Dear Jane by Kendall Ryan

Dear Jane

I broke her heart ten years ago and left town.She hates me, and rightly so. It doesn’t matter that the rest of the country loves me, that I’m a starting quarterback with a multimillion-dollar contract. Because when I look in the mirror, all I see is a failure who was too young—and too afraid—to fight for what I wanted.But I’m not that guy anymore, and all I need is one shot to convince her.***He has no idea what happened after he left. ...

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TitleDear Jane
Release DateJan 1st, 1970

Reviews Dear Jane

  • Becca - ✭Little Red Reading Hood✭
    Kendall Ryan really knows how to write awesome contemporary romances. Dear Jane is a sweet and steamy story about forgiving and second chances. And although it’s not an absolutey 5-star read for me, it’s absolutely worth the reading.I just can’t wait to read Finding Alexei!
  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    This cover tho!! Holy hell. I cannot stop staring at this gorgeousness.Dear Jane is a sweet and somewhat emotional second chance romance. I went in blind and expected something completely different based on the title and cover. I was pleasantly surprised by Weston and Jane’s story. Here’s what I enjoyed:The main characters - Weston and Jane have a complicated history, so when he returns home they’re both a bit blindsided. Regardless of the ...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Kendall Ryan can portray a myriad of heroes across all genres but Weston Chase is one of my absolute favorites as he was real, honest and on a quest for redemption. It takes a strong man to admit when he was wrong and Kendall Ryan unequivocally delivered and then some with Wes. He was emotional, raw, intense, sexy af and absolutely delicious! Second chance romances are my favorite stories. There is something about the shared history and wronged f...
  • ~Dawn~TUG
    Cute second chance story based in the football world. I enjoyed it...
  • Amy
    4 Sweet and Sexy Stars!Full review to come!
  • Kim Whitehead
    Lawd have mercy! Kendall sure knows how to tap into your heart and mind! Such a great story! Wes and Jane were explosive! Sensational read!!
  • Misty (Reds Romance Reviews)
    Weston and Jane have history, once upon a time they were each other's everything, then his dream of playing under the big stadium lights came calling and Weston bailed on Jane and never looked back. It's been ten long years since these two have spent any time together, and now they are about to be spending copious amounts of time together, which means things are about to get real interesting. Weston has just been traded to a new team, has a lot t...
  • Johnaka
    Dear Jane by Kendall Ryan“Second Chances, 5 stars”Jane has her dream job and living her best life, her best single life that is. But that’s okay, until a ghost from her past comes crashing into both her personal and professional life. Will Jane give Weston, a chance to right his wrongs or will she continue to have him in the written off for good category? Only one way to find out.Weston loved Jane more than anything at one point. She was th...
  • Konny
    Dear Jane by Kendall Ryan is a full length, standalone romance, set in the world of sports and players.Jane Royce's living her dream. She's the successful assistant manager of a pro- football team. Life's great. Till fate chooses to throw a wrench her way. A wrench in form of her former boyfriend and love of her life.Weston Chase is the teams new starting quarterback. And he knows exactly who's about to cross his path. The woman whom's heart he b...
  • Patti Correa
    First off, any book by Kendall Ryan is automatically 5 stars for me. There is just something in the way she writes that hooks me and I have to finish it before I do another thing. Dear Jane is no different. Loved every single word!! This book was so good, I was reading it everywhere I had to go, hockey practice, going away party, and sleep. I did not get much sleep until I was finished with this one. This second chance, only love story was OUTSTA...
  • Stacey Hashimoto
    Dear Jane is an adorable, sexy second chance romance! Weston and Jane were HS sweethearts and Jane ended up heartbroken and when she hears her team is getting a new player never in a million years would she have thought it would be Weston Chase! But as fate would have it their paths have crossed. Now Jane has to decide how much she ants him back in her life. Meanwhile Weston is wondering why he’s getting the cold shoulder and why it even bother...
  • Christina Reed
    Dear Jane was a cute second chance romance. Wes and Jane were high school sweethearts and broke up when the distance became too much. Well, Jane needed Wes and he wasn't there for her, so she decided that twas the end of them. When Wes finds out why she needed him so badly he feels like an @$$. Their connection was through football and I enjoyed this story. It is one that has been done before, but Kendall Ryan put her own spin on it. The characte...
  • I Love Story Time
    What a super cute read! This was my first Kendall Ryan book, so I had no idea what to expect. Reading Wes and Jane's story was effortless. The writing was flawless and fluid. The storyline was simple and entertaining. I adored Wes and Jane. I enjoyed their witty banter and their sexy times were H.O.T! I loved the epilogue. It left me with a smile on my face. It was the perfect weekend read! Looking forward to reading more from this author. I high...
  • Jennifer
    * A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review * ~ 5 Thank Goodness for Second Chances Stars ~ FULL REVIEW to come on Release Day....Follow Us at :: Book Bitches Blog | Facebook | Twitter
  • Heather andrews
    Wes doesn't really like taking suggestions, "Wes immediately shoots that idea down. “We don’t need help. I can find it,” he says gruffly. I roll my eyes. Men." Wes could be so goofy, "I shift to a teasing tone. “May I offer you some water, then? The finest blankets from the trunk of our car? A foot massage?” I loved this book, Wes was just a really lovable guy.
  • Krystal
    Dear Jane was cute, sweet and sexy, one of Kendall Ryan's signatures. I enjoyed this one, especially the sexy chemistry between Jane and Weston. And the sexy scenes were extremely hot, you need some ice to cool off with ;) I'm looking forward to the next Kendall Ryan story.
  • Emily (alotabooks13)
    This was such a quick read! I was super invested in the characters and their story. Kendall Ryan is a master of writing amazing romance. This was such a sweet and sexy read. I would highly recommend this and any other Kendall Ryan novels!
  • Kristy Odom
    I absolutely loved this second chance romance. Jane and Wes get a second chance when his life falls apart, and he comes home. This book was filled with angst and sexy times. He really does get to make things right! ❤ I absolutely loved this second chance romance. Jane and Wes get a second chance when his life falls apart, and he comes home. This book was filled with angst and sexy times. He really does get to make things right! ❤️
  • Marina Skinner
    Review to come
  • Marta Bo
    Dear Jane is sweet and sexy. I like very much this book, read in one sitting ❤More details coming soon.
  • Lindsey (Linz Readz)
    A sweet, second chance romance about forgiveness and finding a way to work through an emotional past. *full review coming soon*
  • Ratula
    4.5 Stars! Full Blog Review: