Fury's Death (Afterlife Inc., #3) by Brey Willows

Fury's Death (Afterlife Inc., #3)

Fun-loving fury Megara Graves is seriously tired of working so hard. With the world collapsing around her, she no longer has time for the hedonistic lifestyle she adores. When religion merges with politics and both gods and humans show their true colors, she wonders if it would be better to let the world burn itself to the ground.Dani Morana, more commonly known as Death, is busy not just with people dying as usual, but with the deaths caused by ...

Details Fury's Death (Afterlife Inc., #3)

TitleFury's Death (Afterlife Inc., #3)
Release DateMar 13th, 2018
PublisherBold Strokes Books
GenreFantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Glbt, Lesbian, Religion, Urban Fantasy

Reviews Fury's Death (Afterlife Inc., #3)

  • Lex Kent
    I’m a big fan of this series. As soon as I got this book, I had to read it immediately. I’m happy to say it was right up there in quality and enjoyment as the other two books were. After three books I have really grown to care and connect with all the characters in this fantasy world. If you are new to this series, I highly recommend starting at book 1 Fury's Bridge. The way these books work, each book stars one Fury sister. In this book it w...
  • Lexxi Kitty
    Book received from both Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest reviewThis is the third book in this Afterlife series. I shall immediately note: yes, you should read books 1 and 2 before reading this book here. All three books tell the story that unfolded after a scholar is confronted with the truth about Gods, Goddesses, and the like. All three books feature one of three ‘Fury’ sisters. First book starred Avenging fury Alectho (Alec) ...
  • Rosi
    This third book in the Afterlife Inc series is the last one apparently. It is fun, like it was in the previous two, to see how the religious beliefs are shown businesslike, with a big enterprise managed by gods themselves and some help from semi gods ans some human too. Although this third book has been a little dense in some parts, I don't recall this in the previous ones. But the story keeps you hooked and waiting for the developement of situat...
  • Jasmine
    The world is slowly falling into chaos, and Meg finds her usual lifestyle of excess falling short and leaving her feeling empty and unsatisfied. She turns to her longtime friend Dani for advice and comfort. Dani is lonely, and going through some big changes in her own life, she's happy for Meg's friendship in these trying times, but her attraction to the other woman is growing. Dani believes in finding the one person you're meant to spend your li...
  • Netty
    I think my expectations were way too high for this book because it didn’t really do it for me or maybe it’s the mood I’m in of late, I really did like Dani but Meg just seemed to irritate me with her slutty ways, they had chemistry but even the sex fell flat for me, now onto the other stuff, well I didn’t really understand half of it but I enjoyed what I did understand, I think the problem was all the different characters names, I didn’...
  • Tiffany Shamaly
    So I didn't read book one or two, but I will now. I really enjoyed this book a lot. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting when I read the description but I was pleasantly surprised. It's hard to even describe this book because it's the first of it's kind I've ever read. The mix of different religions was very interesting and since I was a child I always enjoyed everything about the Greek gods so this was great. I would suggest this series to a...
  • Velvet Lounger
    A trilogy I hadn’t come across until Fury’s Death hit my inbox, these three are an interesting mix of fantasy and realism with a romance on top.In Fury’s Bridge Alectho (Alec), one of the three mythical Fury sisters, is given the job of saving the world by the Fates. She must convince Selene Perkton, an atheist philosophy professor in LA who think humanity would be better off without religion, that the gods exist and work at a company calle...
  • Kitty Kat
    I’ve been looking forward to this next book in the amazing Fury series. Meg is the third Fury sister and all about sex and fun and no commitment. She has harboured a liking for Dani Morana, otherwise known as Death. The feeling is mutual but neither have acted on it over the centuries. Huge and disturbing changes in the world, caused by Dis (Chaos), make everyone re-evaluate and maybe, just maybe the pair can become important to each other. I e...
  • Ty
    This series was unique and a lot of fun to read. I’m looking forward to what Brey Willows writes in the future.
  • Dr E
    Sharp, smart and witty this book is seriously good. Alongside the well researched and clever inclusion of the world religions there is also a rather endearing love story. Making Death sweet and adorable whilst still being a believable character in love with a Fury is an impressive triumph of writing skills. This book, along with the other two of the series deserves a wider audience. Read them and marvel at the confidence of an author who is at th...
  • ❇Critterbee
    This is the first of the Afterlife, Inc books that I have encountered, and the premise introduced some fascinating, thought-provoking questions and issues: I was intrigued. Religion run as a big business, with a double bottom line - stability and perhaps protection of humans? Gods, immortals and humans work together, and war against each other with the righteous assurance that they are on the side of right and good. Unfortunately, characters blen...
  • Jade
    *ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review*Let me start by saying that this series should be adapted for the screen. This story is so unique and thought provoking that I do believe that a lot of people would enjoy it if they knew about it.I have read all of the books in this series and have yet to be disappointed, every story is something new and you never realise that you wanted what happened until it happens.I was really ...
  • Andrea
    Like the other two books in this series, it is a great and entertaining story. It could be read as a standalone but I think it is better to read the other two books first to get familiar with the characters and the setting. That said, I really enjoyed the first two and especially the second book but this one was a bit off for me. It was good but compared to the other ones, it felt like there was something missing. I couldn't get into the story as...
  • Emma
    5 starsThis is the third book in the Afterlife Inc. series and it's another great urban paranormal fantasy with a nice romance and very interesting story. I found this sequel equally engaging and successful just as the previous two books in the series. If you want to enjoy it to the fullest you have to read the books in order. Highly recommended.eARC via NetGalley
  • Alealea
    Not surprising love story between two old friends madly and secretly in love with each other. The Chaos glimpse in the previous book keeps everyone busy, while Death becomes something more and the party-fury Meg discovers what she truly wants in life. It's a nice entertainment.
  • sandra lee gardiner
    FantasticSuch a brilliant book and series. I loved the characters and the concept of this series. so well written you really never wanted to end.
  • Stevie Carroll
    To be reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread.
  • Alicia
    I don't know what to say every book in this series just keep getting better and better. The three Fury sister's are a force to be feared. What I love about this series is all the Gods mystical or not and not being preachy and hitting you over the head with religion. Chaos you could understand why she did what she did it's was in a nature what she was created to do. 'Looking back she was here since the beginning of time and looking at even what's ...
  • Illustrious Illusions
    I highly recommend reading the first two books in the series before starting this one. It worked ok as a standalone (nope I hadn't read the first ones) but you will feel a little lost. Overall and entertaining story with a good romance.