Power Play by Cara Dee

Power Play

I was my own worst enemy. For as much as I depended on order and a structured life to easier manage my bipolar disorder, fire was irresistible and indisputably my favorite toy to play with. On the ice, it turned me into a hotheaded hockey player. In the bedroom, my attitude was my last defense, a front I wanted to see tumbling down. But lately, all I got was burned.Love sucked. Correction: it sucked when you were in love with your parents’ clos...

Details Power Play

TitlePower Play
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
PublisherCara Dee
GenreErotica, Bdsm, Romance, M M Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Power Play

  • Judith
    4.5Well,Daddy likes it filthy....damn this was hot and pushed all my buttons....Who would have thought this book would be a total hit for me?I didn't read the blurb,all I saw was that Cara Dee had a new book out.BDSM and DD/lb isn't normally my thing at all.I've read a few books about Daddy Kink and it's never really got me going...in fact I've found them quite cringing.WELL my opinion definitely changed here.I absolutely loved this.I'm definitel...
  • Renée
    I had to look up DD/lb before I started reading this one. And I knew going in it wasn't going to be my cuppa. So why would I read this, then? Because Cara Dee.I read it if she writes it. And I'm glad I did, because some of it was hot! Some of it wasn't the best. One thing made me cringe. But I loved the story and the way Dee can make me feel.My heart was breaking for Abel within the first few chapters. My eyes may have even been leaking. To be in...
  • Jewel
    4.5 Stars In a perfect world, I'd be your Daddy. If Cara Dee writes it, I will read it. Full Stop. I admit I was feeling cautious here, being as how that the dynamic is DD/lb, and I was very unfamiliar with it. I had to do a little bit of research so that I would have an idea of what to expect. Honestly, though, I needn't have worried -- Power Play was damn near perfect. I loved it!They bonded over Nutella and formed a friendship so strong, nei...
  • Susan
    4.5 starsI loved this! Wonderful wonderful Daddy kink. It was believable and totally fit the characters in every way. This was not just a ‘call me Daddy in the bedroom’ kind of book. No, these guys fully embraced the Daddy/boy dynamics while still being equals in every way and without forgetting about the friendship they already had.Abel is 5 when his father dies. He and his brother are left in the care of their stepmother, Adeline, who provi...
  • Chris
    This was Daddy kink with a ton of sweetness and love ❤ Cara did a great job with this book and got into the relationship fast - Abel announced his love for Mad via text, putting every emotion on the line and Mad basically ran away ... for two years ! Mad is best friends with Abel’s parents and while he has loved and protected Abel forever he couldn’t cross the line. However, Abel being the persistent one, thanks to Grey, was relentless. Onc...
  • Jan
    *** 3.5 Stars ***
  • Ele
    *4.5 stars* "I wasn't some hotshot hockey player with a big chip on his shoulder. I was a blubbering little boy getting ravaged by his Daddy." Cara Dee...I just love you. That's all.
  • Wendy
    Definitely the best "Daddy" kink book I have ever read ;) review to come
  • Line
    In this instance I can say with 100% accuracy: "it was definitely me!"Hah, not really "unique" though, but I have found my squeak-limit and it begins with the 'Oreo O's', goes through tickling, giggling, apple juice boxes and ends with a piggy bank for a rich hockey player, where he stashes his allowance *blushes furiously*.I am all for expanding my horizons, and this was a pre-order as soon as Ms. Dee announced that it was up for grabs.The writi...
  • Natalie
    4.5 but I rounded upOnly Cara Dee could make me enjoy a story with Daddy kink. I wasn’t even completely squicked out every time Abel called Mad “Daddy”. Unlike some other books with this theme, Abel doesn’t feel or sound like a little kid and Mad really doesn’t treat him that way, at least not entirely. He does in some aspects but their history, as Abel grew up with a bi-polar condition, accounted for some of it. With the story coming e...
  • Lelyana
    “I wasted two years believing my feelings for you were wrong—until you and your bravery knocked sense into me.” Whooah, I didn't see it coming!If there's anything to blame, blame Nutella. How could a six year old boy say no to Nutella, from his Daddy's best friend? Not a chance. I know Mad sounds like a pervert pedo at the time, but no.No worries, he didn't 'interested in Abel' 'that way', not until at least after Abel nineteen.But Abel kn...
  • Sanaa ☆ Sanaa's Book Blog ☆
    4.25 stars. He was warm and all comfort and protection. This was my home. When I read that blurb I wasn't sure how the book was going to be. Because, to be fairly honest, I'm not the biggest fan of DD/lb but I should have never doubted Cara. Because this was actually a pretty great read. There were a few moments that I wasn't the biggest fan off. But aside from that I loved this.One thing I love about Cara is her ability to make me feel. Abe...
  • Stephanie
    Yes! YesssssssThat's how Daddy is done! *claps hands* Abel is a professional hockey player who suffers from Bipolar disorder. When his dad had passed away when he was only 6, his dad asked his BFF to always be there for Abel, as he know he was "special".Mad, being who he is, wouldn't have had it any other way. He is a Dom, and a huge nurturer and took his role pretty seriously. Mad watched Abel grow up, but he never considered himself an "uncle" ...
  • Teri
    I didn't like this book and I'm so upset about it. I LOVE Cara Dee! but this just did not work for me. Look, there were things about it that I definitely liked. I think that Abel was realistically drawn in many ways, his bipolar and anxiety. What he craved from this relationship dynamic totally made sense and I got it, I really did. I liked and appreciated that.I loved Abel and Gray. This was a well done friendship. I wasn't even bothered when (v...
  • Katerina
    For me without real highlights and surprises.This book belongs to the Camassia Cove series. Although it can be read as a stand alone, the many names confused me. So many friends and relatives. I found it exhausting, because I remembered the first parts only vaguely. I never knew if these names should tell me something. Whether I should know the mentioned persons.For those who love sweets, it will be a treat.I'm someone who dislikes Nutella. I'm s...
  • Ky
    That was interesting.....RTC
  • Akknieszka
    Cholernie słodka mimo calej otoczki BDSM. Uwielbiam. 😊Proponuję jednak przeczytać pierw serię Camassia Cove przed rozpoczęciem Power Play.
  • Lindsay M.
    I absolutely had to pick this up after reading early reviews, and now I've decided that I need to read everything Cara Dee has ever written.There was a lot in this book that worked for me (Abel, a bit of hockey, Abel, scenes that pulled at my heartstrings, and Abel) and some things that didn't...I'm not much of a BDSM reader, and I've never read DD/lb until now, so some of the sexy talk just wasn't my cuppa, but that is 100% personal preference. ...
  • Kyuteepie
    4 - 4.5 stars
  • Star
    3.75 It would have been 5 stars but Abel relationship with Gray just didn’t work for me AT ALL...I would of been ok if they were just friends but making them f*** buddies is a no no for me...especially with all the kissing that’s way too intimate for me considering he’s “in love” with Mad...and yeah it was explained but it screamed BULLSH*T to me 🤷♀However the Daddy kink was THE BEST I have ever read! 3.75 It would have been 5 s...
  • Isa Tis
    Me voilà de retour à Camassia pour découvrir cette fois-ci l’histoire de Madigan et Abel ! Et pour être honnête, je ne m’attendais pas à aimer autant ce livre car si je suis friande des histoires où la différence d’âge entre les héros est importante, je le suis nettement moins quand il s’agit d’une relation où un « Daddy kink » est présent. Power play, avec sa dynamique de DD/lB (Dominant Daddy/ little boy) m’a un peu ef...
  • Bati
    Zasłużone 4. 5 ( Pół za przepiękną okładkę!). Zaczynając czytać, spodziewałam się czegoś innego. Zmagania z chorobą, odrzucenia i całego arsenału dziwnych zabawek i kar ;) A 'Power play' to bardzo ciepła, słodka historia o ewolucji uczuć i oddaniu, doprawiona smacznie szczyptą 'Daddy kink'. Bardzo przyjemnie się czytało.
  • Caroline Brand
    REVIEWED FOR LOVE BYTESThis is my first 5 star book of 2018 for a number of reasons not least the fact that I literally couldn’t put it down from the minute it hit my kindle. I will just add that for all that I loved Power Play I can well imagine people having the complete opposite reaction – this book will be like marmite for many – you will either love or hate it. In case you missed it though I loved it!The prologue packs a punch as we me...
  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    That was interesting.... This is not the first time I've read a BDSM book, but it's the first time I've read one with Daddy kink, and while I don't see myself reading another one anytime soon, I'm definitely not sorry that I read this one!I thought the relationship dynamic was going to make me feel uncomfortable, and I was prepared to have to stretch my limits pretty thin in order to finish this. Well, that didn't happen! The way Cara Dee handled...
  • Lucy
    "My sweet trouble..." he whispered against my skin. "I can't fucking stay away from you anymore." I for the most part really enjoyed this book. It is heavy on the daddy kink. This isn't a book where the kink has been added in simply for sex, Abel and Mad have a full-on daddy/little boy relationship. Mad takes care of Abel in every way. Madigan is a close friend to Abel's parents, he's known Abel his whole life and they have a strong bond between ...
  • Romance Readers Retreat
    4.5 StarsI've had a bit of a love affair with Cara Dee's writing since i first discovered her a few years ago. She writes characters that take up residence inside your chest cavity and just kind of linger there as you sob and smile your way through their stories. I'll admit to being pretty excited for more Daddy kink from her. Power Play ended up being so very much more than I was expecting.Abel has wanted Madigan for as long as he could remember...
  • Jamie
    Closer to 3.5 stars / minor spoilers aheadOverall this was a sweet book, and I liked Abel and Mad. I haven't read all of this author's books though and in the beginning it felt like I was thrown in the deep end with unfamiliar yet seemingly established characters. That eased up soon, thankfully.But for a book called Power Play that features a Daddy Dom and his little boy, I had hoped for more ... well, power plays. The parts showing their DD/lb r...
  • Daphne
    My least favorite of this author’s books. The DD/lb dynamic of this couple, and all that it meant being a “little” were out of my comfort zone. To each his or her own, but since this dynamic was awkward to me, that impression traveled through the relationship and interactions between Madigan and Abel. How do you fairly rate a book that was well-written and in the signature style of a favorite author, but one in which the story itself based ...
  • Amanda
    I am a huge fan of Cara Dee and Power Play did not disappoint. Daddy kink is a little obsession that I have but I find it hard sometimes to make it sexy and not creepy. Ms. See did an excellent job here. Madigan has been best friends with Abel’s parents for many years. He has watched him grow up and has always been really close to the boy. But something changed when Abel turned 19 and in the past two years, Mad has been fighting those feelings....