The King Tides (Lancaster & Daniels, #1) by James Swain

The King Tides (Lancaster & Daniels, #1)

Reality and illusion blur for an ex-Navy SEAL investigating a deadly case of stalking in this page-turner that Michael Connelly calls “a hundred percent adrenaline rush disguised as a detective novel.”Nicki Pearl is the perfect daughter—every parent’s dream. And that of strangers, too. Wherever she goes, she’s being watched. Each stalker is different from the last, except for one thing—their alarming obsession with Nicki.Desperate tim...

Details The King Tides (Lancaster & Daniels, #1)

TitleThe King Tides (Lancaster & Daniels, #1)
Release DateAug 1st, 2018
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews The King Tides (Lancaster & Daniels, #1)

  • Gregory Attaway
    Cliche. Cliche. Cliche. For starters, Swain uses cliches in is writing as if he's got a cliche reference book. The plot twists were also cliche, as was the dialogue style, the dialogue itself, and the characters. The thing that bothered me most was the exposition. Reading this book, I get the strong sense that Swain does not trust his readers. Everything must be explained, including conversations paraphrased in narration, restating the same infor...
  • Tina Bailey
    It could have been better.I really dislike giving bad reviews because I know every writer deserves recognition for putting themselves out here. This book was irritating in the fact that it was so repetitive about every situation. There's no reason to repeat every detail of each person, place, and thing because it takes away from the story. I didn't like the "problem" in this criminal thriller because it seemed too drastic of an effect brought abo...
  • Heather
    Pure lazinessThis story could have been good had the author done just a little bit of research. It’s clear he didn’t so there are holes in the plot you could drive a semi through. Do NOT read this if you are a military vet, a nurse, in law enforcement, or know anyone who is. As an RN, who is a vet, married to a LEO, I have a headache from all the eye rolling I’ve done reading this story. We live in a digital age; there’s zero excuse for n...
  • Echo Peacock
    This book needs to take a few more trips to the editors desk. I thought this book was written by an amateur. I was quite surprised when I found out that this author has written about 20 other books. Does he not read his own writing? Besides the obvious typos, this book is full of cliches and has a ton of useless fluff.
  • Tracey
    This was a great summer read! You can’t help but get sucked in by the great characters and the twists of the plot are well done and add great color to the store line.
  • Steve
    I am a huge fan of James Swain. All his characters are well fleshed out and honor bound. Swain's characters are people you want on your side when trouble strikes - and it always does. In King Tides, Jon Lancaster is a P.I. who is hired to investigate a stalking case. The stalkers believe that the girl they are harassing is in the porn industry making films. Our hero, the P.I. teams with the victim's aunt who is an F.B.I. Special agent. Together t...
  • Chelsea
    I really enjoyed reading this! The story was great and Jon Lancaster is an unexpected character who, during the first chapter, I did not think I would like. I was pleasantly surprised! His ingenuity, dedication, wit, compassion, and resourcefulness made me a huge fan as the story went on.The story is fast-paced and quickly jumps right into the plot: the Pearls are afraid for their daughter, Nicki, after several attempted kidnappings. No matter wh...
  • Schuyler Wallace
    Ex-Seals are butt kickers. That goes double for James Swain’s character, Jon Lancaster, in his detective novel, “The King Tides.” Lancaster looks rough, acts tough, and is prone to proving it when provoked.In this book, Lancaster is asked by a wealthy Florida banker to get rid of the shady pedophiles that are pestering his beautiful 15-year old daughter. An aggressive female FBI Agent, Beth Daniels, aids Lancaster as they find more serious ...
  • Fred Forbes
    I'm a big fan of Swain, having met him and being entertained by his incredible magic skills at a book signing for the Valentine series which I truly enjoyed. Not as big a fan of the Cunningham stories which followed but when this one was offered via kindle, a month before the official release date I had to give it a try. Probably a 4.5 star rating. 5 stars for the interesting new characters, 4 stars for some of the improbable situations, especial...
  • Kristin
    This was a quick, easy read. I thought the plot and characters were interesting enough to keep me reading, plus I'm a sucker for pretty much anything that takes place in Florida. The only compliant I have was the cliches. There were a lot of them. there were also a few plot holes that I found unbelievable, particularly about nurses into pedophilia not having their licenses revoked.All in all I thought it was a good read, interesting, with charact...
  • Ecatarina Grant
    Fast Paced and Thrilling Read!The protagonist is great! I have never read any of these if they are in a series but my opinion of the PI is so positive. It was from the very first chapter. All characters are developed just enough for the reader to appreciate what happens to them.The story moved so fast and I appreciated the chapters all being named! (Small things folks!)The ending: spot on!!! It couldn’t have ended in a better way!! Sure, more d...
  • Chris Drew
    The premise for this story is certainly fanciful but, although this did take me out of the story on a few occasions, it was engaging enough for me to finish it relatively quickly. One aspect that particularly stood out to me was the repeated over-explanation of technological terms, using the full names for every device and app, explaining their use etc. I suspect the writer may be accustomed to writing for readers older than me but nonetheless, t...
  • Linda Ellis
    Pulse-pounding thrillerSwain has produced a cast of characters that you really care about with a plot as complex as real life. Time after time you think you know where this is going, then a new element emerges to throw you off balance. The central character, Jon, ex-Navy SEAL, ex-cop, is a gem; a man whose appearance makes people underestimate him, but those he’s hunting quickly learn what they are up against - a supremely trained fighting man ...
  • Loy
    First off, I love James Swain's books. I have read all of them. I own the ones he self-published through Amazon. He has a couple of series. One about a guy who helps with missing children. The other about a guy who can help spot cheats in gambling. Each series is good. His writing is excellent. This book is about Jon Lancaster, an ex-navy seal who is now a private investigator. He is trying to help a family whose daughter is being stalked by men ...
  • Stephen Marquez
    CrimeSo I got this book as my free read of the month from Prime. I never know what to expect as many are from genres that I do not normally read. This one however packed a lunch even though it was a shorter book. It was not at all what I expected. It took place In an area that I have some familiarity with. It had good characters that I could relate to and I felt they were well developed. The storyline went along without any hitches. I felt the au...
  • Jeff Roberson
    Very good book with new characters. Those who enjoyed the 'Grift' series will enjoy this mystery / crime solving novel. Without giving any spoilers I will say that Swain does not disappoint with the intrigue and suspense. My only critique is that the story is fairly formulaic and is not dissimilar enough from other novels in the crime genre. Pretty similar to Michael Connelly's books and David Baldacci's. Overall - worth a read and I look forward...
  • Lisa Rodgers
    Excellent!Really lived this. I'm not usually a fan of detective and crime thrillers, but this one i really enjoyed.The subject was grim: child pornographers, pedophiles and serial murderers. Surprisingly, the plot was developed with a few racy parts, but without descending into pornography itself. I'd still advise this for adults only, but wouldnt panic if an older teen read it.I'm looking forward to reading more from this guy.
  • Edward Kaplan
    You'll be hookedYou'll not get unhooked until The King Tides ends. Lots of action by a character whose overstuffed body and belly belie his ability to track criminals and bring them to justice. Lots of excitement as he attempts to unravel why a teenage girl is being tracked by experienced hoods, and finds himself inside another crime spree begging for the capture of serial killers.
  • Nancy
    Kept me Reading. Even though there seemed to be flaws in the logic of some procedures followed and conclusions reached, I like how the story played out. One flaw was Lancaster needing a buddy to check the DMV and then later using a secret password he had to check it himself. There was one sentence I really found entertaining: “...a collection of matching chairs and a sofa that had grown old together.” I’ll probably read another.
  • James Yaklin
    I'm not sure where to begin with what is wrong with this book. In short, however, it just wasn't entertaining. It read like a case file and was quite dry and slow in places. What little character development Mr. Swain did do did not create likable characters at all. The story was interesting I suppose but just wasn't compelling. Suffice to say that I am glad I didn't pay for the book and I won't be reading any more of this series.
  • Ellen Mungia
    I enjoyed reading this book and will try another by this author. Yes, the hero comes to the rescue genre is full of plots like this but I still found myself turning the page to see what happens next. Not Jack Reacher or even Jack Noble, but a hero who is somewhat more realistic in his actions and thoughts. Looking forward to seeing how they continue to be involved with each other now that the boyfriend is out of the picture.
  • Edwin
    Surprised, I really enjoyed itCrime / mystery is not my normal forte, other than the classics (Sayers, Allingham, Marsh,etc).But, got hooked by the first few pages. Great characters, mostly believable plot, good writing, mostly just enough details in the writing to keep the plot going without being distracting.This was a Kindle freebie of the month, but Swain is a new favorite.
  • Jennifer
    I got this book as this months Kindle First title and I was encouraged by the reviews I’d seen so far. Unfortunately, I just found the book to be far too unbelievable. The books protagonist was basically a saint. Never getting mad, always buying some poor girl something to eat or drink, always saving the day. It was just a bit much. The story itself was also a stretch and was pretty weird overall.
  • Dorothy Stone
    One of the best books I've read in a long timeWell written with believable characters and intriguing plots. From the first page to the last you can't put it down. This is not a made up story, it's happening everywhere. Since almost every teen now has a cell phone they aren't paying attention to what's going on around them. Would recommend this for anyone who loves a great thriller.
  • Jill Kalas
    Fast pacedI really enjoyed this story. Took me three days and I didn't want to put it down. As I read this, it was almost a two part story. Where two really good stories connect and come to an interesting ending. But it ended a little too quickly. The last two chapters were too short and I felt more could have been said to help wrap up the story.
  • Mary Rowe
    Not what I expected!A convoluted serial killer murder mystery combined with undercover investigations and fractured family dynamics, kiddie porn and retribution with a flawed but dogged and determined hero doing things his way. Much weightier and scholarly than the blurb let on. Meaty and satisfying.
  • Paul
    Wow! The first book in A fantastic new series from author James Swain. Dark subject but it is helped by a 21st century version of Travis McGee, like investigator.The mystery comes together smoothly and the characters are well developed.This is a great summer beach read, and the fact that it takes place in Ft Lauderdale doesn’t hurt.
  • pam laporte
    Twists all the way throughYou never know which way the plot will turn. Someone is stalking a teen age girl. Make that a lot of men. Her parents hire a most unusual private investigator. Right away you are left wondering if she is innocent or hiding an evil.side. Great book...keeps you guessing til the end.
  • Marilyn Brown
    I picked this for my amazon first reads based on the good reviews. Big mistake. I don’t like giving bad reviews but this seemed like a promising first effort, not like an experienced writer’s work. It was full of cliches and stereotypes and was pretty awkward. Hopefully it was just a dry spell but I think I’ll pass on any others by this author.
  • Judy
    This was an Amazon first prime read. Interesting combination of straight forward FBI person and off the grid ex cop, SEAL and does his own thing investigator. This is the first book of these two and should be interesting to see what they do in the next book. Lots of action and believable characters...if both flawed. I would most likely read the next one.