Seven Black Diamonds (Seven Black Diamonds, #1) by Melissa Marr

Seven Black Diamonds (Seven Black Diamonds, #1)

Lilywhite Abernathy is a criminal. Her father’s “unconventional” business has meant a life of tightly held secrets, concealed weaponry, and a strict code. But Lily’s crime isn’t being the daughter of a powerful mob boss. Her guilt lies in the other half of her DNA—the part that can coax ancient rumors from stones and summon fire with a thought. Lily is part fae, which is a crime in her world.From the time before she was born, a war ha...

Details Seven Black Diamonds (Seven Black Diamonds, #1)

TitleSeven Black Diamonds (Seven Black Diamonds, #1)
Release DateMar 1st, 2016
PublisherHarperCollins Publishers
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Fairies, Fae, Paranormal

Reviews Seven Black Diamonds (Seven Black Diamonds, #1)

  • Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more
    Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsLilywhite Abernathy lives a complicated existence. She's the daughter of a crime boss--the crime boss--yet she's also his heir apparent. Her peers, both male and female, don't know how to treat her, and can't relate to her even if they could. Yet part of her responsibility to her father is to gracefully interact with those peers. A responsibility her father makes triply difficult by watching her like a guard dog.Hard to so...
  • Shreya (☆High Lady of The Night Court☆)
    I regret not reading this earlier…This book was a wonderfully fast read and I enjoyed every bit of it. Lily is an amazing protagonist, probably even one of my most favorite female leads. Her character and personality were written very well and her upbringing made it even better.Lilywhite was raised by Nicholas Abernathy, one of the most renowned crime lords in the world. Her life is filled with bodyguards, rules, and training in weapons. Yet he...
  • Ben Alderson
    This was the book I was most excited about reading this year and I am pretty disappointed! The whole reading experience I was confused! So many characters, to much going on, so many secrets!I did like the Magic and the writing was ... interesting...I don't know if I will read book two..
  • Melanie
    Many years ago, I walked into a Borders Outlet with my mom and confessed to one of the workers that I was starting to become obsessed with books about faeries. She told me how she enjoyed a book named Wicked Lovely that just came out, and then proceeded to totally convince me to buy it. I've been a Melissa Marr fan ever since that day, and I thank her and that wonderful Borders Outlet employee for helping flourish my love for books about fae. So,...
  • Sarah
    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.) "In the next moment, a scream began and ended. One of the queen’s various blades sliced across the girl’s throat. Between one breath and the next, she was dead.” This was a really good YA story about the Fae.The characters in this book seemed well thought out, and the queen was totally kick-ass! I liked Lilywhite and...
  • Fables&Wren
    WrensReads Review:I was fifty pages in, and it was a chore to remember everything. There were names thrown at me on every page that I needed to know. There was a history that was explained but not really explained. Insta-love kind of killed it even more. I just wasn't even enjoying it so I'm going to go on to another book. Sorry guys, it wasn't my style. The writing was also a little young for me, so maybe someone else would enjoy it!WrensReads |...
  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
    After a fairly long absence, Seven Black Diamonds signifies Marr’s return to the fae world, albeit in a somewhat different setting. Her debut series Wicked Lovely was about the fae and it was extremely successful. I can only assume it’s where she still feels most comfortable. Those who’ve read both Wicked Lovely and Diamonds claim that there are many parallels, which I can neither confirm nor deny. I can only say it wouldn’t bother me if ...
  • Joshee Kun (조수아)
  • Amber
    Seven Black Diamonds excels in cliches and poor pacing. Plot: I have to be 100% honest with you all. I read the first 300 hundred pages then skimmed the rest. From the first page, I knew that writing was not for me. We are thrust into a world with little explanation and multiple perspectives. To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement. Honestly, backstory, major plot points (that explain what our characters are even doing), and intenti...
  • Vira
    Wow, this one has intemperate youth written all over it. The hormones, the feels, the ultimatums! And the extremes, oh those amazingly stupid teen extremes, when life is either marvelously white or gruesomely black. Add major obsession with the looks and, hence, self-consciousness. And, of course, disobedience as a way to make a statement. Been there, done it, can't even think about it - sooo embarrassing. No, really, every time my parents remind...
  • Alexa
    This is a novel that, in theory, I should have absolutely loved and adored. It is about faeries, about faeries who are at war AND faeries who have elemental powers. I'm a sucker for all three of these. And you know nothing pisses me off more than wasted potential, than things that are totally up my alley but have been butchered by bad writing.The worst thing about this is that I didn't even start out loving, or at least liking, the book. No, the ...
  • Stacee
    I don't normally read books with faeries, but apparently there was something in the synopsis that compelled me to download this.I loved Lily right from the beginning. She's been raised to be a bad ass and I adored that she refused to let people tell her what to do. She's levelheaded and smart and doesn't let a cute boy {or 2} make the decisions for her. There are some other really great characters {helllllo Creed} and I loved some of the banter w...
  • Sabrina
    Checkout my full review on my blog: http://omgbooksandmorebooks.blogspot....Overall I liked it. I like the diverse set of characters and the war between fae and humans. But I felt like there could be more. I really did like reading this book but I felt as if as some parts were missing, such as details of the school life. I wanted more I guess.Lily(white) is brave and truthful. She really does value those she loves and wants the best for them. She...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher*Genre* Young Adult Fantasy*Rating* 3.5*My Thoughts*Seven Black Diamonds is the first installment in author Melissa Marr's Seven Black Diamonds series. Marr does what she does best. She returns to the world of the Fae, while creating a world where Fae and Humans have been at war with each other ever since a fateful happenstance pushed Endellion, the Queen of Blood and Rage, into declaring war against humanity. One could, in fact...
  • Alaina Meserole
    First off, there were a lot of point of views to keep track of. Especially with different locations and everything I was a little confused in the beginning. Luckily I somehow made everything make sense somehow and I sort of kept track but I just mostly went along with everything.I did enjoy this book even though it was a tad bit confusing. Seven Black Diamonds was continuously interesting and even thought the point of views and setting changed qu...
  • Allison
    I'm still such a sucker for books about the fae (especially if there are Seelie and Unseelie courts). I seem to be the only person who HASN'T read Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series, but I'm familiar with her thanks to Graveminder, which I loved. Crime lords, scary Unseelie queens, and some neat magic. There were a few less than great things (some instalove, for example), but all-in-all a nice way to spend my Monday night!(Thanks to Edelweiss an...
  • Britt
    My first go with Melissa's books and even though I loved anything to do with the Fae, this one was not what I hoped.
  • Hannah (fullybookedreviews)
    3.5Not flawless, but entertaining and enjoyable nevertheless.While I was a bit doubtful at the beginning of the book, with the introduction of a spoilt, rich teenager and her ilk, as soon as the world building moved into the realm of fairy, I was sucked in. With Melissa Marr, I seem to enjoy her fantasy writing more than her contemporary, which was why the first few chapters seemed a bit meh to me. If you find the same, I urge you to continue bec...
  • Rebecca ♥ Warner, Kishan, Magnus ♥
    So this was a pretty interesting story. A different world from Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series, but with a familiar feel. I think fans of that series would also enjoy this. The main character is Lily, and the book had the alternating POV of Lily, Zephyr, and Eilidh (pronounced like Hayley). It is set in an alternate reality where humans and fae are at war. There are seven mixed blood faeries who pass as human and are a guerilla group for the ...
  • Jakk Makk
    Insta-verse fail, plus wallpaper characters, and clunky plot. The paint hasn't dried on this world yet. If one is born a half-this or that, one comes to terms with, it or suffers early on. One doesn't, for convenience, turn on a dime, so the Queen can prove how heartless she is. This stuff can be sorted in the simplest of critique circles, so I am baffled why authors don't have any decent Beta readers.
  • Dark Faerie Tales
    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: An addictive start to what I can predict will be a fantastic series.Opening Sentence: “You were created to serve.”The Review:Seven Black Diamonds had me hooked from the first chapter. The storyline was fast paced, the characters were energizing and well developed and it all just ‘clicked’, if you get what I mean.Lily is a brilliant female protagonist. Raised by The Crime Lord, she’s mor...
  • Richa
    Originally posted on City of BooksI haven't read any of Marr's previous books, but after this one I really want to get started on them! Seven Black Diamonds is an exciting novel full of intrigue, romance, action, and a bunch of awesome characters. I love fae books, and this is probably one of my favourites.The Seelie and Unseelie faerie courts are currently united as one, although it's a very precarious situation. Lily is half human, but she's su...
  • Ariel Andrews
    Melissa Marr is an amazing writer but I think she has found a rut that she can't get out of. I really loved this book. I also loved the Wicked Lovely series. There's no shame in writing about the same type of mythical creature but both stories so closely resembled each other that you could tell that this is new time same story. Don't get me wrong though, I think the story and plot is great on both books but you can tell that she hasn't come up wi...
  • Mandi Schreiner
    've read Melissa Marr in the past so I wanted to try this new fantasy series. I didn't realize it was YA going into it, as I don't read a lot of YA. But - it's done well - not the most action-packed book but she introduces us to fun characters including a really bitchy Fae queen.The title refers to seven half-fae, half human people, living in the human world who work as the Queen of Blood and Rage's soldiers. They all appear human, and have been ...
  • Meli
    El libro más "ni" que leí en mi vida. No es malo, está bien escrito y la trama está muy correctamente planteada. Pero tampoco es bueno, no tiene nada que no hayamos leído ya mil veces, ni nada del todo original o emocionante. Por eso lo dejo en ni, porque no es ni una cosa ni la otra. Aunque tampoco es una saga que vaya a continuar, el tono es demasiado serio para un YA y le falta emoción, gracia.
  • Nancy The book junkie
    Rating: 3.75/5Review coming soon!