Felix and the Prince (Forever Wilde, #2) by Lucy Lennox

Felix and the Prince (Forever Wilde, #2)

FELIX -Things I expect to find at Gadleigh Castle:- Rare stained glass, the subject of my dissertation.- Peace and quiet, to finish said dissertation.- An escape from the paparazzi swarming around my starlet mother’s latest blockbuster release.Things I don’t expect to find:- A hidden door leading to a secret room.- The most gorgeous man I’ve ever set eyes on.- Love.LIO -Things I know are expected of me in life:- That I will one day soon bec...

Details Felix and the Prince (Forever Wilde, #2)

TitleFelix and the Prince (Forever Wilde, #2)
Release DateDec 30th, 2017
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Felix and the Prince (Forever Wilde, #2)

  • Judith
    This was super,super cute and so Adorable.... That was my heart right there, and it was walking around free as if it didn’t belong in the center of my chest. More pics...(view spoiler)[(hide spoiler)]This is,-super cute,-sexy.....these boys are on fire,I didn't skim anything at all and,for me,that's it......this Author can deliver on the sex scenes,-dirty talk,-ok,so the story might be a bit unbelievable in the real world but it's fiction and...
  • Shin Mon Thway
    What a sweet and charming story! 💙 I’ve always loved Lucy Lennox stories and it’s a known fact that I absolutely loved her “Made Marian” series. 😉 Especially Borrowing Blue and Jumping Jude. 😍 She just has such a great sense of humor and all her MCs are not only witty and funny but also very likable and attractive. And talk about pairing her works with the amazing Michael Pauley’s narration! 😱 Eargasms guys! Eargasms! 😂...
  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    Felix and the Prince is Adorable (yes, with a capital A)! Felix is all shy and bashful until the clothes come off, then he's insatiable.Prince Lio, soon to be king of a fictional European country (supposedly Monaco, but not really) falls for Felix the minute he sets eyes on him. But Lio has escaped to Gadleigh to get his head on straight (pun mostly unintended), which means no more gay liaisons and certainly no pesky feelings. Lennox knows her wa...
  • Shile loves books
    5 stars for the Narration 4.5 stars for the storyReasons why:-Michael Pauley + Lucy Lennox = my crack.-Felix the geek and Lio the Prince-The book is cute, and adorable.-The story is unbelievable and OTT but i did not care, after all it is a modern fairy tale-The chemistry between Felix and Lio was believable and the sex so Hot! -The secondary characters were amazing, i loved the Wilde family, Lio's sister the people working at the palace.-Doc and...
  • DarienMoya
    ~FELIX AND HIS FOOL~The second book in the “Forever Wilde” series and what a cute one this was. While not overly amazing, I still found it freaking cute and it made my heart feel super happy. I enjoyed Felix and the Prince so much more than the first book. Felix Wilde wants to go study the beautiful stained glass at Gadleigh castle and he’s finally getting his wish. He’ll finally get to immerse himself in all the greatness and learn about...
  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    4 Stars!What this author has been able to achieve with this new series is a cuteness and sweetness that isn't toothache inducing or cheesy. There is a great balance of sweetness, humor, and seriousness that follows the issues the characters are having. Two men take leave from their homes and family to escape to the Castle of Gadleigh. One is running from his mother and the negative attention he garner's from her and her career and the other from ...
  • Ariana
    *4,5 stars*Charming and adorable.This is a modern fairy tale and you should read it as such. Is this realistic? Not really.Is it logical? Hmmm, probably not.Is the plot believable? Only partly.Did I care? NO! Not at all.'Felix and the Prince' is one of the cutest, most entertaining, 'light and fluffy' romances I've read, and I loved it!A brilliant comfort read that's bound to make you smile!
  • Sanaa ☆ Sanaa's Book Blog ☆
    4.5-4.75 stars. This was my 200th M/M novel as well as the first book of 2018. And it was an amazing way to start the year. Felix and the Prince was honestly one of the cutest reads ever. Felix was adorable. You guys. You don't understand. He was one of those people you always want as your best friend. And his family? I loved them and how supportive they were. Especially Doc and Grandpa. And Lio. *heart eyes* He complemented Felix in every way....
  • Len Evans Jr
    Wow... I have read all the Made Marian series books and the first book in the Forever Wilde series as well. I loved each and every one of the previous books, but I think that this book may be Ms. Lennox's best work I have read to date. The MCs in this book are truly incredible, fully fleshed out and complex. I totally cared for both of them early on in the book and continued to do so throughout. The plot is exciting, well-written, sexy and full o...
  • Chris
    This was cute and all things sweet. A reasonably low angst romance, staring Lio the Prince / King and Felix the glass blower “ all round nice guy” This really was a fairytale storyline, a nice modern twist on love between the classes. This was really quite adorable in places ❤ This was cute and all things sweet. A reasonably low angst romance, staring Lio the Prince / King and Felix the glass blower “ all round nice guy” This really w...
  • Meep
    It's completely ridiculous. Cheesy cotton-candy fluff. But I liked it anyway!Started this with low expectations and the start wasn't promising, but then the smiles came.For an insta-lust that overnight becomes insta-love the story is sweet, the couple a joy together. There's a lot of heat. Some humour. No real angst or suspense. I was mildly curious how things would work out but happy to be along for the ride.Lio is the prince of a fictional part...
  • Christelle
    Verdict : fluffy and sweet at the beginning, then too much insta-love and a fast wrapped-up HEA that didn’t swooned me.I was not expecting anything believable : just to dream with a modern fairy tale of a future king, Lio coming out for the love of his life, Felix. I think it’s the insta-love from Felix coupled with too many other side affairs that dampened the sweetness and fluffiness I felt at the beginning.Go figure : I really enjoyed the ...
  • Fatimama
    Omfg this was perfect! What a magical and sweet and romantic fairytale!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!! I super duper loved their relationship! This is pure romantic escapism. I got teary-eyed in some parts and was giggling in others. Felix met Lio and didn’t know that Lio is a prince. They just clicked and their banter and chemistry just really made me smile. Of course, the main conflict is Lio’s royal status and how they could get their happily ever after....
  • BWT (Belen)
    Told in a dual POV Felix and the Prince follows another member of the Wilde family from Texas to an island castle where love blooms among the stained glass.Felix's grandfathers have sent him on a special trip to Gadleigh Castle to study their rare stained glass so he can finish his dissertation and get away from the papparazi that descend on their small Texas town every time Felix's mother, a famous (and infamous) actress, releases a new film.Whe...
  • Courtney
    Magical, funny, and sexyThis book was a delight from start to finish. It made me giggle many times, in true Lucy Lennox fashion, but also had many swoon-worthy moments. Who hasn’t dreamed of a prince sweeping them off their feet? Felix and Lio were so sweet together, and the way they handled the obstacles against them was just perfect. As always, the secondary characters were vivid and added a lot to the story. And can I mention the stunning co...
  • Santy
    Perfection. This book was perfection. If I could give it more than 5 Stars I would throw the whole bucket load of stars at it.It comprised a bit of everything I love in a romance book: great writing/pacing, fantastic characterization(both main and secondary), laugh-out-loud humour, incredible warmth, swoon-worthy romance and to top it all off, well placed angst which wasn't over the top dramatic.Lio and Felix were just right for each other. They ...
  • Cadiva
    A fair bit of "just go with it" is needed for this one as Lucy Lennox has fixed on an existing Principality - that of Monaco - and turned it into an extended Kingdom with a Prince to fall in love with.It doesn't spoil what is, at the heart of it, a very sweet romance, even though it's a bit insta-loveish, but every time I saw Monaco referenced or the newly extended Kingdom of Liorland with its islands off the Scottish coast deep in the North Sea,...
  • Tammy
    I adored this story and the characters Felix and Prince Lio, this book had the perfect amount of angst to keep things interesting. My favourite part of the book was at the beginning when Felix had no idea he was having a hookup with the prince, hilarious! 😁 Looking forward to the next book in this series
  • Debra
    This was a super sweet and sexy fairy-tale romance. It was just the pick-me-up, escape from reality, romantic read I was looking for.Felix and Lio hit it off immediately and a fling quickly becomes more. These guys can’t keep their hands and mouths off each other! When secrets come out, the men are already in deep, but it seems that there is no way they can make things work. There is a bit of drama at the end that was just enough to add a bit o...
  • Tj
    Pure escapism... this is a modern day fairy tale with sweet happy ending. Loved Grandpa and Doc.!
  • Emily Seelye
    I loved this, it’s my favorite Lucy Lennox book.
  • Joyfully Jay
    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsFelix and the Prince is the second book in Lucy Lennox’s Forever Wilde series. The series follows the large Wilde family from a small Texas town. This book stands alone completely, however, and while we meet some of the family members from the series here (in particular Felix’s grandfathers), I had no problems following along without having read the first story. For extra help, Lennox provides a family tree at ...
  • ~Kristin~
    4 StarsWell, here I am again with another solid 4 star review. Normally reading a series back to back helps keep the characters fresh in your mind, so the second book is more enjoyable without racking your brain trying to remember who is who. I think this series may be an exception, I just finished the first book in the Forever Wilde series, which I admittedly enjoyed, the problem is this feels like the same book. Everything from the way the char...
  • Amanda Barnes
    I am loving this series! Loved Fee and Lio soo much!!
  • Debbora
    Absolutely loved this sweet romantic story. Felix and Lio’s HEA is a fresh and heartwarming journey well worth reading. 4.5 Stars this is book 2 in the series.You can read these as a stand-alone, but I highly recommend reading book 1.
  • Catherine
    Of the first three books in this series, this book was by far the most romantic (and therefore the best).
  • Annika
    Audiobook reviewBefore picking up this book you need to suspend all beliefs and take it all with a pinch of salt, because not much in it is (sadly) credible or believable. That being said, I absolutely adored this book. It was sweet, not overly angsty and I enjoyed myself immensely during these 9 hours I spent listening to Michael Pauley's performance.Felix wants to escape for a while. He wants nothing more than to live his life in relatively pea...
  • Ron-michael
    I loved this story! Both MCs were adorable, and it fit that neither confessed to the other who they truly were until appropriate times. Doc & Grandpa were perfectly characterized in this book (in my humble opinion) and there was just enough Hobie, Texas to make it mesh with the series, but enough that was different from book 1 to make this it's own fantastic story.