Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

Someday, Someday, Maybe

A charming and laugh-out-loud novel by Lauren Graham, beloved star of Parenthood and Gilmore Girls, about an aspiring actress trying to make it in mid-nineties New York City.Franny Banks is a struggling actress in New York City, with just six months left of the three-year deadline she gave herself to succeed. But so far, all she has to show for her efforts is a single line in an ad for ugly Christmas sweaters and a degrading waitressing job. She ...

Details Someday, Someday, Maybe

TitleSomeday, Someday, Maybe
Release DateApr 30th, 2013
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Audiobook, Romance

Reviews Someday, Someday, Maybe

  • Nomes
    I love the premise of the book (struggling actress! peanut butter commercials! charming guy in acting class! room-mates!) and I adore Lauren Graham (of Gilmore Girls fame). This book called out to me as a comfort read: cute and smiley and fun with a bit of angst thrown in.This book was (as the blurb promises) CHARMING. Franny is delightfully charming, slightly quirky and kind of all over the place. She has the best of intentions and clings to her...
  • Catherine McKenzie
    It seems like every review I read for this week's read for Lauren Graham's Someday, Someday, Maybe --is prefaced by the same caveat: I am a HUGE FAN of (insert one or all of the following: Lauren Graham, The Gilmore Girls, Lorelei Gilmore, Parenthood). Full disclosure: this caveat applies to me. As I informed my agent when I was trying to see if I could interview Ms. Graham, I (a) own all seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls, (b) have seen every ep...
  • Suzanne
    After a bump in the road reading this (my precocious 12 year old daughter had some kind of issue with me, she must have been in trouble so badly to hide my book! Oh the injustice). I guess we don't have a Lorelai and Rory relationship, or anything minutely close. I was forced to buy the ebook just to enable me to finish. I found it to be exactly what I was hoping and thought it would be. Light, funny, sweet and full of quirk. Although being a HUG...
  • Amy (BW)
    ***ARC copy provided by Random House courtesy of Edelweiss***5 FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC STARS!! Lauren Graham is brilliant! I picked up this ARC primarily because I wanted to see if Lauren could be as witty in her writing as she is in her acting and as she appears to be when she is interviewed. I can now say with 100% honesty that she is! I can't write my full review now, but I wanted you all to know that this book was great. I loved it! Once I crawle...
  • M
    2.5I don't know much about Lauren Graham, having never watched Gilmore Girls, and though I do love the awesomeness that is Parenthood, her character more gets on my nerves than anything else - and so I wasn't expecting much by way of this book, and I was not disappointed. It's exactly what you think it will be: a marginally funny but much more often gimmicky account of a woman's efforts to make it in acting. Because it - I imagine - draws almost ...
  • Susan Tunis
    Lauren Graham: As funny on the page as she is on the stageLife is often heavy. Literature is often heavy. Sometimes I just want a little light entertainment, and Lauren Graham’s debut novel, Someday, Someday Maybe sounded like just what the doctor ordered. Now there’s no reason to believe that a gifted comic actress would be a particularly gifted comic novelist. Actually, my expectations might lean slightly in the opposite direction. So let m...
  • Lukas (LukeLaneReads)
    Lauren Graham/Lorealai Gilmore wrote a book!I think there is a certain amount of dread whenever a favourite actor or singer decides to try writing a book, this almost instant assumption that it's not going to end well. I didn't have this feeling when I heard about Lauren Graham's debut, in fact I believed out right that she could do it, and I was proven right. Make no mistake though, this is very much chick-lit, but it's at least well written and...
  • Kelly Woodward
    One of my favorite ways to procrastinate is to watch Craig Ferguson interview Lauren Graham. He is my favorite talk show host, and she is bubbly, quirky, intelligent, funny, and a touch self-deprecating. I've loved Lauren ever since I started watching Gilmore Girls many moons ago, and I was thrilled to see that she had written a novel. However, I was afraid (as I often am when I get excited about something) that the book would suck. It did not su...
  • Fareya
    Charming, heartwarming and full of humor, Someday, Someday Maybe is about the joys and struggles of being young and carefree in a big city. Its about believing in the beauty of dreams and chasing them without losing hope. Its a story about making mistakes - in life and in relationships but knowing when to hold on and when to let go. Franny Banks, the twenty something protagonist has always dreamed of being an actress. After finishing college she ...
  • Dale Harcombe
    Three and a half starsThis is an entertaining romp that demonstrates the difficulties and disappointments, as well as the small successes, along the way that an actress takes trying to make it. Franny Banks had promised herself that if after three years she had not become a success in her chosen career she will leave New York behind. As the deadline draws closer she wonders if she will be forced to make good on that promise.Narrated by Franny her...
  • Christina
    I read this because it got decent reviews and, as a fan of The Gilmore Girls, I was curious about Lauren Graham as a writer. The book is about a 20-something recent college grad trying to make a go of an acting career in NYC. I'm not all that interested in the acting world and have developed an aversion to books set in NYC (SERIOUSLY THERE ARE SO MANY) so it's not surprising that I wasn't enraptured with this book. It's pretty good and did make m...
  • ☮Karen
    This was just what I needed after reading a couple of very heavy books (two in a row with drowned children, how does that happen?). Lauren Graham delivered the audio version exactly as I am sure she intended when she wrote the words--in the same deadpan style with which she delivers her lines on Parenthood. Like many little girls, I spent many idle hours wondering what kind of actress I could make and what I'd change my name to when I became a st...
  • Susane Colasanti
    An uplifting story of what it takes to manifest your heart's desires. Lauren Graham writes with passion, soul, and honesty. Plus she's freaking hilarious. You'll love this journey of an aspiring actress finding her way in New York City circa 1995...complete with Filofax pages written and doodled on by Lauren.
  • Mina De Caro (Mina's Bookshelf)
    All I could do after turning the last page of this effervescent debut was to hope that Gilmore Girls and Parenthood star Lauren Graham will adapt her first novel to the big screen, or even pen a sequel. My extended 5 star+ review is available on MINA'S BOOKSHELF
  • Tiff at Mostly YA Lit
    [Note: This is an adult novel - it's not especially racy, but there's definitely a bit of profanity and some sexual scenes. It should be fine for anyone fourteen and older] Is there anything Lauren Graham can't do well? Known for her humourous and emotional on-screen performances in Gilmore Girls and Parenthood, Lauren Graham is one of those actresses who really feels like she is the characters she plays: she's funny, she's strong, and she's the ...
  • Rachel
    I won't summarize this story -- you can read other reviews or the book blurb to know it's about Franny Banks, an young woman trying to make it in New York, in acting.This was chick lit at it's finest. The story of a young woman navigating her heart and dreams. Of failing. Of trying again. Of succeeding. Graham avoided most of the chick lit pitfalls a la Sex and the City (thank goodness) but wove a story with witty dialog, strong descriptions and ...
  • Natalie (Natflix&Books)
    3.5Find this review and others like it on my blog: Natflix&BooksWhile I'm familiar with Lauren Graham, I'll be honest, I haven't seen her in all that much. I don't watch the show Parenthood, but I liked her in Bad Santa and just started watching the first season of The Gilmore Girls on DVD, which I know has a huge fan base. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Lauren Graham, I was very interested when I heard she had a novel coming out and jumped at...
  • TL
    A really lovely read:) Went into this not knowing too much on purpose and was pleasantly surprised.:)Lauren Graham isn't the best writer but she has a nice style, it plops you right into Franny's world. You root for her and hope for the best with her as she tries to make in a tough industry. I cheered with her at her successes and wanted to give her a big hug when things got tough for her. I admired her for not giving up and persevering despite h...
  • Carol Brill
    A charming, fun voice and enjoyable story. I liked the narrator from the first page. I've been a Lauren Graham fan since Gilmore Girls. "Casting" her in the lead role as I read increased my pleasure. Franny Banks is an aspiring actress, trying to make it in NY, coming up on her self-imposed deadline to achieve success. So many of her challenges resonated with me felt similar to the writing life--being offered representation by an agent only to ha...
  • Dee Montoya
    ***2.5 Very Complicated Stars**Ever since I read the blurb about Someday,Someday,Maybe I was desperate to read it, but the e-book was $9.99 and since my reading addiction is already costing me big buck every month, I added it to my Amazon wish list and have been watching it like a hawk waiting for the price to lower a bit, finally it went down and I was so happy to finally get my hands on this baby, unfortunately for me it was not what I expected...
  • Joanna
    I imagine that most of the early readers of this book will have picked it up because they are already a fan of Lauren Graham. And if you are a fan of Lauren Graham, and the type of zany characters that Lauren Graham often plays, then you will probably like this book, or at least enjoy protagonist Franny Banks.I will also say this for the book - I absolutely believe that Lauren Graham wrote it without the assistance of any sort of ghost writer. If...
  • Kristin
    3.5 Stars Hallows This one is so hard to rate! It's not action packed or poignant but it is kinda fun. Being that it is Lorelai Gilmore Lauren Graham, read by Lorelai Gilmore Lauren Graham, and a fictionalized story of Lorelai Gilmore Lauren Graham's early career, I couldn't help but enjoy it. The MC clearly fits her to a T, even down to her speed talking and quirkiness that you can't help but love. Franny Banks is a 20-something who moved to New...
  • Alisha Marie
    I'm going to preface this review by saying that I'm a huge Lauren Graham fan. Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite TV shows ever (and I quote it pretty much every day) and Parenthood is also pretty amazing. I've also spent an inordinate amount of time watching Lauren Graham interviews on YouTube...which means that I'm very aware of how funny, charming, witty, and clever she is (or at least the way she seems in those interviews). So, my expectation...
  • Ashley
    It’s always the same when an actor/celebrity decides to switch mediums. I think, really? And then wait for the moment when it becomes glaringly obvious that said actor (or celebrity/singer/whatever) has deluded themselves into believing that just because they are good at/liked for doing one thing, they will be a success at another. Like, when James Franco decided he was going to be a poet. Or Leighton Meester a singer (I did really like that ...
  • Jane
    Full disclosure: I knew Lauren Graham when she was a freshman at Langley High School, and my most vivid memory of her calls up Lauren, attired in a sheet/toga, standing next to my old friend Allen Stuhl, also dressed in a sheet/toga, as they played the leads in a classroom version of Oedipus Rex. (Full disclosure again: I have such a memory of just about everyone I ever had the good fortune to teach at LHS!) Needless to say, I am biased on her be...
  • Katie
    I wanted to be more critical of this book, I really did, because - don't get me wrong, I LOVE Lauren Graham - but you know, she's already smart, funny, talented and beautiful, I was sort of hoping she wouldn't be a good writer as well. And I suppose, if I'm being really technical, the writing style in itself is nothing extraordinary - it's the sort of writing that doesn't draw attention to itself, so it is neither poetically beautiful nor in the ...