My Father’s Words by Patricia MacLachlan

My Father’s Words

Newbery Medal winner Patricia MacLachlan crafts a moving middle grade novel in her trademark spare and poignant prose about two children who find comfort working at a rescue shelter for dogs as they search for ways to cope after their father’s sudden death.Declan O’Brien always had a gentle word to share, odd phrases he liked to repeat, and songs to sing while he played basketball. His favorite song was “Dona Nobis Pacem,” “Grant Us Pea...

Details My Father’s Words

TitleMy Father’s Words
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Death, Realistic Fiction

Reviews My Father’s Words

  • Joelle
    A touching story of life and love. This story is a powerful tribute to the power of a parent’s love. This story is full of tough and important elements; it will push adults and children alike to confront their own understanding of loss, healing, and what it means to really live. Highly recommend. *I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
  • Caressa
    My Father's Words is a heartwarming and truly superb children's story. Based loosely on the author's real experiences, My Father's Words is a story chronicling the grief of a young girl after loosing her father. Fiona's journey leads her to Thomas, a ex-patient of her father, and the local animal shelter/kennel, where she and her brother (and neighbor Luke) can care for and be a companion to the dogs. Through the story, Fiona and her brother, Fin...
  • Amy Robertson
    A touching story for children, their families, and their pets, as they work through the process of grief. I loved the way the children, who had recently lost their father, were reminded of him by sayings and songs. It is touching how they had only good memories of his life and existance. i am convinced he was a warm and wonderful father.This story is built on the love and strength of a dog and his significant human. It is certainly true that we l...
  • Lori
    Thank you so much to Harper Childrens for the ARC of this lovely book. As soon as I saw the whimsical cover, I knew I was going to love the story. This book is about siblings Fiona and Finn. Their father dies suddenly one day and they can't quite figure out how to deal with the loss. The two of them and their neighbor Luke decide to volunteer at a rescue center for troubled dogs. By helping the dogs, they figure out ways to help themselves and ea...
  • Sharon
    This is a very good book for children(and adults) who have lost a loved one. Remembering their father's words helps the children in the book grieve for their father, and their friend helps the children reach out to each other by showing affection to some shelter dogs. A friend of their father's reaches out to the older sister through short phone calls and provides a person to listen and share her father's life and the comfort of his words. It is ...
  • Bekka
    Thanks to Edelweiss and Katherine Tegen Books for early access to this title.I love this book! Such a difficult subject, especially for kids, but MacLachlan handles it in her usual wonderful way. Her writing is excellent, as always! The characters in this are outstanding - especially Finn. This would be an excellent book for any child (or parent!) who is dealing with grief. Its also good for those who enjoy a good, realistic story. And, of course...
  • Laura Mossa
    Before the story begins, Patricia MacLachlan shares that My Father’s Words is a novel based on the real relationship between her late husband, who was a clinical psychologist, a former patient of his, and herself. Knowing this story is based on truth made me both cry and smile while reading.After Fiona and Finn’s father dies in a car accident to avoid hitting a child who chased a ball into the street, one of their father’s favorite patients...
  • Michelle Simpson
    Two children and their mother struggle after their father loses his life while trying to avoid an accident. The family must deal with grief and the ability to forgive. They meet two amazing dogs at a shelter as they try to work through their feelings. This is no doubt a heartprint book for me!Advance ebook provided by Edelweiss+.
  • Stephanie
    Thank you to Harper Collins for the ARC of this touching tween book. Fiona and Finn’s world is rocked when their father unexpectedly dies. The power of their father’s words, their memories, songs, friends (especially intuitive Luke) and dogs help them through their grieving. I’m saving this one for my grandson to read.
  • Sarah
    I loved this story about a family's experience with grief and the loss of a parent. It strikes the perfect balance- not too sad, yet no "perfect ending". I also really appreciate that it comes in at less than 150 pages, which makes it more accessible for younger readers.
  • Carmen
    Powerful story of loss and healing.
  • Becky
    Loss is the turning point that brings Finn and Fiona together in a quest to remember the words of wisdom shared by their dad. A heartfelt story that will touch your heart!
  • Dylan Teut
    Maybe it's just my own life experiences, but I cried all the way through this book.
  • Darla
    A must-read for dog lovers, but bring the tissues!
  • Connie
    Gentle poetic book about grief and loss.
  • Ms. Yingling
    ARC from Young Adult Books CentralWhen Fiona and Finn's father, a psychologist, is killed in a car accident, the children and their mother (who is getting a degree in something "between philosophy, dance and making brushed wool dolls for preschoolers) have a hard time dealing with everything. One of the father's patients, a young man named Thomas, asks if he can call every Monday at 6:50 to give Finn a pleasant memory of his father. Also trying t...
  • Melanie Dulaney
    “My Father’s Words” is a must buy book for libraries with students in grades 4-6 for sure, but there are many in grades 7 and 8 who would also benefit from this book with its message of hope and healing after profound loss. Fiona’s family experiences that depth of loss when her father is killed in a needless automobile accident. A neighbor-friend brings Fiona and her brother Finn to volunteer at a dog rescue shelter and a former patient o...