Batman by Sean Gordon Murphy


He’s been called a maniac, a killer and the “Clown Prince of Crime” but “white knight”? Never. Until now…Set in a world where the Joker is cured of his insanity and homicidal tendencies, The Joker, now known as “Jack,” sets about trying to right his wrongs. First, he plans to reconcile with Harley Quinn, and then he’ll try to save the city from the one person who he thinks is truly Gotham City’s greatest villain: Batman!Supers...

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Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Batman, Fiction

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  • Alejandro
    Oh, boy, you are in for a show here! I bought this in its single comic book issues, and even I did reviews of each one of those, however I thought that it was wise to arrange a review of the whole story, using fragment of the previous individual reviews. This TPB collects “Batman: White Knight” #1-8.Creative Team:Writer & Illustrator: Sean MurphyColorist: Matt HollingsworthLetterer: Todd Klein THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE!!! Joker might have been ...
  • Khurram
    This is an awesome story. This is the best comic mini series I have read in a long time. The blurb at the back said that this was "Unlike anything we've seen before". For once this is not just hype. This is truly unlike any Batman story I have ever read. Every Batman fan has heard of the Joker and everyone has an option on him. Now I met Jack Napier, and he could be even more dangerous then the Joker.Removing the Joker' s insanity was one thing t...
  • Sam Quixote
    The Joker takes some magic pills and is no longer “crazy”. In his newly sober state, he decides to help Gotham by ridding it of its greatest scourge: Batman! Oh boy, White Knight is all kinds of hot garbage! I knew Sean Murphy wasn’t a good writer after reading his laughable book Punk Rock Jesus but I thought he might’ve improved after five years – nuh uh! If anything he’s gotten worse. The only way Murphy can make his feeble story wo...
  • Logan
    Amazing read! This is honestly one of the best Batman stories I've read in a long time and I mean that fully! So the story is set in a alternate universe, where Batman has gone off the rails and has become more violent and careless about his actions, that effect the people of Gotham. Then The Joker takes some magic pills that turns him back into Jack Napier and he becomes a politician, with an anti-batman campaign and slowly turns everyone agains...
  • Tiago
    I've wanted to check this one out for quite a while, but I'll be honest... I couldn't finished it. Look, it is a good looking book, the art is phenomenal, stylish, mature and consistent, but the story makes absolutely no sense, its like an exercise in disbelief, for example, are we suppose to believe that Joker gets pardoned from prison after a life of murder, theft, torture and terrorism just because Batman got a little too rough on him? Bruce W...
  • Roy
    This completely flips the switch on the characters in Gotham. The art is amazing!! He has to be up there with Ribic as my fave artists. The story is unique. I know it takes traits ane ideas that made us fall in love with the original characters but I felt like it made its own. It wasn't trying to be the same, it was giving it a new flavour.
  • Steve
    I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.I think I'm in the minority here, but this was a lot of fun, and read almost like an old Elseworlds book: how would Batman respond, as well as the rest of Gotham City, if the Joker was cured of his insanity.I read this expecting this to be another insane plan by the Joker and the other super-criminals, looking for the hidden secrets showing that I was right. I was surpr...
  • Marco
    Boring, mediocre and forgettable story, amazing art.
  • Wing Kee
    4.5! Pretty fantastic internal logic and world building.World: The art is Sean Murphy, that's all you need to say. It's gritty, it's expressive and the art direction is fantastic. I've loved his art for so long and now I get to read something he's written and it's pretty great. The world building here is also absolutely fantastic. It's a mash up of all the best parts of Batman: Animated, TV, Movie, and comics. All the pieces we love are here and ...
  • Daniel
    Sean Murphy has been drawing comics for awhile. If there is an example of his exemplary style, it is this book. This was a take on Batman and the Joker that I have never seen before, and that is rare in comics. This story is how the Joker sobers up and through medicine and sheer force of personality, becomes sane again. Not only does he become sane, but he pits himself legally against Batman and the vast money he has invested in Gotham for the da...
  • সাদমান হুসাইন
    সিমপলি লাভড ইট!সো বেসিকযালি জোকার একটা একসপেরিমেনটাল মেডিসিন নিয়ে ভালো হয়ে যায়, জযাক নযাপিয়ার আইডেনটিটিতে ফেরত আসে - যে জোকারের পিছনের আসল মানুষটা।বাই দয ওয়ে, অলটারনেট ইউ...
  • Craig
    Not terrible. There's the germ of a good idea here, but Murphy just isn't able to bring it to fruition. Basically, the Joker takes some pills that turn him into Jack Napier, a normal guy who is soon pointing out the corruption within the GCPD and the higher ranks of Gotham City, most of it revolving around Batman (there's a "Batman Devastation Fund" that is hidden in the city's books, and used to pay for the damage caused by fighting supervillain...
  • Andreea
    Actually, I really enjoyed this one!The start was rather slow but maybe I just wasn't in the mood of a Batman comic, but the last 5 issues I read in a day and it was a lot of fun! It's been a while since I read a Batman comic because I just wasn't enjoying them anymore, but this one was a bit crazy since the Bat was really violent and not listening to everyone and the Joker was playing the good guy in front of everyone else! I quite enjoyed how t...
  • Basma
    Wow, this was incredible. I have to start with the art because it's phenomenal and it directs the mood of the story and gives it a very strong vibe. I can't imagine what it would have been like with a different art style.It's interesting getting to see a different side of both Batman and Joker and what happens when Batman loses touch with his ideals and becomes distant, violent and vulnerable and when Joker leverages all of that and connects with...
  • Rory Wilding
    Next year will mark the 80th anniversary of Batman, a superhero which more than perhaps any other has been re-interpreted over the decades by various creators of comics and other media who wish to put their own spin on the Caped Crusader. One of the more interesting approaches is how Batman is not a hero and his vigilantism can do more harm than good for the people of Gotham, as explored by writers such as Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello. Publis...
  • Matty J
    Sean Gordon Murphy is my favorite comic artist so I'm probably biased but I thought this was really great. I had a little problem signing onto some of the character's motivations early in the story but I think their were nicely filled in and made sense by the end. The art of course is amazing, everything looks great but as usual I found Murphy's vehicles to be especially interesting along with his take on Killer Croc. The only minor issue I had w...
  • Cristian
    Very, very good. 3.5 Story, 5.0 art. Really close to excellent, but while weaving all the interesting subplots into one grand finale surprisingly did work out in the end, it still lacked a clear emotional focus and therefore fell a bit flat. Still one of the most beautiful books of the year and for sure one of the best contemporary Batman-tales one can read. Murphy's hyperdetailed and extremely energetic artwork will look delicious in oversize ed...
  • Paul
    Batman: White Knight is a novel that tests the relationship between Batman and his city, but more importantly, Batman and his arch-enemy. While this thread is solid, there are some side plots that branch away and never seem to be concluded. Yet, the dialogue, varied cast of characters, and a churning central conflict make this one a safe bet. Recommended.Full review can be found here: my reviews: https:...
  • Todd Glaeser
    Thank you to Netgalley for the free e-copy. Easily the best Batman story I've read in a while.
  • Ryan Stewart
    Boy am I glad this isn't in continuity! Ok, positives first:The art is truly incredible. It's gritty, harsh and imperfect, suiting Gotham and Arkham wonderfully and resulting in one of the best versions of each I've ever seen (You know how the Neo-Tokyo skyline stands out in Akira? Kinda like that). Some of his characters look equally amazing, especially Victor Fries and the Fries tech, the Gordons (Commish and Batgirl), Bane, Harley, and even Mi...
  • Primo S.
    Despite the very interesting premise, I didn't expect this to be this good. It has some glaring flaws (boring parts of dialogues, some very on the nose political commentary), but other than that, I'm really liked it. The relationship between Batman and Joker reminded me of Lego Batman, but it was deconstructed in such a mature way, highlighting the aspects of these characters in a way that hasn't been done before. Also, the art is absolutely beau...
  • Kelly W.
    I’m a huge fan of Murphy’s artwork, so I’ve been eagerly waiting for this trade to come out for months. This story had a lot of the things I love about Batman comics: moral conundrums, a found family, over-the-top villains. It also had a lot of heart, so I wasn’t just reading a dark, gritty story; more than once, I was touched by the interactions between characters and was reminded why the Bat Family is one of my favorites in comics. The ...
  • Adam Fisher
    There are many excellent comics.There are many excellent Batman stories.Then there are some Batman stories (Death of the Family, Killing Joke, Hush, etc) that should be required reading for any Batman fan.THIS IS ONE OF THEM.I'll not spoil much, but merely provide some background. White Knight is not part of the main Batman continuity, and is instead part of DC Black Label, which is a fancy way of saying "DC comic, but able to do a bunch of crazy...
  • Stephanie
    Interesting take on the Batman/Joker dynamic. Excellent art and an engaging storyline, plus character development that makes a whole lot of sense in this AU. I just wish there had been more dissection of mental illness, especially with Harley being such a major character. However, the lines between hero and anti-hero, and anti-hero and villain are worth exploring in a storyline of their own, and Murphy does it well.
  • Tiffany
    Batman: White Knight is an interesting alternative universe examination of Batman and Joker's relationship. Joker's newfound rational behavior, the plea of SJWs, and a Batman that becomes unhinged was worth the read. I did have a few issues with some parts, but I can see why the images or commentary was included. If you like alternative Batman stories, I would say you may want to give this one a read. I also enjoyed most of the art and color. I r...
  • Andre Simonsen
    De vez em quando, você encontra uma história que realmente entende a mitologia por trás de um personagem e como fazer críticas que ele precisa receber e superar para poder progredir e continuar atual. Esta é uma delas. É um “clássico instantâneo” e daqui algumas décadas ainda estaremos ouvindo falar sobre o que foi feito aqui. 10/10
  • Mohamed
    A solid 8-issue series that has a lot of fun exploring what would happen when Batman takes his ideals too far, only to find a reformed, cured Joker that takes advantage of his mistakes. Gorgeous art and snappy dialogue made me rush through this series. I think I'll read anything with Matt Hollingsworth's art in it from now on.
  • Koen Claeys
    A Batman/Joker-story that is fitting for a time in which a crazy criminal is the supposed leader of the free world. Some of the dialogues in this story feel real even if it's another baroque over-the-top action adventure.And the art... Sean Murphy has really given his all to make you drool over the gorgeous artwork on these pages.
  • Jamie Connolly
    Well done. It’s seems a bit like the joker and batman have switched roles and it’s done well. If your into “not your usual batman stories” than this will be up your alley. I find them to be the best of what batman has to offer. 4 stars.
  • Simon
    Thanks, I hate it.An inanely written story with pointless twists and turns that's just too cumbersome and too basic to work. "Oh, but what if Batman is the REAL villain?". Well, oh, but what if you actually considered laying some groundwork for that instead of just randomly showing Wayne being a dick to everybody? It's no secret that Bats is treated by pretty much half of the writers as a deranged vigilante but Murphy, in all his childish glee, j...