Tales from the Inner City by Shaun Tan

Tales from the Inner City

TALES FROM THE INNER CITY is a collection of incredibly original stories, rich with feeling, strangely moving, almost numinous. And when the reader comes to the artwork, it's like walking into an amazing room, and then throwing open a curtain to see a brilliant scene that makes you understand and appreciate everything you've encountered in a deeper way.

Details Tales from the Inner City

TitleTales from the Inner City
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherArthur A. Levine Books
GenreShort Stories, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fiction, Fantasy, Environment, Nature, Graphic Novels Comics, Art

Reviews Tales from the Inner City

  • T.D. Whittle
    'Your money is meaningless to us,' said the bears. 'You grasp economics with the same clawless paws you use for fumbling justice.'And, once again, the bears showed us.There they were, God help us, the Ledgers of the Earth, written in clouds and glaciers and sediments, tallied in the colours of the sun and the moon as light passed through the millennial sap of every living thing, and we looked upon it all with dread. Ours was not the only fiscal s...
  • Maxwell Leaning
    Quite dreamlike and surreal. The advanced reader's copy we received at the bookstore had only a handful of stories, however they were unique and intriguing and the illustrations were phenomenal. I look forward to getting a chance to read the full thing.
  • Michelle
    Another great book by Shaun Tan! This time focusing on the relationship between humans and animals, with amazing artwork to go along with the short stories. Some of my favorites were: Crocodile, Dog, Cat, Bear, Owl, and Rhinoceros.
  • Brianna
    Wow, what a gorgeous books. Review TK for Kidsreads or Teenreads.
  • Jürgen Peeters
    Mijn recensie van 'Verhalen uit de binnenstad' verscheen op 'Tzum'https://www.tzum.info/2018/09/recensi...
  • Katy Wineke
    Preview chapters only. Beautiful, can’t wait to see the rest.
  • Rebecca
    This book is peculiar, intelligent and beautiful all in one. It consists of a number of different short tales, each from a different perspective and featuring a different animal, and issue, in each. There are absolutely stunning illustrations throughout, sometimes pages at a time - this method of showing rather than telling really worked for me - which accompany each story. Some of the illustrations are eerie, dark and telling while others are re...
  • Darby Hudson
    So excited to get my paws on this. The first thing I thought on finishing it was The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allensburg (and his animal centric Jumanji).Wasn't sure to 4 or 5 this. The balance of assured and sometimes beautiful prose (and poetry) with out-of-this-world illustration sometimes works, sometimes distracts. His visuals are so complete yet mysterious on their own, I sometimes found myself niggled by the impurity of nar...
  • Greg Wilson
    Undeniably genius.
  • Joelle
    my favourite stories = lungfish & bears with lawyers