HUNTER×HUNTER 35 (Hunter x Hunter, #35) by Yoshihiro Togashi

HUNTER×HUNTER 35 (Hunter x Hunter, #35)

船内で念獣が動き出しクラピカ達を襲う。警護の大部分を失う中、3人の王子から連絡が。一体どの王子との接触が王子の生存への道なのか!? そして各王子の計略が入り乱れる中、王子の中から犠牲が!?

Details HUNTER×HUNTER 35 (Hunter x Hunter, #35)

TitleHUNTER×HUNTER 35 (Hunter x Hunter, #35)
Release DateFeb 2nd, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, 漫画

Reviews HUNTER×HUNTER 35 (Hunter x Hunter, #35)

  • Mahra
    "'Prince Woble, Will You Trust Me?'" (this is where i fainted)1. everyone's nen beasts are forming up. 2. the 1st prince is no joke, he is all prepared 3. kurapika is stuck in a big twisted game, i hope he survives.4. ch.366 is wow, 4th prince knows nen, everyone is making their own steps like a chess piece, chorollo looks like he is deep sorrow and darkness. 5. the cockroach is the real MVP lol. 6. the 4th prince nen beast is scary af. 7. the pr...
  • Monsour
    Kakin succesion Arc Continues
  • Marian
    Throughout this volume we delve further into the world of Kakin and succession arc. The chapters center mostly around Kurapika and the interesting nen beasts. Each nen beast seems more bizarre and unique, just like each of their prince.Similarly, I was happy to see Leorio and the spiders after while.
  • Francisco Silva
    De pronto creo que el 'set up' es un poco demasiado. No obstante igual termino perdiéndome en todos esos detalles (a ratos innecesarios) que terminan siendo el esqueleto (y la justificación del diseño )del arco de sucesión de Kakin. Los diseños de las bestias-nen de cada príncipe están super bien trabajadas. Así como la estratagema de cada uno.
  • Krista
  • mai
    クラピカ 💗💗💗
  • Kirsten Simkiss
    I have to say, I find the constant explanations of nen use to be a bit much, but the plot is quite interesting given the circumstances. I'm loving the throne warfare.
  • Hannah Belyea
    With the journey of the Black Whale officially underway, Kurapika and his allies find themselves and Queen Oito facing threat after threat at the battle between the Kakin princes quickly escalates and the power of nen is stretched farther than ever before! Togashi will have fans intrigued for sure with this entry to the "Hunter X Hunter" series. Just what sort of impact could the mysterious nen beasts have?