The Web (Alex Delaware, #10) by Jonathan Kellerman

The Web (Alex Delaware, #10)

Alternate cover edition for B000FBFN9CPsychologist Alex Delaware finds terror in the heart of paradise in this relentlessly disturbing novel by the bestselling author of Self-Defense. When Alex accepts an invitation to the tiny island of Aruk--all expenses paid--to help a revered scientist/philanthropist organize his papers for publication, he finds himself in the midst of sinister--and dangerous--activities.

Details The Web (Alex Delaware, #10)

TitleThe Web (Alex Delaware, #10)
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, Thriller

Reviews The Web (Alex Delaware, #10)

  • Dirk Grobbelaar
    "Look at this," he said. "I'm sure you've never seen a web like this."Mystery readers who like their stories compartmentalised and samey will probably frown upon what Kellerman has done here. It’s an Alex Delaware novel, but it is also quite unlike any of the other novels in the series (or at least those that I have read, which, admittedly aren’t that many).For starters: the story takes place on a remote and obscure Micronesian island. Consid...
  • Marilyn
    I like Kellerman's characters, but I'm starting to get a bit tired of his detailed descriptions of whatever area he's either entered, or who's wearing what. This took place on a little island (I think it's fake) in the S.Pacific. Alex Delaware & his partner (Robin)get an unexpected "vacation" as he does research for a Dr. there, who is about to retire. Has to do w/nuclear bombs being discharged under water years ago...and the fallout from those t...
  • Nancy
    Dr. Alex Delaware and his girlfriend leave LA for a three month sabbatical and head to a Micronesia island to help Dr. Moreland organize his research and papers for publication. They believe this light work load will give them a much needed vacation. But no! The tropical paradise is anything but as Alex discovers a conspiracy (as he does in every book) that Dr. Moreland is complicit in that is so preposterous that it strained credibility.
  • Michael
    This is not one of the more recent books in the Delaware series. I didn't realize until after I started, that one of my favorite features of this series - the intelligent repartee that goes on between Alex and his usual cohort in crime sleuthing, Lt. Milo Stugis, would not be there. For me, this is what sets The Delaware books apart from all the others. So I was somewhat disappointed. Kellerman still writes interesting books. This time Alex is in...
  • Nanosynergy
    (Book 10 of author's Alex Delaware/Milo Sturgis series.) Alex Delaware is dimmer than I thought. Delaware is lured to an isolated, tropical island by a wealthy scientist -- whom he has never met nor heard of - with flattery and the promise of an underwritten, 6-month vacation. From the beginning of the book, the words "If it sounds to good to be true..." echoed in my head. Then, coincidentally, Delaware's Barbie-girlfriend, Robin, needs a break f...
  • Judy
    Kellerman departs significantly from his pattern in this book. Instead of the LA area, the action takes place on a remote tropical island. Robin accompanies Dr. Deleware for a relaxing time, while he confers with Dr Moreland, a scientist who wants Dr Deleware to perhaps collaborate on articles or a book. But there are some other strange people staying at the hotel-like house where the scientist lives. There are some creepy episodes as the scienti...
  • Chris
    Not one of my favorite books from this author. Even thought story was good I missed the rapport that Alex has with Milo. It was good that you got to know Robin a little better but other than that this book was just mediocre.
  • Lewis Weinstein
    This might be a terrific book, but I will probably never know. Early scenes with disgusting people and even more disgusting spiders led me to return the book to a safe place on the shelf.
  • David Highton
    Twelve years since I last read an Alex Delaware book, and this one is different in terms of its setting - a very remote island in Micronesia as Alex and Robyn take advantage of an interesting short-term job offer. A fascinating plot really only unfolds in the last eighth of the book, making the earlier sections seem a little slow moving. Encouraged to take up the series again.
  • aPriL does feral sometimes
    Kellerman's Delaware mysteries always teeter towards soap opera and occasionally fall in. This is one that fell. Depending on you, the reader, that can be either good or bad. For me, the other elements either make the book good or bad. I like 'The Web'. Another element is that Kelleman's plots always contain Truth - of historical facts or recent headlines on CNN - which he heavily fictionalizes. Since I read the news as obsessively as I do novels...
  • Newtek30
    Good ReadWell developed characters, multiple plots and subplots, with astute attention to details. A little conflagrated. I enjoy most Alex Delaware novels.
  • Kevin Lake
    The story was actually... ok. It was good up until the end, and then it seemed like a cheap stage production. And the writing style? I don't like it. fragmants. floating.around.redundantly.and needlessly.just say it. don't spray it.Probably won't read any more of this author's work and it is because of the style. I know he probably means it to be some sort of unique art form, but just when you get in the rhythm of the story, this crap (see above)...
  • Carrie Stephens
    The pace and tone of this book was very different from the rest of the Delaware novels. Milo wasn't a big part of the plot and was only included in a phone conversation. Maybe it was the change of setting, but this book just seemed a little "off"
  • Suze
    Kellerman always throws in a twist or two that you don't expect, and this novel didn't disappoint. I like his sense of humor, too.The beginning dragged a bit, which is why this one only gets three stars.
  • Laura
    This book is set away from LA, so Milo is only a few phone calls in the book. This is a little different from some of his other books. Is not a particularly stimulating read- but it is a good book. I wouldn't really buy it- rather check it out at the library.
  • Evelyn Mattice
    Excellent book. I would highly recommend it to all who love a good mystery
  • Audrey
    Typical Kellerman - good airplane read.
  • Doris
    I got about 3/4 of the way through this book and gave it up. Improbable and not interesting to me.
  • Mitzy
    I've always enjoyed Jonathan Kellerman's books, but I HATE SPIDERS. This is a story about spiders, and I just couldn't bring myself to read more than a few pages~
  • Sue
    Enjoyable, though not one of Jonathan Kellerman's best, in my opinion.
  • Heather
    It's now somehow 1993 - either because I somehow did the math wrong somewhere along the way (quite possible) or there was some weird time warp to move the timeline in the book series to be closer to the publication dates of the books (more possible). At any rate, Robin and Alex's house is still being rebuilt and their short-term lease on their Malibu rental is coming to an end, with notice they need to move out so it can be rented to someone else...
  • Sherry Osburn
    I thought that I had read all of the Alex Delaware books more or less in order, but somehow I missed this one, not one of my favorites. Alex and Robin and Spike travel to a tropical island for a working vacation while their house is being rebuilt (that should have been my first clue that it was an older book, but I overlooked it). Things are strange and stilted from the moment they arrive and no one is quiet what they seem, especially their host ...
  • Kathy Roaleen
    I've always loved J Kellerman. He writes with grace, intellect and vivid imagination. This book will not disappoint. I've read most of his books, as well as those by his lovely wife and son. All well written and engaging. I, too am a "shrink" and I appreciate his weaving of his psych craft into mystery and mayhem. I also love his vocabulary. I had to "google" a couple of words from the book for definitions. That is no longer a common practice for...
  • Tom
    This book is an easy read, and I do not mean easy as in simple. Kellerman does a great job of balancing long conversation, which could easily wear you out, with mysterious occurrences and drama, and this book will be hard to put down.That said, his style of constantly dropping hints toward the true villain in an obvious "wink nudge" sort of way, his development of a hero with seemingly flawless character, and the predictable nature of the final c...
  • Nerys Roberts
    Alex Delaware and his girlfriend Robin Castagna have travelled to the island of Aruk in Micronesia at the invitation of Dr Moreland who wishes Alex to help him review all his medical files with the view of publishing articles together. All is not as it seems at the island however and Alex and Robin can't help but wonder why they have been invited in the first place. Does Dr Moreland have an ulterior motive for getting them on the island. Can't sa...
  • Bill Bunn
    I've now read two of Kellerman's novels set in places outside of L.A.. I must say, both end up not being my favourites. This one is not his best writing. His characters are a little more cardboardy. The action is slow and stiff. I will finish it, I promise. Just not compelling. For this reason, I'd give it a 2 on the Kellerman scale. His books are usually much better. Still much better than many writers, but terrible given the standard I've come ...
  • Susan Kinnevy
    I've been reading Kellerman for years and always liked Alex Delaware, but this was a bit of a disappointment. I didn't realize it was an earlier book (probably why it was so discounted on Amazon!) and maybe a graphic novel prior to this?? Anyway, I still think he's a graceful writer but the denouement on this one was really bad, just slapdash and unbelievable. But still... I'll just read the newer ones as they come along...
  • Sarah Hearn
    I took me ages to finish because it was on my Kobo, which I use only intermittently, however, I did enjoy it and was reasonably able to follow the plot over those 6 months. I think it must be fairly early in the canon but still, I find Alex Delaware an appealing hero. I could have lived without Robin’s relationship with Emma, the giant spider.
  • Carolyn
    Finally a relaxing break for Alex and Robin -- a three-month, all-expense-paid trip to a remote island in the South Pacific. But waiting there are a "mad scientist", a tarantula named Emma, and (of course) a many-years-old mystery that Alex must solve. An interesting new setting in which the cleverly-constructed story unfolds.
  • Dawn Cauthen
    This book had a much different feel than all of the other Delaware books I have read. It started out seeming as if it would become a grade B horror movie, with killer mutant bugs. Storyline was slowish and it didn't come together for me. I really struggled to get through it. Alex's final discovery was ridiculous and completely unbelievable. Really did not like this one at all.