheppard a TV detective famous for his morning TV show “Resident Detective” who wakes up handcuffed to a bed in a hotel room with five strangers and one dead body.Sheppard has three hours to work out who the murderer is before they all die, however all the suspects are so...
  • Kate
    This is one of those brilliant thrillers where you think you know where you're heading and then BOOM!!!! A fantastic premise and it more than delivers on it. Hugely entertaining and not a book that's easily put down when started. You may have to suspend your powers of disbelief at times but I was more than happy to do that. Review to follow closer to publication.
  • Dini Van heumen-hoekman
    Met dank aan Luitingh-Sijthoff voor het vooruitexemplaar.Een gesloten kamer, een lijk, vijf verdachten en drie uur om de moordenaar te vinden staat er op de achterflap.Kortom alle ingrediënten voor een spannende thriller.Chris McGeorge begon deze thriller voor zijn scriptie voor zijn master creatief schrijven.De titel die hij bedacht had was oorspronkelijk Deadroom en het werd Guess Who. De Nederlandse titel, Tik Tak.Morgan Sheppard heeft als 11...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Orion Publishing Group for an advance copy of Guess Who, a stand alone thriller set in a hotel room, somewhere in London.Television presenter Morgan Sheppard wakes up handcuffed to a pole in a hotel room in London. As he gradually comes to he realises there are 5 other people in the room with him and a dead body in the bath. Then the television comes alive and and a man in a horse's head mask tells Sheppard he ...
  • Tiffany PSquared
    I did not enjoy this book. I felt it was too derivative - specifically of the movie, Saw. And the dual timeline fell apart toward the end, making the story feel disjointed and, at one point, like you had entered a different (almost better) story altogether.I felt like I labored through the second half of the book - already knowing who the perpetrators were and just waiting for the MC to realize it. Turns out, surprise! I was right and the denouem...
  • Olga Kowalska (WielkiBuk)
    „Człowiek bez demonów przeszłości nie jest prawdziwym człowiekiem.”Komu tęskno do klasycznych fabuł kryminalnych, ten w „Zgadnij kto” odnajdzie odpowiedź na swoje potrzeby. Chris McGeorge debiutuje intrygującą, współczesną historią, która wciąga, fascynuje i doprowadza czytelnika do białej gorączki swoją morderczą zagadką. Być może zabrakło tutaj błyskotliwości detektywa, ale diaboliczny złoczyńca sprytnie cią...
  • Stephanie ((Strazzybooks))
    3.5/5 This book has been on my radar for awhile and I was so excited to receive an ARC! Guess Who tells the tale of a former child detective, Morgan Sheppard, who wakes up in a locked hotel room with five strangers and the dead body of his former psychiatrist. Morgan Sheppard is told (by a mysterious horse-masked man on a TV screen) that he must solve the mystery in order to save everyone in the room. Can he do it? This book chronicles his attemp...
  • Jilles
    The plot seems exciting but is ridiculous, but what else is new in the latest trend of thrillers full of twists, unsympathetic characters and hardly no suspense. The more plot has to be explained in this book, the more messy it becomes with all these unbelievable twists. After being locked up in a room with a body and 5 people, one of which is the killer, and only 3 hours to solve the murder otherwise the whole building will be blown up, our flaw...
  • Marc Bougharios
    4.5 starsGuess Who is unlike any other book I’ve ever read before. I’m giving it 4 stars based on the novel, but 5 stars based on originality. I’m surprised no one has though if this concept yet. Imagine if this happened to you? A dead body. A room. 5 suspects and you only have three hours to find the killer. Personally I would freak out. But I’m very glad that this hasn’t happened to me and hopefully it stays that way. But honestly, it...
  • KC
    Morgan Shepphard is somewhat famous. At 11 years old he solved the crime of a local teacher who was murdered and not by suicide as originally thought. Years later, he awakes chained to a hotel bed alongside 5 strangers and a dead body in the tub. He soon discovers is that one of his fellow abductees is the murderer and he has three hours to solve the crime or become the killers latest victims. Can this modern day Sherlock Holmes solve this crime ...
  • Jessica Woodbury
    I am a sucker for a locked room mystery, and there are really two ways you can go with that subgenre. You can make it a typical procedural set in the real world where the unusual situation makes it more fun than the typical procedural. OR you can make it absolutely bonkers ridiculous and avoid the real world entirely. I am up for either, but when you're going to be absolutely ridiculous, you need to lean into that. You need to set aside the cares...
  • Carolyn
    3.5 stars. Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin Publishing for an advance copy of this cleverly plotted locked room mystery. It is reminiscent of the old fashioned locked room mysteries of my youth but with a modern twist. The main character is Morgan Sheppard who gained fame for solving the murder of a teacher when he was 11 years old. He was given a reality show where he pretends to solve problems, but I fact the TV staff does the work and present...
  • Rachel Gilbey
    Wow I had no idea how to work out who the murderer is or what the motive was, well until things became slightly more apparent later in the book but even then I was still getting shocks. This has to be the ultimate in locked door claustrophobic crime stories - no one knows why they are in the room, or how they got there, or initially what they may have in common, but if one of them can't solve the murder in 3 hours they will all be blown up. It is...
  • Tamara
    Ik heb dit boek gelezen als buddyread met Fransinda.Mijn verwachtingen van dit boek waren best hoog, vandaar ook misschien dat mijn beoordeling slechts 3 sterren is. Het is een prima boek hoor, maar niet enorm spannend of geweldig goed geschreven. Daarnaast vond ik sommige situaties te ver gezocht of juist weer veeel te toevallig, waardoor het soms juist weer te mooi in elkaar past. Daarom 3 sterren.